“The lemon grass here is extremely good, only when being broken, the fine and inert lemon aroma overflows, lasting, this is not required, and the lemon tea in the restaurant does not need additional lemon, there is From the head to the end, the aroma is from the cup. “


– “A lemon grass with summer winter”

Light luxury version

Look at the name, you know that these unilateral essential oils are beautiful, such as:

Damascus rose


The best of the origin of the big Masawa rose natural non-Pagarania. Bulgaria has the US “Rose State”, its rose industry has developed has more than 300 years of history.

Damascus roses are different from our common roses. This rose is big, and most of the fragrance, mostly light pink, because of its best quality, most of the rose oils become the main raw materials of senior perfume, is said to sell in the international market It reached 300,000 yuan per kilogram.


From this, see the precious and popularity of Damascus rose essential oil, alone as an essential oil, which is a beautiful fragrance.

Orange flower

Orange flower essential oil is obtained by its white petals, orange flower essential oil is close to transparent pale yellow, and there is a sweet flower and bitter orange.

The orange flower essential oil on the market is different from the variety, ingredients, and smell. There are sweet orange flowers and bitter orange flowers. The most precious thing in the orange flowers is “right-spin lentie”, and the bitter orange flower content is higher than the sweet orange. The price is also expensive;

Sweet orange flowers are sweet and rich, and then strong, it will make people have no pressure.

The bitter orange flowers are slow, with gans, and then strong, and they will make people feel and elapsed.


Jasmine essential oil has always been compared with rose essential oil. If rose oil is “after essential oil”, then Jasmine essential oil is “the king of essential oils”.

The taste of Jasmine essential oil is very last, the color is very deep, and it is sticky. Similar to rose essential oils, jasmine essential oil is also very expensive, and a little bit of oil is required to produce a lot of flowers, and the method of extracting essential oils is also particularly tested.

Usually workers will collect flowers at night, because Jasmine is much better than in the night. After the flowers are collected, they must be put on the cotton that is soaching the olive oil until all the essential oils are absorbed.


Then use alcohol to extract olive oil to get pure jasmine essential oil.

Jasmine essential oil is difficult to copy, the synthetic jasmine essential oil tastes very sweet, like a cheap spice, and the true jasmine oil is different from that.

Babies who like Jasmine and insomnia status can be placed in the bedroom, because it can regulate emotions to help sleep to a certain extent.


The agarran essential oil is a volatile oil made from precious agarwood after distillation, which is a high concentrated plant essence.

Sinking oil has a wide range of uses, is a natural spice.

After smear, the scaldom is slight, and then the fragrance of the aging characteristic medicine is fragrant. It has the rest of the rhyme, which is incense; it can be used for the Buddha to be the maintenance of the rosary and the law. Can be polyester, eliminate trouble.


Sandalwood is a small evergreen parasitic tree, relying on adsorption in other tree species roots and steals nutrients.

It is originally produced on the island in India and the Indian Ocean. There are rumors that the best sandalwood in Myster, Myster, which is already facing the crisis of sandalwood, in fact, the local government began to control the mining of every year of sandalwood.

The sandalwood is growing slowly, and only very mature, almost dying sandalwood trees can be cut.

After cutting the tree, you can’t take the forest immediately. You need to throw the trees in the forest, let the ants eat the outer layer of the trunk, only the center of the trunk insect can’t damage the center hardwood zone, can be used to make furniture or incinement The material is also the main part of extracting essential oils.


People who like sandalwood don’t like to spend something, you can try sandalwood essential oils, indoor aromatherapy machines, or with sesame oil as carry-out fragrances are good.

Affordable version


Strong, fresh fruit, you can refresh your mind, invigorate the spirit, relieve the irritability of your work, give people a soothing and brisk experience.

For a long time, citrus essential oils are a petite pet in the perfume industry, food processing industry and healing. Its odor is sweet and refreshing, and it is the most important taste that is not like most people. It is also the most popular taste.


