Speaking of Fendi, is not the first time to think of the classic baguette bag?


Not long ago,

The fourth-generation heir Paola Fendi

, Held a magnificent wedding in Ibiza, Spain.


Major fashion media eager to return, you can see how grand a ……


Legendary female family


Paola Fendi Fendi brand is the grandson of the founder of Paola Fendi woman, yes, you read that right, granddaughter and grandmother of the same name.

As a fashion empire, behind Fendi downtown, it is the “five” legend. A female compatriots Fendi five sisters ↓ Anna, Carla, Franca, Alda, Paola.


After the parents’ generation created the Fendi, 5 sisters assume together from the family business, join legendary designer Karl Lagerfeld, fendi together to create brilliant territory.

Sister Paola Fendi, fur department heads, is responsible for this child process.


The bride’s grandmother married, it Paola, the day before the wedding, as well as her 90-year-old birthday.

Look at this set of


Emerald Jewelery

, A silver-haired little bit of green in the middle, especially bright! Chest emerald brooch, really good suction eye, highlighting her noble qualities.


Sister Anna the most creative, introduced many clothing line in style.

After Buddha’s death, his every birthday or anniversary, she will cherish the memory of the public to develop photo. As can be seen, the original relationship between how well ……


The remaining sisters, are responsible for procurement, and promotion, marketing, etc.,.


Everything they create, the real interpretation of the “Women hold up half the sky,” the truth.


Growing up in such a privileged family, the bride Paola is also very powerful. She was famous Christie’s, served as vice president.

Familiar with the cute little jewelry industry, certainly know the auction house.

On personal social media, artistic full.


Xian Qi fluttering wedding

From the wedding planning began in 2019.


But since the middle of experiencing epidemic, then postponed until now … and Paola and her boyfriend Aram Ahmed was forced to distance relationship: a Londoner, a New York, across the sea, can not meet.

Fortunately, their love, repair has become immortal!

Then, this stylish Fendi family, held a wedding of the century, how luxurious it?

Wedding location is in the old town in Spain on top of a 13th-century cathedral! Full of different types of flowers on the porch for the wedding extra romantic atmosphere.

Most girls are looking forward to a beautiful wedding, advanced custom wedding of Paola, from fairy brand VALENTINO, Pierpaolo Piccioli creative director personally designed.

Long black hair hanging down, with only a sweet hairpin fixed.

Wedding not their own brand, the bag must be! Paola specifically asked vintage Fendi baguette bag mother Faye borrowed, Xian Qi fluttering, so beautiful!


Shoes from Manolo Blahnik, Paola see “Sex and the City” Carrie has passed through, they plan to get married later used when the wedding shoes!


Antique diamond pearl earrings

, Fendi family could see her fallen in love with it!

The groom tuxedo white + black trousers from Ralph Lauren, can laugh too warm up!


And daughter, like mother Faye Fendi red cape dress, but also from VALENTINO, very significant wear color,

Wear fine jewelry

, Comes the queen gas field.

Fendi sister is a veil, the picture is really very loving.

The same day, countless celebrity friends came to Ibiza, from the cathedral. It is estimated that there are about 250 bits, from Italy, Britain, the United States and other countries.

Guests will be at the entrance, I received a love of the fans, with orange leaves and flowers, intertwined with the new name on the ribbon pattern.


A welcome basket that says “Ibiza”, which contained Ibiza Guide, Nonno secret limoncello recipe, Sal de Ibiza potato chips and Fee Greening postcard …… quite a bother.


After that, the solemn church, conducted the wedding of steps, romantic and intimate scenes.

After the couple exchanged rings, the groom and the bride kiss secretly.


After church activities, Fendi family further down the island’s most luxurious hotel Atzaró, hosted a dinner party, poolside violin, DJ performances, dance and cake cutting links ……


The guests around the pool, wanton drink, bustling ……

The lady next to a dog is not eating mouth?


Time to cut the cake, there is a beautiful flower wall background and the romantic fireworks. One pair of couple of people, blessing thousands.

Yes, the night before the wedding, the couple also hosted a welcome dinner, Paola did not want to wear a white dress, then pick up their own brand.

A Fendi dress green floral embroidery, from the 2021 spring and summer couture series, by her friend Kim Jones design, makes sense.

Jewelry is still selected

Elegant pearl earrings

Is modified face is streamlined models, a step shake, Smart and elegant. Inter made deliberately do not distribute fragrance of jasmine on a good occasion.

There are not found, the pearl has been a regular on the wedding?


A sister’s engagement ring last year, above the pearl, tie pins came from her late grandfather, also quite memorable.

Last month, she completed a life dream wedding, and this ring to match, but also specially selected a pair of pearl diamond earrings.


Pearl, moist and delicate, mellow noble, beautiful as love in general.

Who says wedding rings, diamond rings have to be?

Pearl can give you want romance and successful –

Back to the topic, it is not being Paola Fendi wedding beauty to it?