Recently, Australia’s evaluation area came to a new partner.

Children’s pump

The first eye I thought it was sucking jelly ~

This can break the editor’s little sister.


Small Baby eats complementary puree

How come we come to you after 90?

Aird can’t help think about your childhood

It’s like this to eat fruit when you are young.

After the 0000, the time after 10, the downtime is patent.

Why don’t my childhood don’t have this good thing T_T?

Today’s 90th small stranges will come to everyone’s real person!


This thing is good to eat!

(In fact, I want to make up for the childhood regret HHH)

About fruit

After the baby was born for six months, the treasure moms began to gradually add vegetables, fruits, meat and other mud products for my baby. The puree is a common member of the food supplement, it can help but supplement the vitamins and dietary fibers required by the baby more acceptable.

The fruit is used as complementary food, with three major effects:

Provide quality nutrition



Promotion of taste buds

Seasoned rice

Thus, it is used to cultivate children who do not eat food.

In order to give your baby a healthy comprehensive nutrition, I believe that many mothers have such problems: Which of the homemade peel and finished fruit is better?


In fact, no matter which kind of choice, you should take care of it, try to choose fresh fruit and pay attention to the health status during the production process.

What questions should I pay attention to?



Let’s continue reading


This time we evaluate the five kinds of doors, from the three popular brands of Australia BUBS, Gaffery’s Garden and Heinz, which are mainly



Mixed puree for the main material, suitable for age

April +

The direction of the evaluation


First, security issues


2. Ingredients

3. Is it organic?

Second, quality problems

1. Brand

2. Visual




There are three different packaging types on the market:

Motip bag, glass bottle, plastic cup

Several allments of this assessment

Nose bag

△ In addition to BUBS (right one), the outer packaging is opaque, and the bottom of the other two fruit mud can be seen in the color of the pump.

The glass bottle is inconvenient to carry, and the plastic cup is taken to have a one-time eating, compared with the nozzle bag.

Easy to carry, you can eat multiple times

However, you must eat it within 48 hours after the opening!

❗️ Need not to pay attention, 4 months, the baby has begun to sprout the milk, long-term consumption of products that use nozzle bag packaging, will make the baby’s deciduous teeth continue to be scored by fruit and vegetable, if the parents don’t pay attention to eating, clean your teeth for your baby It will cause baby tooth.

Therefore, no matter which product packaging type, it is recommended to cross the fruit to fly to the baby.

like this

△ Dedicated to the Australian children’s pet cattle


When you have just given your baby, don’t come to a big hodge, you should choose only

Single type

The puree, wait for the baby to finish, observe the baby has no adverse reactions to increase the new type. When the category can be accepted, it is more and more, and the variety of fruits that have been accepted have been accepted.

In addition, the finished puree will use some of us usually relatively rare, but the nutritional value is more high as raw materials, such as

Cinnamon, Blue Mei


It is better to enrich the diversity of baby food.

Let’s first take a look at the difference between the nutrient ingredients of several pepsins.

Heniz ▼

With apple, peach, mango


The main ingredients are 71.9% of Apple

Heniz This puree, only indicates that no additional salt is added, and the sugar does not indicate that it does not make sure it does not add sugar.


3 kinds of fruits with bananas, mangoes, peaches, apples

The main ingredient is 45% banana

And 10% water

This is the only purea that adds moisture.

Rafferty’s Garden Paste (Green) ▼


2 kinds of fruits containing apples, pears

And 0.1% cinnamon content

The main ingredient is 60% of Apple

Rafferty’s Garden Paste (purple) ▼

With apples, bananas, blueberry three fruits

Rafferty’s Garden Paste (Yellow) ▼

With pears, bananas, mango

The main ingredient is 60% of pear

Rafferty’s Garden home after packing

“No added …”


This pendant is not added with sugar, salt, concentrate, juice, pigment, artificial perfume, preservative, transgenic component, etc. Food additive.

in conclusion


★ Fruit species:

BUBS (4)> Heniz = Rafferty’s Garden (3)

Tips: The more fruit species is not, the better, the nutritional match is the most important.

★ Main fruit:

BUBS: Banana

Heniz & Rafferty’s Garden



) &



Rafferty’s Garden



Tips: You can choose the purement according to the baby’s favorite taste. Generally, the taste of the puree is the taste of the main fruit.


Organic brand


Because the infant food safety problem is frequent, parents are increasingly high for food safety, and organic products focusing on “green” “safety” are more popular.

Organic products do not use chemical compositions such as fertilizer and hormones during raw material planting and latter production, and more secure than non-organic products is more expensive than non-organic products.

The only organic purea is from Bubs, its baby food has passed “ACO”, which is the most authoritative organizational agency (AustraliantIfied Organic).

