When it comes to the down jacket, we first think of it is bloated, rustic, like a cotton. Less design, the color is not beautiful enough, always tone with black and white ash, and writes the classics of thousands of years.

But in fact, today’s down jacket, I have long been in order to rule, and I have a colors, I have a thousands of changes. Sweet and delicate “ice cream” down jacket girl is bursting, wearing it instantly warming.

What is ice cream? Be

The so-called ice cream is like a general color in ice cream. We eat ice cream in the summer, there is a green grass green, but also soft goose yellow, or sweet strawberry color, all kinds of colors are fresh and elegant, soft, fresh, natural, beautiful. Such colors are also referred to as ice cream.

Conventional down jackets always use black and white as main tones, even auxiliary classic super colors, such as cards, blue, jujube red, brown, brown, all kinds of earth colors, etc. The emergence of ice cream has broken this convention, so that the down jacket is more beautiful and delicious.

Advantages of ice cream down jacket

Every down jacket has its own advantage. Black and white gray classic, blue brown elegant. Ice cream is more sweet and romantic, beautiful, fresh age. With the romance of the girl, the sweetness of ice cream, so that the whole winter is soft and delicate.


Choosing the down jacket of ice cream is not just a convention, but also meets more possible. Ice cream’s down jacket, color softness. Goose yellow delicate, light blue fresh, grass green elegant, rice mild, light pink romance, let the down jacket more soft age.


Selection of ice cream down jacket


Like all down jackets, ice cream down jackets also have a variety of styles to choose from. Different length, version, design, determine different wearing tastes. But from the long short, the little girl will be more suitable for the short section of the leisure style.

If it is a northern temperature, the short down jacket is afraid enough to be cold. Therefore, even a small child also needs to have a long down jacket that belongs to yourself. Ice cream’s down jacket, breaking the winter dull, even if it is a long version, it will not seem too bloated, and more fashionable.

Ice cream’s down jacket is itself a more sweet and aggravated color. Therefore, in style design, it should follow the more soft and playful principles, and the style of fresh romance, fashion age is played to the extreme.

It can be simply designed, but the matching element is essential. For example, playful and sweet lapels can enhance fashion elements. While playing, more fashionable at the same time. At the same time, it is more delicate and exquisite.

The elements of the vertical collar will be more playful fashion. Ice cream’s down jacket itself is softly aged. Because the color is relatively strong, it will inevitably give a little expansion, so the version should be toned to match the straight design, and the slimness is more thin.

Direct candy color down jackets can be designed with vertical collar, with upper straight design, the whole person’s temperament is more sweet. With furry hats, as well as candy colored backpacks, it is more gentle and delicate.

Ice cream down jacket


Ice cream down jacket + straight pants


The ice cream down jacket designed in the direct design, with a gentle and delicate beauty, it is simply a girl explosion. Whether it is a white white or light, it is a more gentle and delicate color. This color is not so high, and it is more soft and delicate.

Direct dragging pants, stretched the longitudinal visual ratio, which seems to be more high. When we choose ice cream’s down jacket, the choice of straight pants can also match the light-colored line, the overall style is soft, and the romance is generous.

Ice cream down jacket + long boots


Ice cream’s down jacket, with a more gentle and delicate beauty. If this color is very strong, you can match the design of the rhombic element, more of the stylish beauty. Special fashion is thin, especially the design of the waist, more of the romantic of women.

The embellishment of the rhombic element, the mixing of the waist design, more is the fashionable element. The combination of long-range boots is light and sweet. Even the girl of a small child can also be easier to control.

Ice cream down jacket + nine pants / pleated skirt

The handsome falls of nine pants, the romantic playful of the pleated skirt, is a must-have item for girls. Ice cream’s down jacket is not necessarily a colorful element. It can also be a soft color system such as light coffee, light gray, and rice.

The combination of nine pants is worn, handsome and warm, the whole person’s posture is more fashionable. Short ice cream down jackets can be equipped with a pleated skirt, a girl’s wind burst. This kind of dressing, playful sweet, gentle and delicate.

Ok, the above is the fashion information to share today. Now you know that ice cream down jacket, how should I choose to match it? Every day, share the fashion trend of fashion trend, pay attention! (Text original, picture source network. If there is any infringement, please contact delete.)

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