Buy raisins, the color is not the greener the better! Remember these 4 points, raisins are sweet and not sour. Hello everyone, I am Brother Qi said food, I wish everyone a happy day.

Raisins are a kind of dried fruit often eaten in daily life, which can be eaten raw, boiled porridge, and made dim sum, sweet and mellow and nutritious, and are liked by many people. Raisins are made from grape fruits to dry, and have a nice name called Grass Dragon Ball. The raisins must be ripe fruits with a water content of 15-25% and fructose content of up to 60%, so the taste is particularly sweet. There are many raisins in China, among which Xinjiang raisins are the most famous.

In our place, there are often people pushing tricycles full of raisins, and the price is very cheap, and many people buy them. The raisins in the market do not have formal packaging, and you can only distinguish the quality of the raisins by yourself. Many friends think that the greener the raisins, the better, and some people think that the brighter the color, the better, so that the raisins are fresh. In fact, this is all a misunderstanding, when buying raisins, pay attention to these 4 points, after all, raisins are the ingredients for the mouth, buy good quality, sweet taste can be eaten with confidence.

First, raisins are not as green as possible

The color of raisins varies greatly depending on the variety, but the brighter the color, the better.

High-quality raisins are green in color and yellowish in color

, looks natural.

Too bright green may have added coloring, so buy carefully.

If the color is black or yellow, the quality is relatively poor, and it is not suitable to buy.

Second, it is very important to grasp a handful

Grab a handful of raisins with your hand, the texture is relatively soft, can quickly spread without adhesion, is a good raisin.

The surface of the raisins is dry without moisture, for

Do not buy raisins with sugar and oil on the surface

After wiping off the white frost on the surface of the raisin with your hands,

The flesh is crystal clear and brightly colored

It’s the best goods.

Third, look at the size of the pulp

When buying raisins, try to choose those large and thick meat, complete particles, no mildew, no moth-free quality is better, small size, shriveled, hand pinch raisin particles easy to split, such is inferior raisins, not suitable for purchase.

4. Taste the taste

The finest raisins are sweet, pure but not astringent, and smell like raisins, with a slightly sour taste. If raisins

Sour, astringent or other peculiar smell, may have deteriorated, not suitable for purchase

How are raisins stored?

When the raisins are wet, a layer of crystals forms on the surface. Crystallization will not affect the quality of the raisins, but the taste will be greatly reduced.

Raisins are most afraid of high temperatures, and the most suitable temperature is 7 ° C-12 ° C, which can be stored for about a year and a half in such an environment. As the temperature rises in summer, the storage life of raisins will gradually decrease, and when the temperature is higher than 26 ° C, the phenomenon of insects will appear. Therefore, avoid high temperature when storing and place in a cool and dry place.

Today I recommend a no-wash ready-to-eat raisin, New Frontier Raisin. There are 504 acres of planting base in Turpan, which produces 756 tons of raisins every year. Every year, fresh grapes are harvested and sent to the National Agricultural Research Institute for quality inspection to ensure that the pesticide residues of the grapes do not exceed the standard. It meets the national GB/T19586 implementation standard, and all are first-class raisins.

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Buy raisins, the color is not the greener the better! Remember these 4 points, raisins are sweet and not sour. Hello everyone, I am Brother Qi said food, share gourmet recipes and cooking skills every day, carefully select cheap and high-quality ingredients, and save your time shopping. If you like this article, please help like, comment, retweet and bookmark, it is the motivation for me to create.

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