This Adidas Adidas Climalite? Short Sleeve Tee Men’s quick-dry short-sleeved T-shirt, it is inspired by the Adidas’s brand concept, and follows today’s major trends, providing a variety of sports and casual apparel products close to life, providing design,Functional and superior cost-effective trend and match series, multi-color optional.

The fabric uses the technology Climalite, which is sustained for a long time, quickly takes away the heat generated by the body, quickly eliminating the sweat produced by the motion.The skin is more breathable, healthy and environmentally friendly, comfortable, round neck design, fashion wild, top printed process, fashion chic, loose version of the whole cut, precision line, high quality from the details.Fine workmanship, style fashion.Simple and generous, set fashion, leisure, and trend.

At present, this price is only 17.99 knives, and you can use a 10% discount code.

adidas 阿迪达斯 男款速干短袖T恤


After the voucher, the US dollar is about ¥ 100, the size is complete, I like it into one, I will not be wrong, and let’s get better.