The Chinese Consumer Association conducted a comparative trial on some leggings sold online, trousers stockings. The bottom of the leggings sample is the lowest 20.09 yuan, up to 188 yuan; the shortest price of trousers stockings is 3.29 yuan per pair, up to 40.9 yuan. In the anti-hook test, the pants stockings have different degrees of hooks. At the time of purchase, the consumer should choose the identity content, including trademark, factory name, specification model, fiber content, washing method, etc., please use it carefully or notified. Please be carefully purchased. See ↓ for details

Sample of leggings


25 samples are purchased from online.


The minimum price of the sample is 20.09 yuan, up to 188 yuan per 188 yuan.


In the 25 samples, there are 20 things to label the brand, and the other samples are not marked or the brand cannot be determined.

main conclusion

Warm is the primary purpose of wearing leggings. 25 leggings have a large temperature, the highest temperature insulation rate is 58.4%, and the warmth is better; the lowest is 29.9%.

Comfort is also an important performance of consumers concerning, it is related to flexibility. The elastic performance of 25 samples and fabrics of the fabric. 1 #, 11 #, 12 #, 23 # samples perform better in terms of elasticity, comfortable, no binding sense.

At present, the raw material fibers used in the breast pants on the market are not large, so after proper washing, the leggings are basically not shrunk.


Although the leggings should be much thicker than the trousers stockings, it will also generate hooks when it comes to sharp objects or burrs, affects the wearing, but few constitutes a hole.



The label of the sample is more problematic. The fibers and content labels of 16 leggings samples are not in conformity. There is also a problem with the product name, trademark, producer, production address, and product specifications.

Detection unit

China Commercial Federation Needle Woven Product Quality Supervision, Inspection and Testing Center (Tianjin)


Test results analysis

Summary table of leggings comparison test results

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More than 1 factor affects the warm effect of leggings

The oil preservation rate of the leggings products is related to the raw materials, fabric structures, and the structural process of the fabric, and the finished style. For example, the warmth rate of conventional chemical fiber material is generally higher than that of cotton linen fiber; the fabric is thick, the density is large, and there is a process such as falling. The insulation will be better; the thermal insulation performance of the single layer is not as good as the double layer.


The 25 leggings samples in this comparative trial test declared that they were suitable for winter, and they were mostly plus velvet products. The test results have 12 samples of temperatures above 45%, and five stars evaluation.

21 # sample warmth rate is the highest, 58.4%. The sample is a composite fabric that has a longer straightening in the inner layer. The 3 # sample insulation rate is the lowest, which is 29.9%, and the sample is a single layer of fabric, relatively thin.


2 Parmat sample fabric elasticity difference is large


The elongation and recovery rate is based on the FZ / T 70006-2004 “knit fabric tensile elastic recovery rate test method”, cutting part of the leggings, testing its elastic effect. The greater the elongation, the larger the fabric is large, the higher the recovery rate, and the fabric is not easily deformed.

After testing, the elongation results of 25 leggings samples were significantly significant. The elongation is divided into straight elongation and lateral elongation. 1 #, 9 #, 10 #, 11 #, 12 #, 14 #, 16 #, 23 #, 24 # and other nine fabric directions are better.

The 9 samples in the above table are single-layer fabric products, and more than other samples, the weight is lighter (ie, the fabric is low), and the hand feels soft. In terms of insulation performance, only 3 insulation performance is five stars (the insulation rate is above 45%).

There is a good reply in 24 samples, it is difficult to deform, and the test results are small. Only 13 # samples are less up to relatively low.

3 The extension of the sample sample is not ideal

The extension is to consider the amount of the stri, through testing the waist of the leggings, the upper pants, the lower pants, buttockwidth, etc., the horizontal elongation of the straight tensile part. The extension value of the two directions, consolidating the extension of the leggings. In general, the greater the extension value of the five parts, the more comfortable, the smaller the binding feel. Generally, the factors of the horizontal extension value of the leggings are: the performance, tissue structure, density, etc. of the raw material.


By analyzing the tensile test data of each part of the sample, the extensibility of most samples is less preferable, only 1 #, 11 #, 12 #, 23 # and other four samples are good.