ACO is affiliated to BFA (Australian Organic Farm Alliance), it requires organic products

Raw materials must be derived from natural growth plant products or from natural

. No pesticide, manual and chemical addition, no transgenic include non-radiation, no industrial solvent, no chemical additive.

If you want to choose an organic product, you will look for the organic certification mark on all regions, don’t be fooled by major e-commerce advertising.

The more delicate grinding, the more small fruit, the more conveniently swallowed, the five finished patents are very good in the completion of the fineness. In addition to the slenderness, everyone is concerned, it is very good, it is good to absorb two aspects that mothers are very concerned.

Below we will

Brand, pseudo, butter


Three dimensions are specially screening.


Heinz Hein

Heincide was founded in 1869 by H.J.heinz in Charpleburg, Pennsylvania, USA, has become one hundred years of fruitful development, which is one of the world’s largest nutrition food producers.

Heinwei products have more than 5,700, except for people familiar with infant food, such as baby rice noodles, noodles, sarctine, juice, juice, infant formula, tomato sauce, condiment, sauce and frozen food, etc. .

Heinz branch spreads more than 200 countries and regions around the world. On December 18, 2018, Heinz was selected in 2018 (Fifteenth) “World Brand 500” list, ranked 147th.


2. Bubs Organic:

It is currently welcomed by mothers in Australia.

Organic baby food brand

Since the listing of the awards, in 2010, the first place in the Australian Food Challenge Baby Food.

Its baby food has passed the certification of ACO, Australia’s most authoritative organic certification body (Australiancertified Organic).

In Australia, organic farms must be organically cultivated for three consecutive years, and can get organic certification.


This is a very stringent standard. Therefore, Bubs’s baby food quality is very excellent.

(Beautiful Bubs Organic Farm)

Ms. Kristy Carr, the brand founder, as a mother of three children, very understood that mothers “I only want to give my children the best” mood, so my heart “Everything for the child” original intention, with “10,000 treasures healthy and happy “I created Bubs Australia for myself.


(Kristy Carr and three children)

Bubs Organic Baby Food Series Contains:

Baby organic puree, baby organic rice noodles


as well as

Baby organic mills.

From the seed to the food to feed the baby, the whole process does not touch any pesticide, harmless, artificial additives, flavors, sugar, salt, and packaging are also free of bisphenol A, truly pure and safe.

3. Rafferty’s Garden:

It is the world’s second largest “wet baby food” company, founded in the 1990s. At present, there are a number of production plants in Australia and New Zealand, and the sales volume is in the forefront of the Australian market, and exported to Southeast Asian countries in Europe and America.

The so-called “wet baby” means that the packaged ready-made baby food, such as baby rice noodles, vegetable mud, fruit mud, etc.

Rafferty’s Garden’s baby food is made of green safety or organic vegetables.


No milk and egg ingredients


Therefore, the baby who is allergic to milk can also be eaten.


Its home uses low-temperature cooking packaging packaging, while ensuring food taste and nutritional value,


Wheeliness period is extended to 12 months

. The concept of brand is “nutritious, low fat, fresh and natural”.

In addition, its product line is very rich! From rice noodles, pearm, vegetable mud, meat, molar biscuits, snacks, etc.

April + to December +


Baby group, absolutely suitable for growth and taste demand in different stages.


From left to right, it is: Rafferty’s Garden green mud, purple mud, yellow mud, bubs, butt of Heniz.

We can see the viscosity from high to low row:

BUBS> Heniz> Rafferty’s Garden Purple> Yellow> Green

Among them, a 10% water BUBS is added, and the viscosity is higher than the Rafferty’s Garden, which is not added.

The consistency of viscosity is related to the composition of this peeling, if the ingredients are large, the water content is small, the viscosity of this peel is relatively high.

Such as BUBS


With 45% of bananas, even if it still contains 10% water, the viscosity is also higher than Rafferty’s Garden, the apple content of 60%, pear 39.9%, cinnamon 0.1%.


After all, we all know that the water of the banana is definitely lower than the apple and pear ~


In this taste, we found

The patent category of the viscosity is biased, and the baby is more suitable for the initial food.

. Variety of fruits

Mixed or adding the striped flavor flavor of the vitamin C ingredients

If the baby’s appetite is not good, you can use a rich puree to stimulate your baby’s appetite.

We made this five models from the five models from the perspective of sour.


After safety evaluation and quality evaluation, this evaluation conclusion is as follows

⬆️ Click to save the image


Reject a variety of food additives and the existence of sugar

Musp in the viscosity is the most suitable for your baby.

The choice of peas is not allergic to the fruit, followed by “step by step, from refreshing to rich, from single to mix”.

Ok, today I am sharing the three brands of baby puree.

Follow-up will also be carried out to send the Raiders of high-quality infant snacks on Australia! Waiting for it ~







First, security issues

Second, quality problems

The main ingredient is 60% of Apple