At the beginning of the month and the end of the month, the ladder environment is the worst, and now the version is difficult to crush the opponent with technology. Look at the level of the anchor. I recommend everyone to use the Asian killing chicken hunter to rush quickly. I didn’t think about the legendary legend, the number of games was very small every day). Yesterday, the winning percentage of HDT displayed was 62%, which was very stable.


This set of hunters is also very similar, saying that myself:

月初冲天梯推荐 亚杀鸡猎人60胜率速领低保

1. The mystery I bring is more than others. One more bear and one misleading. The two reasons. One is that the mystery is earned. Compared with the spell, the supermodel is half fee to 1 fee (as long as it is triggered), and it is rational. This is not a weapon to charge energy. The second is that the mystery will make the opponent make mistakes. The current deck is relatively brainless. Only we use mystery to interfere with the rhythm of the opposite side. It is a relatively poor mystery, but one of them will have strange effects. It is difficult to take the second time with two opposite opposite.

2. Bring a strong wind shooting, because this card solution is more efficient and has a good effect, whether it is the hunter’s two -fee creature. Shaman’s totem, a mage’s glass or creature, and it can cooperate with the explosion to cause 4 injury AOE effects.

3. Bring less 1 damage spell, because it feels more lack of cards, and direct injuries are basically enough. Of course, search for prey can actually bring one, because it can trigger killing and can see the situation by itself.

Career confrontation

1. I won all the bureaus. Regardless of whether there is any solution to the opposite side, because you earn a huge rhythm at 4 fees, and the only way to solve the solution is that the warrior has a weapon ghoul+beheading. It will also be caught in a big disadvantage (thieves have a stuffy stick, although the thieves are well solved, but the thieves are in a big disadvantage against us, even if we do not have Combo, we can easily win).

2. Fighting soldiers to consider the scene as small as possible to fight against random fighting. There is only one Asian killing chicken, perfect anti -fighting opposite

3. The hunter considers how strange the scene is strange, but in the end it is not a blood, the anti -dog -proof dog’s fatal shooting

4. When the opposite side of Saoman has the tongue and a totem, it is recommended to clear the fire tongue and then leave Barnetus, otherwise the opposite will use the damage directly. Of course Killing chicken is also acceptable, and the opposite Shaman is basically a dead person.

Let’s talk about how to deal with it when there is no Hu:

1. The cost is as full as possible, and the hero skills are used as much as possible;

2. Try to control the scene as much as possible. It is a chance to win at 8 fees

3. Hit the occupation without blood: Shaman, Hunter, Thieves (there are a lot of occupations in the ladder, especially the first two). Calculate the damage in the hand when the blood on the opposite side. It is estimated that the next few rounds can be killed. Don’t die in the solution.

Now people are abroad. I do n’t know what ’s going on today. The special card often falls. Essence

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