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Recently, the first silicone doll experience hall in China, Shenzhen Love Love, was sealed. This move triggered a boom in domestic discussion of silicone dolls and brought this emerging thing into the public eye again.

The reason for the seizure is unknown, silicone dolls are currently in China, and there is no clear corresponding legal norm to restrict and supervise. Let’s put aside the new thing of “silicone dolls”, there are discussions about ethics and public order and good customs. Just looking at the business model of silicone dolls, we may be able to learn from the mature simulation silicone doll country of the Feng Su industry next door – Japan.

Button sauce This takes you to see what the Japanese silicone doll business model is.

First, what is the operation model of silicone dolls in Japan

The domestic closed store adopted the model of opening an experience hall, integrating customers in need offline to experience it in the store. It has to be said that it is a very daring act.

In Japan, although there is no definition of selling silicone dolls that are “not human”, most shops that deal in silicone dolls in Japan generally adopt one

The mode of “dispatching”

instead of integrating customers offline.

After the customer’s purchase time limit, someone will send the silicone doll to the place designated by the customer, and then recycle it by a special person.

As for why the “dispatch” model is adopted, I have to mention a Japanese law – 『

Chun Prevention Act


Article 2 of the “Saharu Prevention Law” was enacted in 1957, which stipulates that it is illegal for a custom shop to provide the items of this act. Therefore, as long as this act does not occur in the store, it is not illegal.

As a result, there are many ヘルス店 (Banban) and デリヘル店 (takeaway) stores in Japan. The store only provides half-ban content, and only charges half-ban.

Uber even launched a service called Uber Doll.

From 2020, due to the epidemic, the performance of Japan’s feng su industry has been sluggish, and at the same time, the increase in the number of men who are “self-cleaning” at home due to the epidemic has also created a large number of new demand. Some stores have also seized the opportunity to launch a variety of preferential packages, which to some extent compensate for the decline in performance caused by the epidemic.

Second, China is actually a big producer of silicone dolls

Amazing developments continue in all areas

Made in China, it has also made Japanese silicone doll manufacturers fearful

Silicone dolls made in China, with their high quality and low price, began to break the monopoly market built by Japan’s two major silicone doll manufacturers for a long time.

The two largest silicone doll manufacturers in Japan are Orient Industry and 4woods.

A representative of Kashiwagi, who runs WAGDOLL, a Chinese silicone doll agency in Osaka, said, “100,000 yen cheap Chinese silicone dolls were imported to Japan. Compared to made in Japan, the price is more than half cheaper, resulting in a certain purchase layer. Although the convenience of “durability” is worse than that made in Japan, in other aspects other than durability, it is close to the same level as Japanese manufacturers. ”

Kashiwagi opened the first Chinese silicone doll agency in Japan 2 years ago, and its sales and development momentum are very good.

As for why China’s silicone dolls have such a strong “growth self-drive”, this is inseparable from China’s regulations.

In China, only domestically made adult goods are legally recognized and import is prohibited

。 That is, Japanese-made silicone dolls cannot pass customs in principle, which as a result promotes the birth of Chinese manufacturers.

Since labor costs are lower, they are much cheaper than those produced in Japan, so the price competitiveness is also high. Therefore, it is logical to export to Japan, which has caused a great impact on the Japanese silicone doll market.

Due to the huge market demand, silicone doll manufacturers on the market have sprung up, but the quality of output is uneven. Some unscrupulous manufacturers have been exposed to the scandal of using waste silicone materials to skin dolls and using TPE (artificial rubber) instead of silicone.

In the chaotic market, a Guangdong-based company called RZRDOLL has emerged. Artificial Man Technology was founded in 2016 and took about 5 years to grow into the first silicone doll manufacturer in China.

The purpose of artificial human technology is to “simulate” and “realistic” as much as possible

。 The degree of publicity simulation can even be accurate to the capillaries.

Third, silicone dolls can actually be used to do these things

The market prospect of silicone dolls is showing an increasingly broad trend.

At present, the product category of silicone dolls is mainly dolls with female appearance, it is worth mentioning that

The consumer groups that buy these silicone dolls are not limited to men.

The functions of silicone dolls, in addition to what we all know, there are many features that we do not expect.

Thanks to the increasing simulation of silicone dolls, it is not uncommon for women to buy them for cosplay and photography. There are also offline rises in the past two years

Escape room, haunted house type

of offline new entertainment methods, need to buy a large number of available

Used as an NPC

Simulation NPC.

Silicone dolls as a new thing. Not only can it fulfill a certain demand of secular identification, but there is still a lot of room for imagination in terms of market prospects. How to legalize, regulate, and tax it to a certain extent, so that it can find a reasonable living space in society, is a question worth thinking about.

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