It seems that from a certain season, we love more and more relatively mature and stable styles, so it promotes the birth of various mature styles, all saying that after people grow up from children to adults, they will return to the state of children.

This is also a saying that the older we are, the more like a child, so when the youth school style is no longer suitable for us, we will tend to mature the intellectual style.

The first set: khaki V-neck knitted dress with a light white coat

This said that the coat is light white, because the background color inside is not well counted in the color of the coat, the light yellow inside is similar to the color of the skirt, a little retro celebrity taste in it, I recommend this style for larger occasions or for street photography, as a regular dress is a little too strong, but like to wear is our consistent principle!

In fact, the use of earth yellow with light white, is a certain intention, earth yellow gentle and elegant, but not as noble and elegant as yellow, earth yellow with light white, light and light is a set of matching the most suitable state, whether it is you or her, it is difficult to refuse such a color matching, and generally mature style will take a relatively same color series of matching Oh!

In other directions, you can match the style of the famous lady of the Republic of China, so the khaki simple round hat, the brim is relatively short, decorated with black, braided into a twisted braid, can make the hair not messy, the end of the hair is tied with a ribbon, more a small fresh taste, goose yellow round toe short heeled shoes and furry square bags will reflect this taste.

Let’s look at the light white coat, only the back lapels, but the lapels are decorated with raw edges, which is more expensive and decent, and the lining is matched with light earth, showing this retro feeling, and the two buttons are biased below the waist, so it is not suitable for wearing alone, and the effect of spreading out will be better!

After taking off the light white coat, there is also a light white short waist-length vest can be matched, the vest is generally used for stacking in winter, in addition to stacking, more used in the matching of suits, we want to be better, must be as a modification, not the main embodiment, just like onions and coriander, etc., can only be used as a seasoning is the same.

The khaki knitted dress looks relatively thin, so it will be a little cold to wear alone in winter, it is best to wrap up a coat, even if it is noon, do not take off the coat casually, alternating hot and cold can easily lead to colds, the upper part of the V-neck and waist design are very showing the figure, and the lower part of the pleats and lengthening the body.

Second set: gray half-neck midi sweater with brown pleated skirt and gray coat.

The whole gray tone, adjust the brown, so that the overall feeling is not too single, but if you like monochrome matching, you can also try a gray to the end, followed by the cold winter, we don’t joke with your body, with natural color bottom skirt socks, you can maintain the beauty while achieving the purpose of keeping warm, as for how thick to choose, it depends on personal needs.

We usually say that we must reflect the upper and lower columns to show the length of the legs, so as to achieve the effect of height, so the upper body is generally much shorter than the lower body, but this uses a gray mid-length half-neck sweater with a brown pleated skirt, and the length of the mid-length length reaches above the knee.

And the brown pleated skirt to the foot above, the sense of drop in the middle, looks calm and elegant, the choice of pleated style is also for more visual beauty, and the gray coat, did not choose to open, but tied the waist with ties, so whether the sweater is trimmed or not, the gray coat will be reflected up and down.

The third set: a white half-neck undershirt with light brown wide-leg pants and a light brown coat.

It is still not common to wear wide-leg pants in winter, but with a pair of white half-tube boots, just at the level of the pants, you can wear thermal pants inside to achieve the effect of warmth, and the loose hairstyle can add more gentleness, personal advice varies from person to person, do not blindly drail your hair.

White half-neck knitted undershirt with light brown wide-leg pants, white half-neck is just right, will not wrap the neck too tightly, and will not be white, and light brown wide-leg pants, the legs are relatively wide, fashion with mature temperament, perfect interpretation of light mature style.

“Long coat” is also too suitable for winter, with sweaters or long styles to enhance temperament, warm and thin, and light brown coats for long, whether front or back, are flat and simple, autumn and winter simple wool double-sided coat, the upper body is very warm and comfortable, solid color loose suit collar jacket, looks very capable and atmospheric.

It is a versatile style, but also can drive a lot of matching styles, but also by many young ladies and sisters like, in this cold winter, this will be the match you want? Give it a try.

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