Wallet should be said that most people use, I am no exception, but the original use of that ordinary two-fold wallet, can only be placed in the bag, of course, for the long wallet, I have also used, in comparison, in appearance, may be the long wallet will be more beautiful, can be placed more things, but more position, try this Coach wallet is a long wallet, or very distinctive, first of all, this brand, I believe many female friends know, an American high-end lifestyle fashion brand, And this wallet strap is one of the major features, this handband is very obvious, you can go out to hold the bag in one hand, use it alone, no longer need to put the wallet in the big bag. And cowhide material surface leather, so that the surface of the wallet has a good texture feeling, the leather is also very soft, the feel is particularly good, the internal design of the wallet is also excellent, the card slot is very much, the main wallet is widened, the actual use I simply use this position to put the mobile phone, for female friends, it is also surprising to put the mobile phone in the wallet. Moreover, there is also a side pocket on the back of this wallet, which is also widened, and the mouth and internal position of the bag are large enough to place change, because there is no need to open the wallet, just pull the chain directly. In terms of details, the raised metal brand logo is very high-end and atmospheric, and the workmanship and other accessories are very excellent and of good quality.

Coach’s wallet uses grained leather on the outside, while the inner layer uses glossy leather material, the surface is very delicate, and the internal structure of the face wallet is also reasonable, four banknote slots, and 12 card slots on both sides, using a closed and fixed method of concealed clasp.

From this position, you can see that the main banknote position is widened, this width, placing two or thirty hundred dollar bills should be no problem, of course, when only a few hundred dollar bills are inserted, there is no need to worry that the position will be empty, because the side has better stretch, after the wallet is buckled, this width will be compressed.

The separate zipper banknote on the back side of the purse surface is also very special, it adopts a wide treatment on the side of the pocket opening, which can also increase the space in the bag, and at the same time, it is also greatly convenient to open the zipper and take the money or other things in the bag, so this position I think it is best to put some change or a small amount of money, when you only need to pay less money, you can directly use this side banknote position, basically no need to open the wallet.

This is what I generally place, six cards, only used on one side, the other side has not been used, now the means of payment are too rich, so cash does not need to bring too much, the main card slot, used to put the mobile phone just right, this is important for me or for girls, because if you go out only take this wallet, the mobile phone can be placed in this position will save a lot of trouble, everyone knows, girls’ mobile phones will not be placed in trouser pockets, if there is no such position, you have to take the wallet in your hand, It’s so inconvenient to get your phone again, so the design of this Coach wallet really suits me.

Of course, if you put money in the main banknote of the mobile phone, it is estimated that the thickness of a mobile phone is about two or three thousand yuan. That is to say, if the wallet is placed two or three thousand yuan of money or the same number of money, plus six cards, the hidden button is like this, it feels that you can clearly see the card inside from the outside, although you can’t see the money, but you are still worried that just a hidden button to close is not too tight, in actual use there is indeed such a problem, accidentally dialed to the wallet, hidden button

If it has been stretched open, think about it if it is closed with a zipper, but will it be like a men’s bag with a zipper.

Because there is a handstrap of the edge, so of course it is easy to take out, so that it is relatively safe to hold, others want to drag away is not so easy, on the street, money, mobile phones can be placed inside, as long as you hold such a small wallet on it, very light, but also quite convenient.

Women can think about it like this (women can take it this way), so the purpose of this photo is not to show the wallet, but to let everyone see the wallet, the shape of the wallet is still quite good, the logo is very conspicuous, high turbulence, and the wallet grain leather is very attractive, the gold hardware accessories at the interface between the strap and the wallet are also OK, in general, the appearance can not find shortcomings.

And usually on the street, go out for a walk, etc., holding such a wallet that can put money in addition to the mobile phone, it feels very casual, very casual, it has become a small bag when I go out at some times, put aside those bulky big bags, it is really good to hold such a fashionable wallet.

Advantages: In general, Coach’s long wallet is already a signboard on the brand of the product itself, of course, this money color appearance is high, raised metal brand logo, very good texture of cowhide grain fabric, while attached to a handstrap, and the handstrap is still detachable, and the internal design of the wallet is also excellent, there are many card slots, the main wallet is widened, and there is a side pocket with a widened treatment on the back of the wallet, usually used change is really good, workmanship and accessories are very good. It’s still a good experience.

Disadvantages: only with a hidden clasp closure feels a little thin, usually use to pay attention to anti-rubbing, in addition, when the wallet is placed too much money or cards, the wallet will be inflated, the hidden clasp closed can see the card in the wallet.