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Family Adds new members of the “China chip.” Wuhan Guide Infrared Co., Ltd. today announced that it has independently developed the country’s first-class color megapixels dual-band infrared detector, scientific and technological achievements evaluation by industry experts. According to reports, this achievement breaks the monopoly of a few developed countries, so that our country among the international forefront of infrared detector chip technology.

More than ten years of independent research and development, “China Infrared core”

The company produces various types of civilian infrared detector

Infrared detectors can be captured infrared thermal radiation energy is converted into visible images, it can carry out high-precision detection in total darkness or adverse weather conditions, it is widely used in industrial, weather, autopilot, aerospace and other fields. Automatic thermometer common life, in essence, is a kind of infrared detectors.

And many sophisticated devices, the chip is the core member infrared detector, the chip technology level directly determines the sensitivity of the infrared detector, the greater the area array, the smaller the pixel, the multi-band, detection sensitivity It will be higher to reflect the more subtle temperature differences. Previously, infrared detector chip is mainly dependent on imports, the high cost of the chip greatly limits the application of space infrared detection technology in China.

Infrared High German research team and the company chairman Huang Li


Since 2008, High German infrared chairman Huang Li led the company professionals for decades invested heavily to carry out scientific research, we developed a high-performance cooling monochrome megapixels infrared detector chip in 2017, succeeded in breaking the blockade of the West. However, higher detection sensitivity two-color infrared detector chip, monopoly was still a small number of Western countries, our country in large-array, with its two-color detectors that still there is a big gap. And this was the next step in tackling high moral infrared target.

Bean size room to hold the pad 1,300,000


Where is the biggest difference between color and monochrome chip chip? High German infrared detector cooling chip research and development center director Liu Bin, based on the monochromatic color chips added chips on another band, the control may be performed in two spectral bands characteristic information of the target, more accurately judge the material to be identified specific attributes. As in the automotive infrared intelligent auxiliary driving at night or in bad weather, monochromatic infrared chip can detect the car in front of the goal appeared, such as the use of color infrared chip, it can identify the goal is to humans, animals or inanimate obstacles.

He introduced to the chip from monochrome to color chip, materials need to overcome, multi-channel technology and other difficulties. Color and monochrome chip chip material used is completely different, improved only superlattice and other special materials, they spent three years. In addition, the pixel color chip bearing up to 1.3 million, and each pixel has a pad on the chip, the number is 16 times that of conventional monochromatic chip solder joints to be made so dense in spatial size of a bean, and ensure interoperability between the various joints, difficult to imagine. To achieve this process, high moral infrared research team did hundreds of tests.

Late last month, the Group of Experts’ Technical Exchange organization gives advice on the outcome of the evaluation: The achievements with independent intellectual property rights, fill the gaps, the overall level has reached the international advanced level, two key indicators are at the international forefront. Insiders said that this achievement represents the advanced level of infrared imaging technology, will promote the application of infrared thermal imaging technology in the fields of intelligent manufacturing, aerospace, defense and security, and to promote joint development of upstream and downstream industries.


China-made cars also can afford “Infrared Hawkeye”


The company manufactures and cooling uncooled infrared detector

Liu Bin introduced by more than ten years of research, high moral infrared has become the only company which can provide refrigeration and uncooled infrared detector IC manufacturing enterprises. With the advent variety of domestic infrared chip, low-cost manufacturing of infrared detectors dropped significantly.

Earlier, a number of international high-end car brand cars will be safe with infrared detectors, this device when combined with driver assistance systems, the car can quickly detect more distant obstacles, such “infrared Hawkeye” can greatly enhance driving safety car. After high moral self-developed infrared detector chip come out, car infrared detector price can be reduced to a few thousand dollars from the original thousands of dollars, most of the domestic car will also afford this technology.

Currently, high moral infrared detectors have been widely used in the human body temperature measurement, industrial temperature measurement, security monitoring, fire and rescue, outdoor sports, UAV autopilot, more than ten areas, share of the global market of thermal imaging It has leapt to second place.

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