My baby watched this version when he was a child

I don’t know what to write, there are a lot of things today, and there are important things to deal with, but I don’t want to miss the day.

I will introduce you to a book called “Charlotte’s Web”. This is a very warm book, suitable for children and adults to read.

People are afraid of being famous, pigs are afraid of being strong. Wilbur, the little fat pig on the farm, faces a bloody disaster and his life is in danger.

Its friend Charlotte, a spider, lends a helping hand. It eventually cleverly rescues Wilbur, but regrettably dies himself.

The fairy tale world in the book is not only beautiful and warm, but also dark and ugly, which is a reflection of real society.

In addition to friendship, family affection, and the description of various relationships between people, similar to rumors, unloading grinding and killing “horses”, power games, etc., are all vividly written.

A thousand people have a thousand Hamlets.

Let’s open the book and find out by yourself!