flake graphite powder

Jan 01,2022

Discover superior quality flake graphite powder at Tradechina.com. The powder has overall uniform technical specifications, ensuring consistent performance. They have a prolonged shelf-life of many years. flake graphite powder are clean and have negligible impurities. They have minimal ash content, volatile matter, and moisture.

flake graphite powder on Tradechina.com are manufactured using natural and artificial graphite. They are prepared by crushing graphite lumps. They are expandable up to 100s of times and available in different mesh sizes. The products boast high-temperature resistance. They do not produce a pungent smell at extreme temperatures. They have high melting and boiling point, making them ideal for various industrial applications. The chemical and physical properties of the merchandise are furnished on the site to aid in making a purchase decision.

flake graphite powder are black in appearance in amorphous and granular forms. The products find application in steel manufacturing and casting industries. Carbon electrodes and cathode block production call for the products. The merchandise has superior adsorption and catalytic performance. The products find application as raw material for lithium-ion batteries. They are accessible to buyers in natural and artificial options. They are ideal for heat insulation and fire retardant applications. Also, products are well-suited for lubrication purposes. They can be customized for multiple grain sizes and thicknesses to suit different requirements. The products in nanoparticle sizes are also in stock.

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