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Burberry Shanghai Henglong Square flagship store new opening

On the 11th, Burberry unveiled the new Shanghai Henglong Square flagship store. As the second boutique in the world, the Burberry’s new design concept, perfectly presented the brand’s essence and design aesthetics.


Zhang Yunxin, president of Burberry China, said, “As a unique and novel exploration space, Shanghai Henglong Plaza’s new flagship store will change our brand vision, not only one of our brand a long history, but also reflects the brand always Creativity and innovation are the core concept of the core, and it will also help the brand to achieve carbon in the Chinese market. We warmly welcome consumers to come to Burberry Shanghai new home, providing customers with outstanding products and extraordinary experiences Always Burberry pursuit goals. “


Burberry joins the famous architect Vincenzo de Cotiis craftsmen to build Shanghai Henglong Square boutique, breaking the rules, rejuvenating classicism, combining the thick elements and luxury materials, creating a unique modern. Boutique store space uses a series of materials such as concrete, ceramics and high-light finishes, parallel with beige, black, white with red classic patterns, showing rich and diverse textures and textures. The brand iconic pattern is also re-interpreted on the mirror area of ​​the grid, and the board-type tile flooring of reflex flourishing is jointly created.

Burberry has long been committed to creating a more sustainable future by reducing the impact on the environment and promoting positive changes. In order to achieve a leading idea of ​​realization of the positive and climate in 2040, the Burberry Henglong Square flagship store is carbon and is currently accepting the LEED certification process. Burberry’s goal is to achieve renewable electricity in its own operations in 2022, and the boutique in mainland China will achieve carbon. BURBERRY is expected to achieve carbon neutralization in 2022.


Immersion interactive digital art experience space

Baolpain release deep housing Bathyscaphe’s first titanium alloy watch


Since I came in 1956, the deep housing Bathyscaphe series watches have been a representative of the Pioneer fashioned in Baoda. Today, Bao La is faithfully presents the series of traditional essence, once again interpretation of the elegant sports style, the heavy release of the deep housing Bathyscaphe series, the first time equipped with the titanium alloy case, deeply showing the five-day series in historical inheritance, material innovation , The value of the process and style is sticky.

The new deep submersible Bathyscaphe watches are mixed with a diameter of 43 mm satin mill titanium alloy case, which is clear, and the waterproof depth can reach 300 meters. The titanium-leg dial of the new watch uses a handmade satin brushed process to create a very modern matte effect, and the night light rod-shaped pointer and geometric time is a traditional style. One-way rotary laps are satin-polished titanium alloy materials, and the time scale above the lap is applied to super luminous coating Super-Luminova, which is inlaid in the ceramic inner ring of satin. It can be described as part of the beauty view and practicability.


Chaumet presents “Genuine Dream”


Paris Temple Level Jewelry Art Restaurant Chaumet Shangmei Paris “Tiara Dream Genuine Dream” immersive interactive experience exhibition, opened in the Sanlitun Taiki Red Pavilion in Beijing. The numerous crown of precious antiques and contemporary treasures, as well as a large number of precious files and manuscripts that have been presented to Chinese audiences, combined with modern contemporary holographic projection and interactive devices, all-round, multi-dimensional demonstration “crown masters” chaumet moving Eternal charm.

Many dreams come true classic moments, will be present in front of the public through the art form of integration with imagination. Those the most moving ChauMet classics and contemporary works will render the exciting immersive experience unit and digitization. The exhibition lasted until November 30th, and the public can visit free.

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