Hello everyone, the old snake is working again!

A few days ago, I broke the first big mage “Akuo” in the area “Ako”, I didn’t see the present, and I finally met today, but the old snake is a wish. The old snake has happened to have a comment for the two words of “like”, so write “若” old snakes.

Note: The end of the article wrote him with a variety of skills, can you take a few small fireballs?

I don’t say “Akuo brother” and the true and false of the rename of the event. Who is playing this number and there is no big relationship with us, with the 100th district truly input time, energy, and money player relationship is the biggest.

The following is “like” said, part from the network:

1 Japanese from the name “




の の

“It is possible to come to or refer to” Juyuki “, that is, if the mask is like a mask, or a straightforward, all the masks of ghost women, meaning” the face full of hateful women “.”

Amount, if it is the meaning of 1, isn’t that a hundred district players are “full of jealous hatred”, and he has a mysterious belt with magic 31? Then this name is too irony!

2 Originally “like” is a Buddhist language, and the Chinese translation “wisdom” is synonymous.


If it is dated 2 Chinese “Wisdom” to explain, it is a very wise choice to say this movement is a very wise choice? Such a old snake thinks that it is true that this is really easy!

3 There is a legend that is known as the mask known as the monk. Another saying is that the sunflower lady in “Yuan” is bothered by the jealousy of the six royal bars. When he lived on the evil spirits of the 6th, he read the imperial practice, and he held a revitalization. If it is also the name of the mask.

If it is the meaning of 3, “Akuo brother” is troubled by “players”, reading the way to disperse these plague “evil spirits”, such words, the old snake feels no easy, just bring a mask Recompass.

The above is just the old snake to see the familiar “like” word, and the small analysis of the words, if it is not suitable, please contact the old snake to delete, thank you!

The words retired, sharing a hundred districts and equipment is the only purpose of the old snake.


Bai District Master equipped with ceiling: Dragon Teeth

Magic 3-13, accurate +5, lucky +7, this dragons is definitely the top of the sweet baby of the old snake, the only one is unique, there is no doubt! At present, there is a rumor that he is drinking 15 bone jaws. At present, 1500 blessings have been spent, the most critical is that it is not successful …

Bai District Master equipped with ceiling: white tiger teeth necklace


Magic avoids + 20%, lucky + 2, magic 0-5, have a legend, this is a necklace with 7 points of the best attribute, use it to match 13 + 7 dragons or 15 + 7 bones Yuxuan, perfect match! none of them! The only one in the 100 district!

Bai District Master equipped with ceiling: Taoist helmet

Magic 0-5 super best, the only one is unique! Although there is a bronze helmet, magic helmet, mysterious helmet, but attribute, the mysterious helmet, but attributes!


Bai District Master equipped with ceiling: law god cloak

Magic 2-8, add 3 points of super metamorphosis, and the only 100 district! It is said that there is a magic 9’s devil robes (male), but the old snake has not seen it, even if there is such a dress, the old snake also believes that the law god gods are more winning, mainly to look! Legendary high quality male mage must have a windbreaker!

Bai District Master equipped with ceiling: dragon bracelet

Magic 0-7, add 4 points of magical super metamorphosis, and the only 100 district! “Return to 18 years old” is on the dark sandbar of the magic 6, completely not enough!

Bai District Master equipped with ceiling: mysterious belt

Sorry, it’s too mysterious, the old snake can’t see the property. I heard that there is a mysterious belt of “Defense 0-10, Devil 0-10, Attack 0-29, Magic 0-10, Attack 0-29, Magic 0-31”. I don’t know if this is? Ha ha!

Bai District Master equipped with ceiling: charm ring

Poison avoids + 10%, magic 1-7, may have the original attribute of players forget the charm ring, the old snake tells you, I originally magic 1-2, now you know this charm ring?

Bai District Master equipped with ceiling: law god ring

Magic 1-8, added 2 points of magic. Before there is a fan, there is a magic god ring in the hundred districts, the old snake is not arrived, have never seen it …


Medal, belt, shoes, hundred districts, no best, not above.


Popular: The belt of the old snake refers to the belt in the four granks in the following four, does not refer to the “mysterious belt”, the mysterious belt is to wear a bracelet position.


Today, the old snake wants to calculate his magic force:

Set 1: Dragon Teeth 3-13 + Necklace 0-5 + Helmet 0-5 + Clothes 2-8 + Medal 1-3 + Bracelet 0-7 + Mysterious Belt 0-31 + Charm Ring 1-7 + French God Ring 1 -8, the total magic force of this equipment is 8-87, plus a job attribute 7-8!

Total magic force 15-95 (if the 15 bone jaws are drinking 7, that is, 15-97)

Set 2: In actual fighting, wearing a body ring is a must, use the body to replace the charm ring, that is, the total magic force buckle 1-7.

Total magic force 14-88

(If the bones of the 15 bones are drinking 7, that is, 14-90)

Simple popular science, in actual combat, he hits you, you have to get much blood.

Can you pick a small fireball?