As the deep winter approaches, the clothes on your body gradually become thick. How can I not wrap myself like a dumplings in the cold days, but also keep it comfortable and warm? This is probably a major problem that many people face when they enter the winter. Today, I recommend this warm and fashionable all -cotton -cotton era. Let you be beautiful and temperature!

Two newly launched underwear launched this time in the cotton era, namely the cotton underwear and the grass cotton underwear. Both have high cotton content, with good softness and skin -friendly, which can bring a comfortable dressing experience to users. At the same time, the materials taken from nature, with the concept of environmental protection, also meet the comfort and environmental protection concepts pursued by the brand.


Different places are that the cotton -free bottoming underwear uses 100 high -end long cotton cotton, which has light characteristics. Because of this, the bottomless underwear of the cotton -free cotton is very thin, and it is very close to the body, and it is like the second layer of skin of the body. It will not have a sense of restraint and thickness. Coupled with the design of the pants, the entire cotton -free cotton underwear has cleverly combined comfort with fashion, which not only highlights the uniqueness of the brand, but also conforms to the fashion trend of the basewear.

The straw cotton underwear uses the straw cotton, which comes with the antibacterial attribute of the plant. According to the test, after many washing, the bottoming underwear still has AAAAA -level antibacterial effects, which continues to help users achieve long -term antibacterial, long -term care, and extend the service life of the basewear, thereby reducing the generation of waste clothes. Moreover, the straw cotton can be degraded naturally. Even when the user’s bottom underwear reaches “retirement”, users do not have to worry about the clothes bring pollution to the environment. Naturally, the brand and users will work together to carry out environmental protection to the end.

The cotton era is based on “comfort, health, environmental protection” as the product concept, and constantly referred to new to meet the needs of consumers’ personalized, multi -level needs and continuous upgrading market demand. At the same time, new products will also be clever Combined to make the small things wearing underwear more meaningful.