Many of the mint family variety, complex life, in addition to common peppermint, green mint, and apple mint, curl mint, pineapple mint, water mint or swamp mint, etc..


The mint essential oil has a cool, fresh and slightly exciting smell, which is very suitable in the hot office of summer day.

Sweet orange

The aroma of sweet orange essential oil is very sweet. It can regulate the role of emotions. It has improved the effect of depression, which can keep people feel happy, dispersing tension and pressure, and anxiety disorder can also use sweet orange essential oil.


It is precisely because of the role of sweet orange essential oil aroma, so some people apply sweet orange essential oils in some party or wedding.



The Buddha’s hand is from the peel of the Buddha’s hand. Just gently squeezes the peel, you can get the essential oil of the Buddha’s hand, it is fresh and elegant, similar to orange and lemon, slightly flowers, integrated fruit and flowers, is in perfume One of the most commonly used essential oils.


Moreover, because the smell of the Buddha’s hand is fresh, the personality is easy to follow, and all kinds of essential oils can be coordinated, so it can also accept people in various personality and is the most ideal scent essential oil.


The wonderful aroma of grapefruit essential oils mixed with sweet smells and refreshing smells, can excite the spirit and bring people happiness. It is this bright citrus fragrance, which can make people’s spirit, no longer depressed, especially when there is a symptoms such as melancholy or sleepy in winter, you can use grapefruit essential oil.


Lavender is no longer to say more, this is the most common aroma on the market, and it has been seen everywhere in everyday life.

If it is the baby who tries the water essential oil, you can buy it directly, it is absolutely wrong.


Here, these unilateral essential oils are not too expensive in the price, but it is not very cheap. Suitable for people who like neutral fragrance and cold.




Silla is a four seasons of evergreen species. People who often travel to Europe will have impressions to the Bai trees, those solemn ancient civilization sites, courts, churches, and even cemetery.

The aroma of the cypress is a fresh wooden tone, a feeling of a forest, a cold, fresh grass.


This name is from Greek, “Especially” means “Perfect”, “Gali” means “coverage”, the entire name means it is closely covered.

In 1788, Juri was introduced in Europe, as a decorative tree species, but later found that it would inhibit its surrounding plants, as it would release chemical toxins into the soil. The first time I imported into the British essential oil, which was extracted from E.PIPERITA. At that time, it was called “Snow Ms.”, and the problem of digestion has a comfortable role.

There are more than 500 kinds of especially in Australia, and many local transplants have been successful, but extracting essential oils are still excellent in Eucalyptus Radiata, which is excellent in Eucalyptus Radiata, which is most widely used.

Yudal’s aroma, is cool in the coolness of the camphor, is suitable for the office, and it is possible to break through the bleak of the moon.

Australian tea tree

Speaking of tea tree essential oils, everyone should not misunderstand, this tea with drinking tea is not.

The tea tree with extracting essential oil is a small tree, originated in the new South Wales of Australia, similar to silk, blade, no sputum, yellow or slightly purple, can grow to 7m high, growing in wetland This essential oil is currently only available in Australia.

The tea tree essential oil has a rich medicine fragrance that exudes a silk bitter taste.

Atlantic cedar

In ancient times, it is a tall evergreen tree, the wooden aroma is rich, and the life is up to more than 1,000 years.

One of the first aromatic substances used in humans, often used as incinents in the temple, thus making people with mysterious impression.

Cedar is famous for its “strength” since ancient times, and Solomon has chosen to build the temple of Jerusalem. In addition, it is called “tree of life”, and its essential oil is considered to be used to enhance courage and strength. It is said that this is the essential oil used by David before the Warry War.

Atlantic cedar is often used as the basin of perfume in the perfume, and the wood chips are added to the skin. Bring a little vague sweet, I will be addicted. Its aroma is heavy, calm, giving people the feeling of relying on.