Recently came to the clinic to see

Scrotal itching

There are especially many patients, and this special part is embarrassing to scratch in front of people, which is disrespectful. Special itching, many times can’t help but scratch, even scratch or pain to be comfortable.

A vicious circle of more and more itching and scratching is formed

, can endure it, or apply medicine casually, really can’t bear it, finally came to the hospital, even if I came to the hospital to meet a female doctor, I was embarrassed to say, why is there such itching? What exactly causes this? Let’s talk about one of these cases today, pubic lice infestation.

Pubic lice are small insects that live in the area of the human genitals. It usually lives around pubic hair and lays eggs there. It can be seen with the naked eye or under a microscope or dermoscopy.

How are pubic lice contagious?

1. Sexual transmission (common)

Pubic lice are usually present

Transmission during sexual contact

, many social groups

Increased sexual freedom

Played a role in the spread of the disease

Catalytic effect

Adolescents and young adults are most susceptible to infection. Clinically exposed to more young male patients.

It is often necessary to ask if there is a history of unclean sex, and in one study, there were 121 cases of pubic pediculosis in a series,

Another sexually transmitted disease was present in 31% of patients.

If a sexual partner is infected, the other half is more likely to be infected.

2. Indirect transmission through contact (less common)

Contact with patients with pubic lice

Worn clothes, towels, sheets that have slept in, etc.,

This is also possible, but it is not very common.

Pubic lice prefer warm environments and are not adapted to crawling on smooth surfaces,

So it is unlikely to spread through the toilet.

3. Direct infection (environment, personal hygiene)

The most common are

The living environment and living environment are relatively poor

, where the patient lives

In a wet, crowded ring

In the world, if a person has pubic lice, it is possible to transmit it to other people.

How to tell if it is?

1. Itching

Pubic lice are more common in the pubic hair area, and can also be seen on armpit hair, chest hair and other hairs of the same size as pubic hair (because pubic lice paws can just catch hairs as thick as pubic hair will not fall off),

Living by sucking blood. Mainly manifested as intense itching, pubic lice prefer quiet and dark environments, so nocturnal activities, often itching is the most serious.

2. Panty color

Underwear often has reddish yellow

Dry residue, blood stains

(I remember that the director’s sentence that impressed me particularly strongly during the meeting was that the underwear was understood after checking it),

It is caused by pubic lice metabolites and bleeding at the blood-sucking area.

3. Check

Pubic lice and nice eggs can be identified by visual identification of pubic lice and nice eggs by taking attached hair, or it can be observed under a microscope for further verification, and it is easy to confirm the existence of pubic lice eggs.

How to prevent it?

Pubic pediculosis is mainly

Transmission through sexual contact

Target. Patients often present

Itching in the pubic and armpit areas

。 Patients with pubic pediculosis should be screened for other sexually transmitted diseases.

Avoiding unclean sex is the best way to prevent pubic lice.

Depending on the safety and simplicity of use, if pubic lice are still present, treatment should be repeated after 9-10 days. Sexual partners should also receive treatment at the same time.

Bedding and clothing should be washed with hot water.

Bedding and clothing should be used

Machine wash with hot water

and tumble in a drying drum. The temperature should be at least 130 degrees Fahrenheit. Dry cleaning is equally effective. You can also boil water and rinse after exposure to the sun.

If bedding or clothing cannot be washed or dry cleaned, it can also be placed in a sealed plastic bag.

Live lice die 48 hours after leaving the host; Items that cannot be washed should be packed in a bag or kept out of contact with the human body for at least 72 hours

。 Packing items in bags for 2 weeks may eliminate the possibility of re-infestation caused by newly hatched lice. There is no need to fumigate the living area. You can’t survive without contact with people.


Eyelash infestation may occur in people with pubic pediculosis or in close contact with infected individuals

Although most children diagnosed with tiniculosis are acquired through non-sexual contact, the possibility of sexual abuse should be considered. We recommend external use

Vaseline or closed ophthalmic ointment

Treatment is performed because it is relatively safe.

In short, the key to preventing pubic lice is to pay attention to personal hygiene and avoid unclean sex.

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