4 There are only 9 samples that correctly label the fiber components and content of the product.

The content of fiber ingredients is the main quality indicators of textile products, and the product of raw materials is one of the important factors that determine product value.

This comparative trial was compared to the test of the sample fiber content. In the 25 samples, 5 samples did not label the fiber ingredients and content of the product; 11 samples did not follow the fibers that required the product according to the requirements of the product and The content, such as the composite fabric is not labeled in the inside, and the detection ingredients are not compliant with the label, and the test results are large and the label content is large.

5 samples are not easy to fade after washing

The leggings are mostly dark colors, and the color fastness test can detect whether it is easy to fade. The higher the color fastness, the better color fastness, indicating that the dye is easily detached and the clothing is faded, and the dye molecules that fall off may be absorbed by the human body by human body. Health. After the test was treated by friction, water washing, acid-base impregnation, and then view the color fastness of the leggings. After testing, 3 samples in 25 leggings were rubbed, and there were a small amount of fading. There were 1 sample water washed and slightly faded. Other performance was good.

This comparative test also followed the FZ / T 72003-2015 “Knitted velvet fabric”, the 25 samples were tested, and the results showed that 25 samples were not easily lost after wearing.

6 leggings easy to produce hooks

In actual wear, consumers tend to encounter leggings that are nails or other sharp objects or even hooked.


This comparative test was tested according to the standard of GB / T 11047-2008 “Textile Fabric Hook”, and the 25 samples were tested. The results of the test showed that 23 samples have different degrees of hooks. Wire phenomenon.

Pants stockings sample

25 trousers stockings samples are available from online.

Sample prices range from 3.29 yuan to 40.9 yuan per pair. The color is mainly color, black.

25 samples involve 19 countries, 6 sample product packages have not labeled the brand.

25 samples are good in color fastness, and there is no fill.

The label identification problem is more. There are three samples nominally differentiated than the measured value; 8 samples do not express fiber components and content.

Sample fabric elasticity difference is more obvious. There are 5 samples of the elasticity, elongation and recovery rates are evaluated in 3 stars.

With the overall extension of the taking stockings, there are 1 sample transverse (hip wide direction) extension, and the comfort is poor. Others are above 3 stars (including 3 stars).

In the anti-hook trial, 25 samples have different levels of hooks, 11 samples are hooked, and it is not easy to hook the wire with some merchants.


Detailed test results analysis

Pants stockings comparative test results summary table

1 color fastness is rest assured

Products, contact with water, sweatiness, or mutual rubbing, the dye is easily detached, allowing the product to fade. The dye molecules that fall off may be harmful to health through the skin by the skin.

This comparative trial was detected on the soap fastness of the sample, and the alkali-resistant dish, and the gas resistance, water resistance, water resistance, and removal fastness. The results show that the color fastness of 25 samples is within reasonable range, and the samples are different, they are not easy to fill.

2 socks straight and lateral extension effects wearing comfort

The elongation of the pants stockings is to measure the overall extension of the trousers stockings by measuring five parts of their waist, hip, leg, straight toddle, and socks. If the extension value is small or broken, it will affect wearing comfort. The elongation, elasticity, and recovery rate of the pants stockings are very related to the fiber content of the production of raw materials, and the weaving process, etc.

This comparative test tested the trousers stockings in accordance with the standard method. The results showed that the 25 samples of the hips were very low, and it was almost unable to wear.

3 elongation rate and resolution rate difference significantly

The greater the elongation rate of socks and the resolution, the greater the elasticity, that is, the flexibility of the socks is, it is not easy to deform, and walking is not easy to fall off, and the durability is high. According to the FZ / T 70006-2004 “Knitted Tensile Elastic Response Rate Test Method” standard, cutting each sample is tested, and the elastic effect of the sock fabric is displayed.

Tested, the elongation and resolution rate difference between 25 sample fabrics were more significant. If the upward elongation is up to 171.2% (percentage is the percentage value of the tensile length and the original length, the same as the same), the lowest is 25.6%, the horizontal maximum can reach 128.1%, the lowest is 26.7%; the response rate straight value The maximum can reach 91.9%, the lowest is 42.8%, the horizontal value can reach 89.0%, the lowest is only 39.4%. The elongation and recovery rate of only 5 panties and stockings samples are also good.

