There are many types of skin care products, and each skin care product has its own effect. It will not cause waste to use the right skin care products to understand the difference between toner and soft skin. Toner water sounds similar to soft skin water. Is it similar? What is the difference between the two? Let’s tell you today.


1. The difference in texture

The texture of the toner is generally biased towards the liquid shape, and the liquidity is very strong. It is very refreshing after use and will not make the skin sticky.

The texture of the skin is more sticky than the toner, so it is more moisturizing after use, which can better nourish the skin and take meticulous care for the skin.

2. The difference in effect

The main effect of skin water is to help the skin refreshing and hydrating. After the use of toner can not only help the skin replenish water, but also effectively regulate the skin’s water and oil balance and control the abnormal oil of the skin.

The main effect of softening water is to help the skin replenish water, but also effectively nourish the skin, gently remove the skin’s waste horny, and make the skin more delicate and smooth.

3. The difference between suitable skin texture


After use of toner can help the skin replenish water, but it does not make the skin feel sticky, and even effectively controls the abnormal oil of the skin, regulates the skin’s water and oil balance, so the toner is more suitable for oily and mixed oily skin use. Essence


It is very moisturizing after using skin water, which can help the skin replenish water and meet the daily moisture needs of the skin. Therefore, soft skin water is more suitable for drying and water -deficient skin.

4. Season selection

The main function of toner is to regulate our acid -base balance, which can play a secondary cleaning effect, containing a small amount of alcohol ingredients. The toner is applied to the skin with softer skin water and more water, and has a better function of replenishing water, which is suitable for use in summer oil control.


Softening water is thicker than toner, refers to a gentle lotion with a pH value close to 7. There are moisturizing ingredients, which nourish the skin while moisturizing, suitable for dry and mixed skin. Generally, soft skin water is more suitable in winter. It is more moisturizing after use. Essence

The mildness of the skin is very high, but it is generally not recommended to use in summer, especially the girl with oily skin, it is recommended that you use toner. The feeling of the toner is relatively refreshing. It can supplement the skin’s moisture. The maximum effect is the fine pores, and it can effectively balance the secretion of oil.