The finale of the TV series “It’s All Good” is over, do you have anything to say?

The editor just wants to ask, is Su Mingyu really the “dirty” Xiao Guo he used to be?

Suits have always been labeled as “can’t be worn”, “too formal”, “not fashionable”.

However, when it came to Su Mingyu’s… OMG↓↓

From shirts to suits to coats and even scarves, I want to have ( ⊙ o ⊙ ) ah!

The editor also began to fantasize, wearing Mr. Ming’s suit in front of the computer codewords, surrounded by small winds, and the head was shining with golden light~

Today, let’s pick up Su Mingyu with you

Textbook outfits for the workplace

Buy together, buy buy

Ming always dressing rule 1: small accessories

Silk scarves, small bags

Pink + gray, light color is a natural lighting board, wearing a good light color in the workplace is your plus, especially with a small silk scarf with the finishing touch.

Yin’er Top 1480 yuan Suit 1680 yuan Pants 1180 yuan Scarf 880 yuan Over 500 get 320 free

Diagonally straddling a small but very large space shoulder bag, the suede is full of high-end sense ~

CHARLES & KEITH shoulder bag 599 yuan 50 off 50 after 9 discounts

The indispensable accessories for delicate women are also bracelets, which highlight the lines of the wrist and highlight the taste~

Chao Hongji Gold minus 60 yuan per gram

Ming always dressing rule 2: half skirt

Silk shirt / knit + skirt

Shirt + hip skirt, smart and elegant, the neckline will be like a “bow” like President Ming, and the aura is instantly tall!

Mia Shirt 1590 RMB Skirt 1690 RMB Over 500 Get 320 Free

Wear a suit jacket, walking absolutely with the wind ~~

Mi Huang Outerwear 3180 yuan Small shirt 1680 yuan Short skirt 2980 yuan Over 500 get 400 free

Ming always dressing rule 3: suit

Casual suits

Casual-style suits, both smart and not too formal, the design of wide-leg pants makes the whole more fashionable, and it is easy to wear a sense of premium~

Giffen Suit 2499 yuan Pants 1999 yuan Over 500 get 320 free

Ming always dressing rule 4: stacking

Plus a “mopping” coat

Wear a suit outside the shirt, wear a coat outside the suit, and the coat should choose an H-shaped straight coat, long to mop the floor, open to wear, walk with the wind, there is a sense of comfort in one go~

EP Yaying trench coat 7999 yuan, shirt 2399 yuan, pants 1699 yuan

Ming always dressing rule 5: two-piece set

Knit + dress

Gentle knitting is also Mingyu’s favorite, paired with a unique design dress, which is both laid-back and delicate.

Cagliari Skirt 5470 yuan Cardigan 2270 yuan Over 500 get 200 free

Ming General Dress Rule 6: Short

Short coats can not be less

In addition to suit jackets and coats, Mingyu also has many short coats, with high-waisted pants, and the legs are old~

Philo Jacket 1080 yuan, T-shirt 440 yuan, pants 880 yuan

Ming always dressing rule 7: casual

Sweatshirt + coat

The sweatshirt of the workplace elite is also elegant, first of all, the color should be light, soft and elegant. The style should be simple and refined, and the Champion’s 100th Anniversary Limited Edition is very suitable.

Champion sweatshirt 690 yuan 100 off 1000 purchase

With a pair of seemingly ordinary, but in fact it is the same model for Zhang Yixing, a limited edition of Converse classic reproduction that cannot be grabbed by adding money online, Jin Lingming is always exquisite~

Converse high-top shoes March 30th limited edition 569 yuan

Mr. Ming, these “same models” are not sold everywhere!

Nangang Songlei store has it!

— March 29 —





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— March 30 – April 7 —


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Cosmetics over 300 get 60 free

Over 2000, you will also enjoy 68 yuan makeup gift

Hurry up to get the same bean paste lipstick, elegant ~

Clarins Hydra Plump Lipstick $240 Over 300 Get 60 Free

By the way, try Estée Lauder’s net red number 305 red pear, Qi Wei recommended Oh~

Estée Lauder Stunning Glamour Lipstick $320 Get 60 Free Over 300

Men, if you want to find an excellent woman as scarce as Mingyu, you must first refine yourself!

The male god Huge buys the same suit, the “uneven” intermittent pleat process, the sense of fashion is very strong

Anzheng suit 2980 yuan over 500 get 200 free

Wind and rain resistant trench coats are also purchased, and you must always be calm in front of the goddess, and you will not be embarrassed if you forget to bring an umbrella when it rains.

Brooklyn International Trench coat 3980 yuan March 29 over 500 get 400 free March 30 from March 30 over 500 get 320

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