The weather is hot, everyone wear a cool summer dress.

This year’s Millennium Hot Girl is prevalent, and it is necessary to say that the fashion circle is full of summer single products.

This kind of styles have a lot of apron, and there is a feeling of cool, no matter how it matches, it is very fashionable, and there are many fashionable tides.

However, according to Annie, wear a lot of apron or a foreign fellow person. Relatively, there is less in China, and a female star who uses the shape of a lot.

So far, Annie has seen Yang Mi and Shen Mengchen through this type of shirt, and the style is not so Open.

The stars have always like to follow the wind, why do you choose to have a lot of a lot of ambition?

Annie feels that everyone is getting lower and lower for such too cool single product.


I don’t know if you have found it, although the clothes are free, the slogan shouted loud, but now many people don’t even have boldly.


This can be seen from the red carpet shape of a female star in your session.


The red carpet shape of the past stars is bold, and the shape of the various styles should have.

Now, I often show the chapter of the elegant modeling, in 2001, I walked the red carpet in the shape of a pocket + half skirt.

Look at the red carpet styling in recent years, few have such a bold shape.

In the past two years, there was even “conservative people”. If the neck of the clothes is too low, it will sew it up, so several “good tailors who are delayed by the performance”. “

The most impressive probably Qin Wei, the memory of the event several times, she sews the clothes, manually turn the dress from the deep V into shallow V.


“Entertainment Circles in Qin” are not an example, Tang Wei, Angelababy and others have a manual dress.

Although there are few female stars in the two years, there is no bold shape. Many stars’ styles are “unfortunate” “elegance”, and strive to be wrong.


Not only a star, the general people’s wear is more conservative.

Just taking a book, in fact, 20 years ago, there were many people wear, and there was a feeling of Y2Y with jeans, just like Be House.

Now that the style of the belly is getting more and more abundant, but there are many people who are difficult to accept. I think it will be too exposed to a few ropes behind it.

In addition to too exposure, many people don’t dare to wear a bib, I feel that my body is not.

About the article of the belly, the following will always have a comment on the body, the commentary of “not dare to wear” is all.

Did not say that everyone must appreciate the meaning of the belly, but it is difficult to imagine that wear clothes today, everyone wear so much concern.


The star of the entertainment circle will go to the passerby. Everyone seems to have more and more concerns.


Annie boldly drifted wheat, causing this reason,

First, it is affected by the aesthetics of “white children”, the second is the change in the public opinion environment.

“White Yuxiang” is very good to understand.

Many people are deeply influenced by “white children thin”, so they will not be able to wear some clothes without thinness. Although it is much similar to

“Rejecting white children thin, fatful” speech

However, this kind of aesthetic root is deep, not a chairman, and it is more or less to hold this concept.

For example, the previous popular BM wind, only a thin girl will wear.

In recent years, women ‘s thinking have gradually awakened, and everyone began to reflect on some past concepts. This awakening is good, but I don’t know when, some people’s point of view will run, and it is a bit overkill.

In the past, female stars were concave, netizens would praise their body or not self-laugh. But now I see the actress’s body, many people will think that they are making their own anxiety, if they are bold, “materialized women” “Mei Men” label will be buckled.

I often see the discussion on “XX is the male” on the forum. It is clear that it is very normal to wear, and it has become a manufacturing anxiety in some people.


In this influence of this public opinion environment, one of the thoughts will be changed.


Telling true, femaleism thoughts awakening is a good thing, but if it is overkill, it is another kind of 桎梏 for women.

Just like wearing this matter, this can’t wear it, it can’t wear, the frame box is a big pile, then I will talk about “clothes freedom”.


So we don’t point to others, nor too much about some of the extreme views on the network, and smoke the “Do your own” four words.