What should I do if the water cup is dirty?

The water of my former colleague could not see it. They still use that cup of water every day, and they can’t wash it out. The dirty water cup is not only unhygienic, but also affects the views of others. Imagine if the water cup is dirty, it is estimated that others will think that you can’t do it too well?

What should I do if the water cup is dirty? Some people say that as long as the egg shells are crushed and put in the dirty cup or bottle to be cleaned, they can be washed. Others said that dripping a few drops of vinegar into a cup, shaking slowly, and cleaning it with a brush to clean the parts that are not easy to clean.

In fact, you don’t need to have such trouble at all. There is one thing at home. Every family has it, and it is very convenient. If anyone has it, you can easily wash the cups easily, that is: salt, stir -fried salt!

As long as the salt is placed in the water cup, there are stains or stains, and gently rub it with your hands to see the salt slowly becomes color and become a bit dark. Is it super simple to rinse? Is it super simple? And there is no side effect of salt, and things that can be imported will not be cleaned. If the water cup is deeper, pour in the salt, and use a brush to brush it, which is also easy to use.

Try it quickly, super simple.