The famous fashion brand Topshop and sports brand Adidas Originals collaborated a few months ago to interpret the classic clover capsule series of Adidas Originals, printed with the three -leaf grass symbols, sweater and Topshop denim skirt with coolness, which makes people very exciting. What is exciting is that topshop x adidas Originals now cooperates with the second capsule series! If the first series is to teach you how to perform the rate of interpretation and handsome, then the capsule series of this cooperation is to teach you how to use the classic model to perform the retro style of sports: the classic retro blue triple bar coat The short top, with Topshop’s irregular high -waisted jeans, combines the sports style with the retro fashion trend; or the basic black hoodie of Adidas Originals, and the top -full Topshop silver jeans. Simple items became very eye -catching. Such a retro and so fashionable cooperation series makes people unable to be tempted. Friends who like it can buy on topshop’s official website.

运动复古风再来袭!Topshop x 三叶草胶囊系列第二弹!

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