If I had to ask me the least thing in the bathroom, I would say it without hesitation: toilet!

As for the reason, I don’t think it is necessary to explain, but this time I encountered a rare thing, my girlfriend’s

The toilet does not have a water tank

, which caused me to be a little embarrassed after going to the toilet~

Fortunately, the toilet automatically flushes water by itself, and it can flush without a tank? This is indeed true, it is not like the general wall-mounted, the water tank is hidden in the wall, but there is really no water tank.

Waterless toilet is a new type of water-saving toilet, this style is more or less, decorated families have seen in the building materials market, to put it bluntly, it is also a kind of intelligent toilet, the most advanced is that it can intelligently identify the amount of stool, reasonable use of water to clean.

As for whether the toilet without a tank is good or not, I want to use my girlfriend for a while and have more say than me:

(1) Save water and no peculiar smell

This kind of toilet is to use the tap water in the city for flushing, there is no tank for water storage, but also to avoid the growth of bacteria, water deterioration, etc., saving time and a peculiar smell.

After testing, the water-saving effect of the toilet without a tank can reach more than 50%, which is not to be said!

(2) 360° rinse

Generally, most of the toilets are flushed and siphonized, and the use of drainage holes around the toilet for flushing can not achieve the effect of comprehensive cleaning, while the super swirling technology of the toilet without a tank can avoid dirt around the perimeter.

(3) Direct supply of living water

As mentioned earlier, the toilet without water tank, the use of tap water flushing, long-term guarantee of high-quality water, avoid the toilet dirt and dirt, but also more conducive to protecting the health of the family.

As for preventing water backflow and preventing blockage, there is no need to worry about this, it has been solved.

In addition to the above 3 major points, the tankless toilet itself is relatively space-saving, and there is also an advantage that there is no noise during the flushing process, which has to be said to be good news for light-sleeping residents.

So, can everyone have a toilet without a water tank?

Of course not!

Because this kind of toilet comes completely from the city water supply, there are certain requirements for water pressure (not less than 0.05Mpa), which cannot be met in many places, and it also leads to the use of toilets without water tanks is not popularized.

And the water pressure at home is not suitable, it is best to test in the early stage, whether it meets the installation conditions, rather than rashly buy a toilet first and go home~