Source: Economic Daily News Client

“Guangdong’s 2021 automobile production ranks first in the country, accounting for about 12.8%of the country’s output.” Important measures to promote the construction of 20 strategic industrial clusters and enhance the competitiveness of the manufacturing industry “… Recently, Sun Zhiyang, deputy governor of Guangdong Province as the” chain “of the Guangdong automotive industry chain, visited Jiangmen’s automotive industry on site The development of the chain has high hopes for the development of Jiangmen New Energy Vehicle Industry, and encouraged them to build an important manufacturing base in Guangdong.

“We have long supplying components for car brands such as Tesla”, “Material R & D and Craft Innovation are the advantages” … The representative of Taishan Jinqiao Aluminum Material Factory introduced the company’s light alloy body framework for the company. Jinqiao Aluminum has been ranked first in the Chinese aluminum profile industry for many years. It is a high -quality supplier of automobile light alloy parts.

According to reports, Jiangmen has focused on the “building chain and replenishing chain strong chain” in recent years to consolidate and enhance the advantages of components. The automotive industry has initially presented the development trend of the full chain, which can meet the introduction of production facilities in its own vehicle project, but also become the province’s automobile industry chain chain in the province. Important component supply bases.

The latest data show that Jiangmen’s existing new energy vehicles and component companies have more than 300 new energy vehicles and component companies, achieving a total output value of more than 33 billion yuan, and the product basically covers the full chain of the automotive industry. In particular, in the fields of special vehicles, car parts, and power battery key materials, it forms a good foundation and certain advantage.

In the upstream link of the industrial chain, Jiangmen has the world’s largest micro -motor manufacturer, Dechang Electric, the world’s largest half -trailer bridge manufacturer, Fuhua Heavy Industry, one of the largest companies in domestic automotive wheel accessories -Dishengli Auto Parts, Global Automotive PCB important supplier -World Games Circuit, China’s largest automotive tire curtain cloth manufacturer -Lianxin (Kaiping) high -performance fiber company, as well as the production base set up by the world -renowned tire manufacturer, Puliti Tong. At the same time, engine accessories, transmission accessories, steeringrs, bridges, car shafts, brake pads, wheels, body parts, seats, audio, cable beams and other product categories covering different models.

In the middle of the industrial chain, Jiangmen introduced a group of companies that have obtained special vehicle production qualifications such as the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, as well as special vehicle companies such as the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and other special vehicle companies such as the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Special vehicles such as mixing trucks, liquid tank transport vehicles, van transport vehicles, negative pressure ambulances and other vehicles.

In the lower reaches of the industrial chain, Jiangmen introduced and cultivated a number of new energy battery recycling enterprises such as Fangyuan Environmental Protection (Weili Ya) and Hengchuang Rui Neng. Local charging facilities companies technology has more than 90 core patented technologies in the field of electric vehicle charging and covering after -sales protection in 30 provinces (autonomous regions, cities) in the country.