The small black skirt in the summer is most jealous. Although the color is not beautiful enough, it is more advanced. It’s a good thing for countless girls, so how can I put the small black dress out of stunning and stylish breath? We may wish to take a look at the stars.


Bai Lai is a powerful actor, but it is more careful in wearing. A black dress waist hollow, the personality is sweet and very good


Let us take a look.

White lily fashion styling analysis:

A black dress with a self-sufficiency with elegant atmosphere.

The black is exquisite and restrained. It is a beautiful wearing. If you want to put your black, you need some more simple and generous styles. How can I make black more fashionable? This group of white lily is very worth reference. The classic black line, the slim tailor is more elegant, the fungus of the cuffs is more sweet and the waist is more fluent, and the personality is charming.

Like this kind of waist, it is not excessive sexy in the summer, but a just right fashion.

After all, this hollow will not be very exaggerated. It is more likely to be displayed, which can be lined with the wearer’s waist, and the size is also exceptionally superior. Of course, if your waist line is not so strong, or if it is a more obvious fat, you need to avoid this style when choosing, it is not too beautiful.

Of course, I want to show out the slim waist, except for the hollow in the waist, there are more ways.


For example, it is more advanced atmosphere if you use a wider waist seal embellishment.

. Also or is the element of a layer of lace, light graceful, if the feelings of hidden feelings are more beautiful and mysterious. Of course, if it is like white lily, the size is more superior, and the boldly chooses the hollowing of the waist, or directly selects the nausea style is good.

The small black skirt of Bai Lai, not only chooses the hollow in the waist, but also matches more self-cultivation.


The natural tightening design is designed, showing more slim waist. The micro-skirt is swing, which can better cover the thickness of the thigh. If your legs have a little strong, this micro-leaf skirt can play a relatively strong modification. So some pear shaped body in life, you can choose the slight skirt to form your own body.

The sleeves have chosen the embellishment of the wood ear, so that the temperament of the white lily is more sweet.

In fact, the black dress is easy to wear the feeling of born hardboard, so we may wish to do more in the design of the clothing. Just like the decoration of this kind of wood, naturally add a sweet breath, lining the temperament of white lily is more fresh, and the aging effect is also great. Echoing with the waist, it is more personal.


While white lily wearing a black dress, it is a more elegant and sweet posture.


Like this tip of the wood ear, it becomes more beautiful and romantic, the V-shaped neckline, the hollow space in the waist is more fluent, letting the white lily of this set of outsight. A short hair style of a microcontrol, also appears that the white lipstick is superior, the peach pink lips make a lot of sweet white lily.

White lily more fashionable to take a look:

Gray wear suit jacket, more practicing generous. A blue small Zouju print dress, temperament becomes beautiful and romantic. Such

The suit jacket is equipped with a dress, and it is also a more fashionable and exquisite.

The knee dress is elegant and generous, and the comparative styles are more refined. Hundreds of elegant dressing style, do you like it?


Blue loose T-shirt is equipped with a seven pants and a relaxed wearing.

Such styles are more suitable for daily matching, if you want more advanced superior temperament, you may wish to refer to this simple wind. The relatively loose version is not so picking up, wearing a more profile, and is also a fashionable wearing.

Gray-green small fragrant wind jackets are more elegant, with a bit of refined and introverted, exceptional high-end fashion. However, Bai Lily with a red white striped petulence, breaking this introverted and exquisite, more of the playful and lively, really more fashionable.

Ok, the above is the fashion information to share today. White Lie in these groups of fashionable LOOK, what kind of beauty do you think is more beautiful? Share the fashion trend of fashion trends every day, pay attention! (Text original, the picture is from the network. If there is any infringement, please contact delete.)

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