That said the national goddess of South Korea, then

Song Huiqiao

The upper name of the absolute row, she is very beautiful, the temperament is also very picking, is an elegant woman who is not buckled. This time she

Wearing a pure white lace set debut

, Design and bag hip skirt look like

Sexy and charming

Mature women can fully refer to

Wear, never mistaken.

1 pure white is a clean and pure color

After single, you know more, a white lace set is elegant,

End villa is stable,

Many mature women like pure white

, Because this is a hundred and advanced colors

Even many nobles also like to use it to improve the overall texture, it can bring very fresh and destroyed visual effects.


Let you look very clean

It is the essential to mature goddess, and it can also play a degree of age.

2 Select the benefits of the suit

For women who will not pick up, the suit is your best choice.

It allows you to easily wear high-level feelings, and let your upper and lower style are highly consistent, will not give people too exaggerated


, Sudden feeling, everyone can choose the most suitable for yourself according to their own actual situation, really serve


Quality, white lace set exquisite and elegant

, Body

Too attractive.

3 lace elements to improve texture

If the whole is a solid color,

You can fusion some small details to improve the overall texture, and the lace can bring very gorgeous visual effects through exquisite patches.

Don’t let you look at the whole person.


Attention to pay attention,


To choose a very clear pattern

Otherwise, it will give people a cheap feeling.

4 bag hip skirt suitable for syndrome goddess

This suit is


Half-length package hip skirt

It is the design that highlights your hips curve, it can show your perfect waist and hips, and


Block your leg curve, very suitable for the waist, the pear type of the knee

It is not afraid of rough legs, it can overflow a rich intelligence.


Song Huiji is no longer a flower season girl, so she also takes a different path, starting to take mature knowledge, bringing the effect is very good, let us look at the other style of the goddess!

→ Other sexy winds of Goddess

Appropriate skin design

* 肩

If the body conditions are better, you can fill some skin designs to show your extreme sexy and charming, like Song Huiqiao’s body.

So she chooses to use the appearance design to show yourself



Just show a little slightly,


It will not make people feel very exposed


Instead, it will enhance the design of the solid color shirt. If the chest contour is more sexy, you can also pick the neckline.

* Unilateral sleeveless design

Sleeveless design is different from the open head, it fully shows your slender arm lines,

It is more exposed to exposure. It is relatively high for your arms. If you have a lot of meat on your body,

It is easy to wear a strong feeling, so be sure to choose according to your own actual situation.

2. Hygramatic warm shirt

* Elegant workplace

For some middle-aged women or the workplace OL eyebrows, the genital warm shirt is your best choice, after choosing it,

No matter what kind of activity and occasions participating, it will not be wrong.

Will only make you emit a decent temperament, you can match a tight trousers to show your perfect waist hips.

* Slim version

Women with good body conditions can use comparison of slim, let their own S-type curves show, it can completely highlight your good body, and

Short pants to show your straight long legs

The darkliness is relatively strong. If you don’t have a much flesh, you can choose.


3. Wrapped clothing

It is also necessary to combine the same rules when picking up the dress.

Be sure to have a good body, you must be confident, and the layout is often the best to show your sexy and charm.

The woman’s figure is very exquisite, very soft, everyone must work hard to carry forward their own favorable advantages.

4. Selection of suit


Of course, when you don’t know how to pick it up, you can choose a suit, it will never let you wear the effect of the thunder, but you can make you show a decent female charm.

I can’t choose the eyebrows.


Minimalist suit to highlight high level

Everyone can use the way of dressing with it to create a beautiful beauty.


5. Single items of “small wind”


“Small Fragrance” is a lot of mature women who prefer.


Because it can bring very gorgeous visual effects through very exquisite weaving processes, let you have a rich ladies

, Especially expensive, whether choosing a single product or a suit, the effects bringing very nice.

This issue of dressing is over here. If you are in front of the screen, you will hurry up!


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Song Huiqiao

Song Huiqiao


Song Huiqiao