Changsha, Feb. 20 (Xinhua) — “The old people are most afraid of the cold, and we thank the government for sending warmth to the palms of our hands!” In the old people’s home in Huanghua Town, Changsha County, Hunan Province, the 74-year-old Gao Min’an put his hand into the hand warmer that the staff had just charged and sent, and smiled so hard that he couldn’t close his mouth: “When I am old, my body is always cold, but now my hands are warm, and my heart is also very warm!” ”

“There is no central heating in the south, and the winters in Changsha are particularly long. Especially for the elderly in the nursing home, burning charcoal for heating is not environmentally friendly, and it is not safe to use electricity for heating, so I hope to bring warmth to the elderly through hand warmers. Chen Changjia, director of the Changsha Civil Affairs Bureau, said.

The “Warm Heart Project” activity was organized and implemented by the Changsha Civil Affairs Bureau and the Municipal Charity Association, with a total investment of 700,000 yuan, through the way of government inquiry and procurement, strictly control product quality and safety, and distribute 10,000 hand warmers to all elderly people living in homes for the elderly in the city.

The reporter saw at the scene that in order to prevent potential safety hazards in the process of using electrical appliances, the staff of the nursing home opened a “centralized charging station” to receive hand warmers sent by the elderly at any time, and distribute the hand warmers to the elderly again after charging.

According to reports, the first batch of pilots in Changsha before the Spring Festival has distributed 3,000, which is generally welcomed by the elderly, “you can warm your hands during the day and warm your bed at night.” “After the Spring Festival, the remaining 7,000 hand warmers will also be distributed by February 22.

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