Many Xiaobai has a little bit of the market that is popular in the market. Today I will answer your doubts for you

[Rose] [Rose] A mulberry silk


As the name suggests, it is the silk that grew up by eating various leaves, and the silk spit out after maturity

Such as mulberry silkworms, silkworms, cassava silkworms, camphor silkworms, willow silkworms, etc. all belong to the ranks of mulberry silk


Among these silkworms, we feed the large mulberry silkworms with mulberry leaves, and the longest spit is the best.


[Biche] [Bixin] “One” its advantages

Like wool, mulberry silk is the earliest human fiber, which uses our clothes fabrics, which are both environmentally friendly and healthy.

[Breeze] [Breeze] “1” Because mulberry silk is made of mature silkworms, the mucus spit out is solidified, which is protein fiber

So it is rich in 18 in 18 amino acids that are beneficial to the body

Therefore, it is not only good breathability, cool and breathable, soft and comfortable, and moisture and humidity are excellent

In addition, contact with body skin can nourish your body skin well. It is the best pollution -free green health product.

[Breeze] [Breeze] “2” has anti -ultraviolet and radiation protection function, which is a new generation of green radiation -proof fabric


[比]] [Bicin] “Two” disadvantages

Can’t use it with hand washing, not alkaline detergent. It is best to use neutral detergent. You cannot expose it in the too strong sunlight. It is best to dry it in a cool place.

[Rose] [Rose] Er Zhen silk


In the earliest time, there was only mulberry silk. Later, due to the appearance of artificial silk, in order to facilitate distinction, the name of the real silk was made.


Really silk, as the name suggests, is all natural silk, and does not include fake silk made of any chemical fibers as raw materials.

Let’s talk about the mulberry silk, silk silk, cassava shreds, and heavenly silk.

Some Xiaobai thinks that mulberry silk and real silk are not the same thing. In fact, mulberry silk is equivalent to real silk, but it is just the best in the real silk.


[Breeze] [Breeze] “One” advantage

Because the silk fabric is woven from silk, the feel is particularly soft and the hygroscopic performance can keep the skin a certain amount of water, so that the skin is not dry, and the breathability is very good.

It is cool and pleasant to wear with the clothes made, and it can also resist ultraviolet rays well

[Breeze] [Breeze] “Two” disadvantages

It is a bit troublesome to maintain like mulberry silk

[Rose] [Rose] Sanxiang Yunsha

The earliest Xiangyun yae is just a gauze, which means that only the yarn is called Xiangyun San.

The yarn is a kind of silk fabric with a smooth surface, similar to glue paint, and a small flower of small flowers.

And now the so -called Xiangyun ya, why are there many people in doubt, isn’t it that Xiangyun Sa is a yarn, and there are small needles? Why is there no small gap in Xiangyun Ya clothes we bought?

This is because the earliest traditional craftsmanship, the production cost is too large, the cost is too high, and the color is single and the color is old.


However, the production process of Silk is constantly developing.


Therefore, the fabrics called Xiangyunsha on the market are generally silk, and the original Xiangyun yae’s name refers to the name of the yarn, and now it has become a yarn silk

Therefore, it is difficult to see the original incense clouds in the market now, and there are only two or three manufacturers who maintain the original traditional craftsmanship. Due to the complicated production and long time, there are fewer and fewer old masters. It is export, and it flows to the high -end market. The traditional Xiangyun yarn craft is on the verge of extinction.

[Rose] [Rose] Why does the price of Xiangyun yarn have a big contrast? [Rose] [Rose]


It is because of the genuine Xiangyunsha. First, the silkworm that needs to eat mulberry leaves is needed, and you need to steam and cook three boils.

The highest -level Xiangyun yarn requires the sun to expose thirty to forty times, so its price is the most expensive

Most of them are other silkworm silk on the market. They are not overwhelmed.

[Breeze] [Breeze] The advantages of “One” Xiangyunfa

It’s easy to wash and dry, don’t stick to the skin, stretch, can’t be wrinkled, have good fastness, sterilize and nourish the skin. It is thin, cool, clear and durable in summer

The disadvantage is that the output is very low, which causes the price to be expensive

After sharing so much, friends and friends should now have a clearer understanding of these three fabrics, and they will not be stupid anymore, right?

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