Jeans have a strong presence in winter, but that’s not why we can only wear them, if you want to make yourself more attractive, you can also combine it with more fashionable items, such as skirts are also worth using. Here are three dresses, each style is different, but wearing it will make you beautiful, which is really enviable.

The first one, the little black dress

The little black dress belongs to how to look very beautiful clothing, and even more popular over time, the reason why trendy people favor it is mainly because the thin effect of the little black dress is quite good, plus the little black dress itself is easy to control, with winter down jackets and coats are super beautiful.

The skirt that the blogger matched for himself belongs to a relatively loose fit, and combined with purple knitwear, you can form a contrast of colors, this contrast color matching is really beautiful, can make you greatly enhance your charm, but also can further modify your skin tone, avoid dullness.

The matching of shoes is also more important, in order to stretch the legs, the blogger matched this black platform shoes in the lower body, the same color with black socks, black matching can express the charm of cool sass, and can be worn thin with the help of this color wear.

You can also learn this combination below, with a long black skirt and a short coat, you can define your proportions and reflect your long legs. And this coat is quite retro, full of a small fragrance temperament, the tweed design on it is more fashionable, and it will look very outstanding when worn in winter.

This black skirt is relatively long, directly covering your legs, revealing your ankles, and the effect of thinning is also very good. Coupled with the black loafers, it shows a sense of luxury through the matching of the same color, and the proportions are too high.

The second, the checked skirt

Whether it is a checked skirt or a checked dress, it has a strong sense of fashion. The check elements have the atmosphere of the British College, which is more age-reducing and foreign-oriented.

In winter, most of the clothes are more mature dark colors, so you can also try bright colors, which can make people’s eyes shine, and the red checked skirt below is worth learning.

The color is not particularly bright red, there is more restrained and mature and stable atmosphere in it, and it is a classic diamond check element, which shows a noble retro fashion charm.

In terms of shape design, it is also very neat, choosing the design of the A-line skirt, the skirt is expanded, elegant and advanced, for women with false crotch width, thick legs, leg shape is not straight and other problems are very friendly and inclusive, covering the flesh to show thin and foreign.

Hipsters usually combine a variety of different colors to reflect their own charm, and at this time, you can try the matching of checked dresses, which are still very eye-catching. Especially the blogger matched himself with this green checked dress, full of life and tender ten years old! If you want to match more trendy, you can also combine other colors to make it more fashionable.

The matching of the checked dress is also unique, combined with the white lamb wool coat, which forms a combination of simple and traditional effect, which can reflect the sense of layering, and you can reflect the fashion temperament by layering, so that your matching becomes no longer boring. With a ginger turtleneck underneath, it is very warm, and the warmth effect will be very good.

When wearing dresses, sisters can also boldly combine Martin boots concave shape, such as bloggers matching themselves with white Martin boots. The color contrast with this green checked dress still looks relatively fashionable, very suitable for daily wear, and does not look too tacky.

The third, straight skirt

Compared to loose pleated skirts, this straight skirt will look more fashionable, this straight design will define your legs, even with wide hips and thick legs. And you can also define your ankles with a long straight skirt to cover your flesh and look thin.

Straight skirts are still relatively easy to control, for example, we can match short down jackets, which will not lower your height, but also modify your proportions, the following short down jacket combined with a high-waist straight skirt directly modifies the proportions, plus black Martin boots matched, the effect of increasing height and thinning will be more obvious.

When trying a straight skirt, you can also combine different materials, for example, the blogger matched himself with a denim skirt, which is very tough and can modify the lower body, and the fluffy down jacket contrasts, which looks really beautiful. And this straight fit is structured, it is difficult to deform, and it is also very beautiful to match.

Seeing the various combinations introduced above, the sisters will be very excited, if you want to be more beautiful and fashionable, you can buy yourself a few different styles of dresses, so that your charm is reflected and looks beautiful.

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