On the evening of March 16, Fangtai, which has repeatedly created “subversive” new products in recent years, held the 2022 flagship new product launch conference with the theme of “hidden in wisdom”.

With the theme of “Adhere to Innovative Technology and Climb to a New Peak of Kitchen Appliance Technology”, Fangtai shared three leading practices of “product confidence, concept confidence, and innovation confidence”. At the same time, Fotile released a series of new products and technologies such as integrated cooking center Z series, integrated cooking center full hidden lifting series, a new generation of dishwashing technology, high-energy bubble washing, built-in dishwasher G1, folding stove, etc.

Throughout the scene, Fotile vividly showed the three major trends of “full health, new wisdom and integration” in the future kitchen appliance market with new products that shocked the industry.

The integrated cooking center lines the product matrix

In 2019, Fotile launched the “New Species” Integrated Cooking Center X series of kitchen appliances, leading the concept of “integrated kitchen appliances” to a new era, which is characterized by an integrated collaborative solution created on the same platform to achieve a cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing effect while greatly reducing hardware duplication and redundancy, and maintaining the effect of co-construction, sharing and relatively independent non-interference between functional modules.

Starting from the first generation of integrated cooking center X series, Fotile has successively launched the integrated cooking center J series, A MAX series and cooling series to bring cooling to the kitchen in the past three years. In just three years, Fangtai Integrated Cooking Center has achieved sales of more than 1 million units, and multiple data monitoring shows that Fangtai Integrated Cooking Center has won the favor of the kitchen appliance market.

With the hot selling “east wind” of the integrated cooking center, Fotile will launch the new products of the integrated cooking center – Z series and full hidden lifting series in 2022. The fully hidden lift series is very eye-catching, its hood part can be fully embedded in the hanging cabinet after rising, integrated with the environment, even if the kitchen cabinet thickness is only 320mm, it can be completely invisible – completely subverting the kitchen layout and look and feel when cooking is idle.

Fangtai integrated cooking center full hidden series

The integrated cooking center Z series directly points to the five pain points of traditional European range hoods: high position, oil smoke on the face, easy to meet, difficult to clean, and imperfect matching, and proposes a cooking solution more suitable for Chinese home cooking habits – with powerful cooking functions, close to the face, convenient cleaning, precise temperature and humidity control, and full sound field noise reduction, but also considering the adaptability with cabinets can be easily installed in mainstream cabinets with a depth greater than or equal to 350mm.

Integrated cooking center Z series

So far, Fangtai has spent three years to build a product matrix of integrated cooking centers, which meets most of the needs of the integrated kitchen appliance market from multiple aspects such as space layout, appearance design, product portfolio, functional configuration, and network control. In the 1.0 era when the kitchen appliance industry is still bundled with the superposition of different functional devices, Fotile has brought the kitchen appliance market into the “era of experiential integration” through the integrated cooking center product matrix.

The Rubik’s Cube stove is stunning and mysterious

From the intuitive experience, another product flashpoint of this Fangtai conference appeared on the stove product.

At the meeting, Fotile released a new generation of extreme fire ® direct injection gas stove, foldable “Rubik’s Cube stove”, and intelligent cooking stove equipped with intelligent cooking system.

Extreme fire ® direct injection III. generation gas stove

First, let’s take a look at the product that created a new peak of China’s home cooking firepower – Fangtai’s new extreme fire ® direct injection III. generation gas stove for efficient utilization and precise control of gas, upgrading the traditional atmospheric direct injection combustion technology to multiple pressurized direct injection combustion technology, achieving a chef-level firepower with a heat load of 5100W and a thermal efficiency of 81%. Compared with the common fire hole combustion method in the past, the new product innovation adopts a non-porous ring seam burner, which not only greatly reduces the air resistance, makes the flame more stable, but also increases the contact area between the flame and the pot. The heating speed and efficiency are also greatly improved, and the heating is more uniform while reducing the chance of clogging of the fire hole.

Fang Tai Magic Cube Stove

The most amazing flashpoint of the stove at this conference comes from the self-folding “Rubik’s Cube stove”. The dual cooktop can be moved on the countertop, and when idle, it can be folded and stored to the edge of the countertop, freeing up a large countertop space, which completely changes the traditional layout of the cooktop. In addition, the product also adopts a new AI holographic projection interactive technology to achieve a full sense of “black technology” control.

Rubik’s Cube stove after folding

It is worth mentioning that up to now, the relevant information of the “Rubik’s Cube stove” has been relatively limited, but the design that breaks the cooking layout has really shocked the industry, and the emergence of such a stove design has also made Fangtai show a huge space for innovative imagination in terms of integrated design and new forms of cookers based on this.