Ancient hues:

aqua blue,

moon white,

dark blue,



lotus color,


Yan Luo Zi,

Pomegranate red;


Aqua green;

Lake blue;

ice blue;

Bamboo color;

green onion;


ivory white;

Bright color;

lotus blue;

smoky color;


Jade swirl color;

cherry red;


feathers blue;

honey color;

Moon blue


Snow spinning;

Nantian XX color su embroidery;


tobacco yarn loose flower skirt;

Golden silk soft smoke;


Luo Silk ;

silver neon red fine cloud brocade wide Azakura top;

– Loose flower water mist green grass pleated skirt;

– Gong Qi;

– eight gong skirts;

– Misty and filigree brocade;

– Dragging Fairy Skirt;

——The skirt is embroidered with gold and silver thread as thin as a fetal hair to make a thousand leaves begonia and a perch warbler, and the embroidery is embellished with thousands of real pearls, which reflect the gold and silver thread and are indescribably expensive.

——The wide-sleeved blouse is embroidered with five Zhai Lingyun patterns, the pattern on the gauze is woven with dark gold thread, and the small and round rose spar and tiger’s eye stone are dotted on each feather of Zhai Fengfeather, and the fringe of broken beads is like a starlight, as bright as a stream, revealing the royal nobility. On his arm was a long smoke and purple light embroidery, which was firmly held with gold-encrusted jade;

– Suxue silk cloud-shaped thousand water skirt;

+——Kasumi yarn;

– Scattered soft tobacco skirt;

– White plum cicada wing yarn;

—— Peacock Gong is an overseas tribute given during the Yuan Festival last year. It is said that it is a dress, but in fact there is still a dress. It is said that a set is woven with peacock nascent fine feathers twisted into silkworm ice silk, mixed with extremely fine red gold wire. Folded collar, wide sleeves, skirt ten wide and dragged back. The weaving is exquisite, and there are several ghost work. The color and texture are no different from real peacock feathers. Under the light, the angle is turned to the side, and there are different brilliance. The garment is covered with silver clay, decorated with bright and embellished with seven treasures. The waist is tied with a four-finger-wide dust-repelling tassel. When the big gun unfolds, it is a complete sparrow tail screen; Shujin has always been praised as “Beijin Feicheng, Pudy Jiangbo”, not to mention the gold staggered embroidered Shujin, Shuzhong women embroidered for three years to get a horse, so luxurious and precious, the price of an inch can be compared with a bucket of gold.;

———— begonia brocade woven with Yunfei makeup and satin;

– Tobacco yarn;

– Silver cicada silk coat;

——Blue smoke and purple embroidered scales mop long skirt

—- Jin Luo Hualuo Costume

—- Crimson Luo trotter five phoenix ji suit

—- rose red gold double-layer Guangaya long-tailed robe

—- Magnolia green double embroidered satin

—- Guizi green breast-length brocade skirt

— emerald blue horse face dress

—- pink silk silk

—- beaded pink Xia Xia skirt

—- green satin placket

— Five-color brocade plate gold embroidered aya dress

—- rose purple peony pattern brocade coat

— Long skirt of a bird-drawn bird

— Vine green luo long dress

Rust red sprinkled with bright gold carved silk crab claw chrysanthemum palace costume

— smoky silver flower silk gown

— Lotus blue gold thread embroidered hundred seeds durian satin robe

— Evening smoke purple ayako ruyi cloud pattern shirt

— Kagamika Aya Drape

— Jade embroidered folded branches pile floral skirt

— Moon white butterfly corset

–Jinxi red flower bandeau

— Gold silk eight treasure pearl bun,

–Rising sun five phoenix hanging pearls

—,– red gold pan qiluo circle,

–Bean Green Palace Polyester Pisces Flounder Rose Match,

— strands of golden butterfly wearing flowers big red satin narrow jacket,

–Multicolored carved stone blue silver rat gown,

–Emerald floral crepe skirt

Pearl jasper step shake

Butterfly step rocking

The openwork flying phoenix shook in golden steps

The bat pattern is set with glazed beads, trembling branches and gold steps shake

Gold silk set with rubies, double plover dots swaying

Red jade drop bead crested golden step shake

Golden Ruby Bu Yao

Golden begonia beads shake step by step

Double phoenix pearl golden wings shake

Gilt wears flowers and beads shakes step by step

Golden phoenix out of the clouds, gold rolling jade step shaking

The phoenix spreads its wings on six sides, and the six sides are inlaid with jade, and the seven treasures are swayed in gold

Peacock silver step shake,

Four butterflies silver step shake,

Fortune and double happiness silver step shake,

Yun Hua Yan Jinbu shake,

Lishui purple grinding gold step shake,

Spherical pearl step rock,

crystal step shake,

Jade hanging fan step by step,

Jade butterfly pattern step by step,

The golden point swayed,

Silver four-butterfly step shake,

Chrysanthemum-patterned enamel step shaking,


Emerald green sand pure dress

Blue language dress

White Imperial Lonely Flame Skirt

Purple swallow moon dress

Lan Yuan blue water mist skirt

Lan Yuan green pleated skirt

Bixia cloud pattern beads to peacock pattern brocade,

–Gold silk button peony pattern Shu brocade coat,

–Dark silk pleated satin skirt,

–Gold silk brocade dress,

–Smoke cloud butterfly skirt,

–Sprinkle flower pure noodle pleated skirt,

–Su embroidered moon brocade shirt,

–Four Joy Ruyi Cloud Pattern Brocade Forging,

–Pick silk double cloud goose installation,

–Bixia cloud,

–Gold butterfly wearing flower cloud brocade,

–Wujin Yun embroidered shirt,

–Butterfly Narcissus skirt,

–SoftBank light lily skirt,


Jasper Phoenix

Plum blossom glaze,

Eight treasure jadeite chrysanthemum,

Pearl pallium

Honey-colored crystal hair

Gold silk eight treasures to collect pearls

Hollow orchid beads

The five phoenixes of the rising sun hang beads


Tangled branches

Three-winged warbler feathered bead

Openwork carved crystal

Five phoenixes hanging beads in the morning sun

Royal-blue spit peacock hanging

White jade inlaid with red coral beads double knotted Ruyi

flower spike,

Fine gold dot cui,

Dian Cui inlaid treasure big hair,

enamel silver,

Double phoenix gilt silver,

Tired silk bead,

royal blue dotted emerald pearl,

Five phoenix sunrise laurel pearls

Crystal Silver Crystal Royal Phoenix

–Gold beaded stone butterfly hairpin

–Gold jeweled butterfly hairpin

Snow spinning;

– Dragging Fairy Skirt;

–Emerald floral crepe skirt

Gold silk set with rubies, double plover dots swaying

Red jade drop bead crested golden step shake

Golden Ruby Bu Yao

Golden begonia beads shake step by step

Gilt wears flowers and beads shakes step by step

Jasper Phoenix


Tangled branches