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Autumn is coming, how is the temperature dropping clothes to wear clothes, clothes wearing a child less sick mother is also more comfortable, clothes do not wear for children, will always affect the growth of children. after all

Autumn is the ibari

The child is not sick to eat well.


So how to wear clothes to your child, really a homework that my mother needs to be mastered.

Autumn to wear clothes for children, including

Different age clothes, children focus on parts of warmth and methods of child clothes.

How many clothes do children wear with age, mothers don’t blindly, faulty is not conducive to baby health


▲ Children under 1 year: One more than adults

The child’s activity is limited, can only turn over or crawled, the amount of exercise is not particularly large, plus the child’s body temperature adjustment function is relatively weak, the skin is relatively sensitive, the reaction will be faster after cooling, so

Children under one year old are more than one thin coat than adults.

For example, adults wear a long-sleeved clothes, children can wear a bottoming long sleeve, plus a thin coat or vest.

▲ 1 ~ 3 year old child: wear less than mom


After the child, I learned that I walked away and I would have to touch everywhere. The child’s activity is much more than the imagination of our adults. After all, he has no hand on his hand.


The amount of activity is large, and the body of natural children is prone to heat.

So the child does not need to wear too many clothes at this time,

Give your child a less than a mother, because

More women will be relatively afraid of the cold clothes,

The number of parts that dress with Dad is almost the same.

▲ 3 years old or older

Children over three years old, parents can basically find the child’s situation, some children are afraid of cold, and some children are not afraid of cold, then we wear less,

According to the child’s characteristics as much as possible in three years old, wear clothes for children.

Autumn frozen makes children better! But the three parts of the baby should keep warm, and it is easy to get sick.


we say

Spring is going to pick up, autumn is to freeze.

Don’t wear too much clothes to your child, slightly freezing, stimulate the immunity of your child’s body, so that your child can better resist cold, it is not so cold in winter.

So just enter the autumn, don’t give your child too much clothes. And how much clothes are wearing it, the child’s hand is cool, there is no big problem in the face, but the three parts of the child can’t move, it is easy to get sick, be sure to pay attention to wearing clothes.

Three parts should keep warm.

1st part: the back of the child

The child’s post-back spine is warm, and it means that the whole body can warm, so when we dress your child, touch your child with your hands.

The back of the neck, if it is warm, the clothes are worn enough

If you have a bit cool to give your child a dress.

2nd part: child’s belly

Autumn is also a season that is easy to diarrhea. Some parents are too short to wear, when they go out.

The wind blows to the belly, stimulating the intestinal depression and speeding,

Can also trigger children



So the child’s belly cannot catch cold, and when wearing clothes, clothes should not be too short, even when I sleep at night, I can buy a belly.

The third part: the child’s feet

Chinese medicine has a sentence called “

Cold from the foot

So when we wear shoes in autumn, we also put on socks, put on shoes relative to warmth, and the child’s footsteps did not feel cold.

The child’s clothes are different from those of the people’s clothes. When wearing clothes, it is necessary to comply with the child’s physical characteristics, so the child’s clothes method is recommended.



Autumn kids wear clothes recommended “onion clothes”, it is not easy to catch cold, let the baby healthier

Onions can wear the clothes to children’s clothes, the clothes can be more, the clothes don’t need too thick.

When the weather changes or the child’s exercise changes, it is more convenient to reduce clothes and wear clothes.

Recommended to children

Cotton bottom underwear

And a thin woolen shirt or sweater, then put on the cotton vest and a medium thick coat.

The child’s vest can be prepared for a few, after all, the child’s stomach and the back are easy to get cold, and the vest is just protecting the children’s two places, there is no clothes in the hand, but can make the child more flexible, will not hinder Children’s sports flexibility.

Pay attention to the child’s clothes when you go out, if you find that your child is hot, you have to take off your clothes, I found that the child’s back has been cold, and it is necessary to add clothes in time. Autumn is timely increase or decrease in clothes, which helps children’s health.

In addition to paying attention to children’s clothes, wear agents and warm parts, parents should pay attention to the child choosing clothes, avoiding dangerous clothes.


It’s better to buy more, three types of clothes will harm your baby’s health, parents should avoid choice.

● There is a piece of clothes

For example, the belt on the windbreaker hat is easy to cause children.

Not careful

Or the strap of the strap trousers also has the risk of klening your child.

● Pants with zipper

There is a 12-year-old boy, when you go to the toilet

The zipper is not careful to pull to his own meat.

The result is that there is no way to go to the hospital, and I can only go to the fire fighting team to help the firefighter.

● The taste is more heavy, the color of color is deep

When my mother went to buy clothes, I smelled the clothes and was more heavy, and the color was very bright. It is only possible.


Formaldehyde exceeds

, Formaldehyde overbooted clothes will affect the child’s respiratory tract and skin health, and mother must avoid as much as possible.

In the fall, we will wear clothes to wear clothes. Mom knew early to prepare, promoting the healthy growth of children!

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