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Komodo National Park

Mandilkaco motorcycle track being built

[Global Times stationed in Indonesian special reporter Xu Wei] Tourism is the second largest collection industry in the Indonesian non-oil industry. Island is the “specialty” of the “Thousand Island”. In view of the long-term excessive development and load capacity of Bali, in order to help achieve 20 million tourists, foreign exchange revenue achieves 20 billion US dollars, the Indonesian government launched “Top Ten New Bali” plans a few years ago, selected ten Island as a tourism growth point for a focus. Recently, the British media broke out. The United Nations experts condemned the Top Ten Islands in the Mandilika project in Longmei Island, “trampling human rights” issues, claiming that local people were threatened and intimidated, and they were forced to compete for their land. ” However, the report that quoted Asian investment bank said that “the final report did not find that the local government was suspected of stress, using direct force and the intimidation evidence related to land acquisition and immigrants.” These episodes did not stop the determination of the Indonesian government to develop new island, and the construction of related projects continued. The Mandalikapo track is scheduled to be completed in July this year. Two world-class motorcycle competitions will be held in the new track in November and next year. Other islands are also upgraded. What kind of unique landscape is the top ten islands, can they really become the next “Bali”?

Go to Longyemao to see the highest volcano

“If Bali’s beaches are both beautiful and crowded, the beaches of Longmei are the most natural, the most amazing scenery.” According to Longbi Island Tourism Promotion official website, although it is not very convenient to go to Longboa Beach “But it is worthy of tourists experience paradise-like feelings.” Long-eyed is more peaceful and original. The sand in Longbao Beach is pepper, and it is big and white, and the sea is “clean”.

Take a cruise ship or speedboat to Longboa from Bali, just 25 minutes. In Longboa, visitors can walk to Lingani Mountains at an altitude of 3726 meters above sea level, which is one of the most elevated volcanoes in Indonesia. The Segara Anak Lake, the top of the volcano, is like a beautiful cow, is one of the most worthy of the tourists to appreciate the beauty of the island. Visitors can also choose to rent a bicycle, ride the ride.

The beautiful Geely Islands is a great place to snorkeling, deep and fishing. Long-eyed iconic Gerpuk beaches, which can be called the paradise of surfers. Five different wavy surf points can meet the needs of all levels surfers. If you choose hiking to the PERGASINGAN hill, visitors will arrive at Longbi Island’s ideal campsite.

In addition to natural landscapes, tourists can experience the unique culture of Sassay in Longbus – visit traditional villages, enjoy the Sahak style, watch the ceramic product production process, buy Longyou Island Traditional hand-woven color Fabric Tenun. In addition, tasting a roast chicken with local special spicy sauce is also an experience that is not missed.

The Indonesian government is placed in Mandalika located in the coastal zone of Longbolands. The government plans to build a resort, ecological park, protected area, theme park, water park, Motorcycle GP racing, and hospitals, have attracted investments such as Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, France Vinci Group. It is alleged that the tracks that are laid in the 2021 Motorcycle GP event will be a perfect track through the mountains and beaches, 4.32 kilometers long, expect to accommodate 150,000 viewers feel the roar and passion of motorcycles.

Borneo, one of the four miracles of ancient oriental

In addition to the Dragon Eagles, the “Ten New Bali” selected by the Indonesian government also includes: the Borobudur, the Tobotuda, Northern Sumatra, Takah, Jakarta Islands, Jakarta Islands in the Central Java City. Bangga – Do Not Caves Danjong Geyang Beach, Bromono, East Java, Nabajahja, Najua, South Sula, South Suli, Northern Maruli The ancient Morotai Island. The Indonesian Tourism Department said that the purpose of building “Top Ten New Bali” mainly covers three major indicators, attractive, convenience, and comfort. In the top ten destinations, the Indonesian government chose Borobudur, Nabbajo and Toba, etc., as a priority, mainly from these places to achieve three major indicators.

Borobudur is built in the 4th century to the 8th century, which was built by the rulers of the Xia Lian Tila Dynasty in Java. Due to volcanic eruptions, the Buddha group is abandoned and hidden in the dense tropical jungle for a long time. Until the early 19th century was cleaned up, with China’s Great Wall, India’s Taj Mahal, Cambodia’s Angkor Wat and called the four miracles of ancient oriental. In 1991, UNESCO included Borobudur to the World Heritage and still attracted global tourists to visit.

Nashibabo has a famous “World Heritage” Komodo National Park, which is the main habitat of Komodo giant lizard. In addition, the landscape of the island, the landscape such as the hidden cave forms “the paradise of adventurers.”


When you look at the photos of Duoba, people are easier to think that it is a ocean. In fact, this is the largest freshwater lake in Indonesia, and is also one of the largest volcanic lakes in the world. Lake Toba is located in Northern Sumatra, an area of ​​1130 square kilometers, with a maximum of 529 meters. Take the kayak to explore the big lake that is covered with this lush forest, such as the original original scenery is soothless.

Bromono, East Java has a caravan with a vicious diameter of about 10 kilometers. There is a mysterious landform similar to the moon surface near the live volcano, which is unique.


In fact, it is “the country of Wan Island”

Indonesia is one of the largest countries in the world, known as “Thousand Island countries”. In fact, it is a famous “country” country. According to the Registration of Indonesia National Surveying and Mapping Bureau, Indonesia has 17508 large islands, of which about 6,000 people live. However, there are only a wide range of Bali’s popularity in many islands, and many other island international tourists have never heard of it. There is an analysis that this aspect is because Bali has a very good natural and humanistic tourism resources. On the other hand, convenient transportation has created great convenience for global tourists to Bali. According to incomplete statistics, Bali direct China’s city has Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Wuhan, Changsha and Xiamen. Bali features a distinctive hotels in Xingro. In contrast, the supporting facilities of other islands in Indonesia can be difficult to arrive in foreign tourists. The Indonesian Tourism Department is working on new infrastructure such as roads, ports, airports, star hotels in Ten Islands.

Some Indonesian is is not known for people because they are contracted. Such as Li Wang Island, Indonesia, the western part of Indonesia, from the sky overlooking a leaf boating floating on the sea. Here is an unqualified wasteland, and after the local Li’s Chinese family is used to use it as a tourism development. The island has built Indonesian-style traditional wooden houses and trees. To protect the ecological carrying capacity on the island, the number of people daily is strictly limited.

In addition, the focus and disputes in the outside world also affect the development process of the new tourist destination of Indonesia. For example, some experts believe that the Indonesian government simply resets Mandili’s villagers, providing money compensation or houses, water, electricity and food, but this is not enough for people who rely on old villages. . The sustainable development of Mandalika project is also attracting concern that large projects such as motorcycle tracks are still suitable for large-scale projects such as motorcycle tracks.