Today I want to introduce you to a super fashionable pants, it is not straight pants or wide-leg pants, what is it? That’s the pants!

What the? You said that the middle pants are the special pants type of the boss walking the street, in fact, people are trendy, but you are not wearing them correctly. Choose the right pants, find the right matching ideas, and the middle pants of Rotten Street can also make you wear them beautifully.


1. Recommended types of pants

2. Match the style of the pants

3. Tips for dressing pants

First, several versatile pants styles are recommended

1. Suit pants

The biggest feature of suit pants is

The trousers are loose and have a noticeable wrinkle line on them.

The suit fabric with drape not only has a good effect of modifying the leg shape, but also looks very advanced with various clothing.

The suit pants choose the black, white and gray basic color style

, perfect with tops in a variety of colors.

However, when dressing, be sure to tuck your clothes into your waistband to create a high-waisted line.

2. Leather pants

Leather pants are more picky height, it is recommended that small sisters try not to choose,

Because the leather has a certain sense of heaviness, it is easy to crush when worn.

And big skeletons and tall girls wear such leather pants,

On the contrary, there is an indescribable sense of premium.

Sisters who like to walk European and American style can use sexy suspenders with high-end leather pants, and sisters who want intellectual style can use soft shirts with leather pants.

3. Cotton pants

Compared with leather pants, cotton fabric pants will be more versatile, and it does not pick height and height at all, with a retro literary temperament, so it is also very suitable for literary and artistic matching.

The young lady above uses a white shirt with wooden ears and cotton pants in the same color, paired with a pair of retro British style leather shoes, which is really super gentle and cute,

In this way, the middle pants of pure cotton fabric must choose a simple style, and at the same time do not choose a fabric that is easy to wrinkle.

4. Denim mid pants

Jean pants are also a very common style. Denim has a certain toughness, but it is lighter and thinner than leather,

Therefore, it is very suitable for small people.

With a pair of handsome Martin boots or refreshing sneakers, it looks super good.

Denim pants must pay attention to the choice of loose style, tight denim pants are very easy to expose leg defects,

And it’s super easy to show rustic, sisters must not choose.

At the same time, embroidered lace and other designs are more than cheap designs, and do not appear on denim pants~


Suit pants are high-grade, leather pants are handsome, cotton pants are artistic, denim pants are casual, a variety of styles, you can choose.

Second, several fashionable middle pants matching recommendations

1. Capable and light mature style – blazer + middle pants

The young lady chose a modified blazer. The short sleeve design, which is different from the regular suit, can make the whole more clean and fresh. Wear a sexy V-neck white T with loose pants, and the combination of white and khaki is very advanced.

Important: When matching a suit with pants, you must choose a loose fit, and avoid exaggerated shoulder pads and oversized dropped shoulders.

Of course, the waist line that can modify the proportion of the body can not be less.

Creating a waistline with a belt is a great way to create a waistline.

2. Sports casual style – T-shirt + pants

Sisters who like athleisure can also wear a loose T-shirt with boyfriend-style pants. Just like the young lady above, choose an eye-catching and fashionable royal blue T-shirt with slim black pants. The fit of cycling pants is paired with casual sneakers,

The combination of wide top and tight bottom accentuates the slender leg line,

Well worth trying.

Important: When matching T-shirts and pants, it is suitable to choose a combination of wide and tight tops and bottoms,

If you choose loose pieces up and down,

Irregular tucked corners can be used to create a sense of line.

At the same time, try not to choose the same color system for tops and bottoms,

It is more fashionable to use dark and light color contrast and color contrast.

3. Retro literary style – shirt + pants

The two ways to wear the front pants have a certain aggressiveness, sisters who like gentle wind dressing,

Choose to pair it with a loose shirt and cotton pants

。 Pastel fabrics and soft colors make you look vintage.

Important: The shirt can be properly unbuttoned on the chest to create a V-neck, choose a short-sleeved style or roll up the sleeves to expose the wrist line,

It doesn’t look old-fashioned at all.

You can also properly match accessories such as caps, berets, and English hats to increase the sense of retro atmosphere.

Choose a loose blazer for suit pants; T-shirt with trousers suitable for wide and tight tops and tuck corners; Shirt with trousers, the same color is more atmospheric.

Third, a few practical tips for dressing pants

1. Choose the width of the trouser leg according to the thickness of the leg

Why you don’t look good in the middle pants may be because you didn’t choose the right fit for the middle pants. The width of the legs of the trousers has a great influence on the overall fashion, and we must learn to choose according to the thickness of our legs.

Sisters with thick thighs are not suitable for choosing slim middle pants, such as cycling pants, yoga pants, etc. And the sisters with thin calves are not suitable for trousers with super wide legs and pants that are just stuck at the knee in length,

Choose the leg loose fit to present a type A, and

Medium pants with a length above the knee and below the middle thigh are most suitable.

2. Proper skin exposure is more age-reducing

If you want to dress without being the old man and the sense of sight, then you must learn to show your skin properly, but this skin exposure is also skillful.

You can choose to bare shoulder and neck skin, choose a V-neck or a neck top,

Showing a delicate collarbone and an elegant neck line, it is sexy and high-class, and does not look vulgar at all.

3. Add accessories for more layering

Accessories are also one of the important sources of high-end sense, and pants are originally a piece that does not pick gender age, and if you want to wear it beautifully, appropriate accessories are essential.

Accessories generally choose 2~3 is enough.

Referring to the matching of the young lady above, the loose sweatshirt, with the same color of pants, and the age-reducing little white shoes make the overall look casual and relaxed. Although it is refreshing when it is not paired with a shoulder bag, it also looks very ordinary, and with a delicate fleece small shoulder bag, it immediately becomes high-class and layered. That’s the importance of accessories.

If you want to wear the pants well, learn to show your skin appropriately to increase the degree of sexiness; Choose the trouser leg according to the thickness of the leg, the slimming effect is better; Plus accessories to add a level of sophistication.


: The pants are relaxed and casual, and most of the styles are mainly pure color simple models, with a variety of items are super good-looking, this spring don’t miss it!