Qiu Yongzheng’s office was on the 32nd floor. Xie Shaochen pressed the elevator and rose up all of a sudden.

The secretary was packing things and preparing to get off work. He explained: “I came to Lawyer Qiu.” She let him go in, he knocked on the glass door twice, Qiu Yongzheng looked away from the computer screen and saw it. When he arrived, he said in surprise: “Shao Chen? Why don’t you call first?”

“I passed downstairs and saw your car stopped in the garage.”

“You won’t you come home in a ride?”

Qiu Yongzheng was nearly ten years old than Xie Shaochen, but because he had been in his important position in “Liangyu”, the two had known each other early, and the relationship was also brothers and friends. Xie Shaochen opened the chair in front of the desk and sat down long and long.

“Brother Yongzheng, I have something to come to you to help.”


Qiu Yongzheng smiled. Xie Shaochen would not run to his office for no reason.

Xie Shaochen was also honest and climbed to the thirty -two floors. After listening to Qiu Yongzheng seriously, the tip of his eyebrows frowned gently, “Shao Chen, do you want me to make an audit report?”


Xie Shaochen nodded brightly, and Zuo Yan secretly received the “benefits” in secret. As a result, an unqualified contractor was introduced. Now there is a problem with the project. Qiu Yongzheng is the director of the audit supervision room of the “Liangyu” Group. Audit, give Zuo Yan a lesson.

“Shao Chen-“

Qiu Yongzheng looked at him with hesitation, “Have you thought about the consequences?”

“I have thought about it.”

Xie Shaochen answered decisively that Zuo Yan violated the morality of the professional manager. If Qiu Yongzheng was audited, “Liangyu” could not leave him anymore.

“Before he became the general manager of the ninth subsidiary, he served as the sales director of the region in the second subsidiary. At that time, the president asked the cause and consequences, how do you want me to answer him? “

“Do you mean you can’t move him?”

Xie Shaochen raised his eyebrows. The president was not a big problem. He just saw Qiu Yongzheng’s hesitation.

“If the plot is not serious–“

Qiu Yongzheng opened the workflow of the computer.

Xie Shaochen’s probe after watching the screen, he was so angry that he patted it on the table.

The total amount of the contract is only 500,000. Even if Zuo Yan collects “benefits”, it is also a very limited number, but his abominable thing is that even such a small money is not let go.

“Shao Chen, there is no fish to clear the water. The president understands this truth better than you. There are indispensable talents who can serve as the general manager of the subsidiary. As long as the performance does not decline, he will not sign on the audit report.”

“Brother Yongzheng-“

Xie Shaochen was enthusiastic and was wiped out in his mind.

He originally wanted to help Jiang Qianyou a sip of grievances, but now it seems that he can’t do anything.

“Don’t be annoyed.”

Qiu Yongzheng put the computer’s computer, and then picked up a suit jacket and stood up. “What do you want to eat at night? It’s rare that you will come back to the office to find me, I invite you to dinner.”

“I’m here to ask you for help, or I invite you.”

Xie Shaochen stood up quite well, and the group company with a market value of 10 billion was not easy, so when he was not able to be willful, although he was unwilling, he could only accept it. He was an internship at an online company, and he would never let Grandpa know, otherwise he would or order him to resign.

This is the last free space of his university before graduating.

Perhaps there will be no chance in the future, so that he can do what he likes.

Qiu Yongzheng patted his shoulder with a smile, “Since you want to be the east, then I am not polite, and I have to slaughter you.”

Jiang Qianyou stayed alone in the office to work overtime, and the voice outside was gradually quiet, and almost all of them had left work. While she picked off the chocolate into her mouth, she read the documents while looking at the whole box that Xie Shaochen left her.

“It’s so fast to eat it so soon.”

I only drank a few sips of soup at noon, and she hadn’t settled in dinner. She was really hungry at this moment. She took the box and shake it twice, so she was thrown into the trash.

“Shallow, have you got off work?”

The ringtone of the phone on hand, she picked it up and connected, and Xu Ke came with the sound of the male magnetic force. She sighed and said, “No, add class in the office.”

“Come out, I invite you to dinner.”

“I’m really free.”

She turned the signature pen irritated. Her work efficiency today was extremely low. A report wrote that she hadn’t finished writing for one afternoon, and she was never willing to leave things to the next day.

“I just came back from Shanghai.”

Xu Ke laughed on the phone. “After a week on a business trip, when he was in the magic capital, he happened to be Professor Su Wei. He stayed in the same hotel.”


Jiang Qianyou immediately straightened his waist, “The location of the restaurant? I appeared within fifteen minutes.”

“Can’t you euphemist?”

She agreed all because of the professor of economics. Xu Ke swept his face and protested on the phone. Jiang Qianyou laughed happily, and Suowei’s schedule was very full. Even if he was willing to pay 780,000 yuan a lecture fee, he may not be able to move him. Since Xu Ke used this as a bait, There must be a full grasp.

“Okay, okay, can I ask you if you have a chance?”

“A promises are going to keep the promise.”

Xu Keyi finally let her go. “I guess you haven’t eaten hometown cuisine for a long time. I booked a location in the Xingzhou Restaurant. Would you like me to pick you up?”

“Need not.”

Xu Ke is not suitable for “Liangyu”. His identity is the deputy general manager of the competitive company. In private, the Lishi is not counted, but it involves business affairs. She still knows to avoid suspicion.

Two people met because of work.

At the beginning of the year, Jiang Qianyou recruited a Korean quality expert. In order to impress his hard -working Korean, he finally had to talk about the employment conditions. The “Ge Lan” company seized people.

With Jiang Qianyou’s character, how can you swallow this breath!

She asked her subordinates’ personnel supervisor, outside the employee dormitory building of “Gan Lan”, set up a three -day recruitment booth, and dug out three of their development engineers in a large fan.

Later, in Shanghai, I met Xu Ke unexpectedly.


The deputy general manager of the “Ge Lan” is a broad -minded, without care about her, and the two have become friends who can sit down and talk. Jiang Qianyou hung up Xu Kewei, packed the desktop, left the office, drove to the Xingzhou Restaurant to make an appointment.