4 samples of label labels more problems

Product label is consumer identification item, the main source of information is purchased, whether the product label is fully, but the real thing is not only the quality of product quality, but also reflects the attitude of producers and sellers to protect consumer legitimate rights and interests.

One of the important factors of the fiber component to determine the value of the product. Generally speaking, the main ingredients of trousers are nylon and spandex.

This comparative test refers to the relevant industry standards, and the stockings of the trousers have been detected by the stockings. The results showed that the fibers of the 25 panties stockings foot were constructed from different content of nylon and spandex, and 3 samples showed large fiber content and the measured value deviation, and 8 samples did not express fiber components and content.


Overview, 25 samples, 6 samples have no product name, 5 samples have no trademarks, some sample trademarks do not have Chinese, consumers are not easy to identify. The specifications of the product have different forms due to the uniform requirements, and the labeling position is on the certificate, some labels are labeled on the package, and some are marked on the sock card, etc., it is not easy to find.

5 anti-hooks is generally better than

Consumers do not believe in advertising promotion

In the actual wear, consumers often encounter the panty stockings by the nails or other sharp objects and even hooked. There are often merchants in the market to claim to prevent hooks.

Then, comparative tests have been tested with 25 samples on 25 samples in accordance with GB / T 11047-2008 “Textile Fabric Hook”. Let the staple hammer 2 turn, 4 rpm, 6 rpm, after the surface of the sample, check the voids and hooks of the sample. The results show that 25 samples have varying degrees of hook, 11 of which are hooked. Note The wire strength of the woven sock is poor.

After the sample test shown above, under the black background, Figure 1 shows the wires of the sample to be hooked, some have a long hook, a tight, and a long hook. There is a clear black hole in Figure 2, which is a hole. And the propaganda of the products on the product website is significantly exaggerated.

So, how to buy a comfortable, warm trousers stockings or leggings? By comparing the test results, reminding consumers pay attention to the following points:

01 Look at the logo

Product label logo is consumer identification product, the main source of information is purchased, and the product label is fully, the real thing is not only the character of product quality, but also reflects the attitude of producers and sellers to protect consumer legitimate rights and interests.

Consumers should choose to identify content, including trademarks, factory name, specifications, fiber content, washing methods, etc., the more information, the better, the better, not identified or identified, please purchase it carefully.

02 Size

Pantynesia products typically labeled the size of the human body in the height range and hip around, such as 155-175 / 75-105, representing consumers who are suitable for heights at 155 to 175, hip around 75 to 105 cm body type consumers wearing . Consumers should choose the appropriate size according to their actual situation, and the pantyhose is too tight or too much, and it is easy to cause the wearing discomfort.

03 ingredient

Pantyhose, leggings products are mainly woven by long silk fibers such as spandex and nylon, and consumers should choose a relatively high product, and the elasticity is relatively comfortable. However, the strength and wear resistance of nylon and elastic nylon are better, and the elastic nylon also has the advantages of fluffy, soft, elasticity and warmth. In order to keep warm, you can choose a thick, internal and hair-free composite fabric products.

“D” marked on the pantyhose refers to the meaning of thickness. Its full name is Denier, Chinese abbreviated Dan. Simply put, the higher the D number, the thicker of this sock. In summer, the pantyhose wearing is stockings, so the D number is small, generally under 20 days; autumn and winter season, the pantyhose has thin and plus velvet or even thickening, the D number will become bigger. Generally, 20D below is ultra-thin.

04 check appearance

Qualified pantyhose surface is smooth, Luo Da is no skew, pin pattern, pattern, sock tip, socks with no reverse needles. Consumers should look at the symmetry of all parts of the product, and observe whether there is a needle hole at the slurry. Because the duzzle of the knitted is very strong, once the needle hole appears, it will quickly form a hole, affecting the use of the product.

05 care

The appropriate washing method can extend the service life of pantyhose. When washing, select a neutral detergent, should not be cleaned with high temperature water, and should avoid the use of force and hook the sock. If the machine is washed, try to use the washing bag, to dry the sunlight to prevent the fiber to lose the flexibility.













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