First, shopping is the origin

LD birthday is quietly coming ··· It is predictive, some gifts are silently to …

The choice of gifts is always a lot of men from the boy. It is not suitable for the wrong question. If you want to be in the middle, if you want to be in the middle, you need to accumulate usually, you need to go shopping together, you need to fashion trends. The taste is taken, and it needs to be understood about the understanding of the pillow. Once the “prey” is not hesitant, it is not hesitant to deposit the memo, and it is to be treated with “filial piety”.

斜晖脉脉水悠悠:Prada 普拉达 女士黑色真皮手提单肩斜挎包 BN2866

According to my preference, I will choose a brand in China, but I know that such a woman will be unhappy, So will follow her, after all, she is used, is her birthday.

斜晖脉脉水悠悠:Prada 普拉达 女士黑色真皮手提单肩斜挎包 BN2866

Prada has not said that there is a reputation in China. I have always heard a lot of people to spit Prada’s quality, but LD has no resistance to the killer bag, and I will cover the bumbles, on the one hand, I will hit the luck. On the one hand, I will smile.

斜晖脉脉水悠悠:Prada 普拉达 女士黑色真皮手提单肩斜挎包 BN2866

Trust Europe Outlet brought back, only on the milk tea shop, for reference:

斜晖脉脉水悠悠:Prada 普拉达 女士黑色真皮手提单肩斜挎包 BN2866

Jingdong This price is not too thick, but it is lower than domestic counters.

Second, the killer package

斜晖脉脉水悠悠:Prada 普拉达 女士黑色真皮手提单肩斜挎包 BN2866

Killer bag: Prada Saffiano BN2274, because in the middle of the movie disc, Mona is carried with Mona, hidden the pistol, the diamond, the eye-catching triangle marks the emperor, the appearance of the emperor, every time it attracted each time A low and low exclaim in the dark theater – Prada! So this bag is red sale.

Prada killer bag 2012 is the most popular bag, the disc amplification of the bipard, the double zipper with shoulder, practical, exquisite, you like it! With the impressive advertising implantation in the disc 4, Prada ushered in her brilliant year.

斜晖脉脉水悠悠:Prada 普拉达 女士黑色真皮手提单肩斜挎包 BN2866

Always praised the Galleria handbag, but her opponent is too much, the wind is turned for so many years, and finally returned to her home.

In addition to the black black, Prada killer bag is also very beautiful in this season.

Third, specification parameters

Brand: Prada Prada

斜晖脉脉水悠悠:Prada 普拉达 女士黑色真皮手提单肩斜挎包 BN2866

Origin: Italy (different from different origins of batch)

Model: Women’s

Product material: leather

Product color: black

Product Structure: Press the buckle opening, 2 main zip, 1 zipper pocket, 1 patch bag.

斜晖脉脉水悠悠:Prada 普拉达 女士黑色真皮手提单肩斜挎包 BN2866

Product Description: Prada Ms. Leather Tote, Design is simple, fashion atmosphere, graceful, design unique design.

斜晖脉脉水悠悠:Prada 普拉达 女士黑色真皮手提单肩斜挎包 BN2866

Size: length: 31cm, width: 12cm, height: 23cm, high hand strap: 12cm, adjustable long shoulder band length: 110cm.

Fourth, the sun is displayed

斜晖脉脉水悠悠:Prada 普拉达 女士黑色真皮手提单肩斜挎包 BN2866

↓ Packing has been removed, the dust bag is covered with other packs, directly above:

斜晖脉脉水悠悠:Prada 普拉达 女士黑色真皮手提单肩斜挎包 BN2866

↓ 说 说 手 手

↓ The dark buckle is non-magnetic buckle, this is preferred. Inside various compartments

↓ The four “feet” at the bottom is waiting for the wear of goods

↓ can be the back strap of the back, look at it, it is estimated that LD is not

↓ on the detail chart, especially metal parts

↓ Details work is still a big defect

斜晖脉脉水悠悠:Prada 普拉达 女士黑色真皮手提单肩斜挎包 BN2866

↓ This logo does not know how many women in capture

V. Summary

1. This package is appropriate, and it is estimated that she will not coordinate, of course, the height is no problem;

2. Workmanship, no problem, I don’t know how to use it for a while, wait to change it, follow-up, “unexpected occurrence” will be added;

3. The zipper on both sides can let LD lay a lot of miscellaneous parts. I don’t know why she takes so many things every time. Anyway, I have to use it, I always can’t find it. too messy. Put in these two compartments, maybe it can be better.

Everything is ready, just wait for LD to return to China, buy a gift, I have to take advantage of her remote door, just for surprises, only for marriage, still “oblique pulse pulse” ······

Sladlar veins: Prada Prada ladies black leather handbed shoulder diagonal bag BN2866