I don’t know if there are any little cute fans of this kind of text, the protagonists use their wisdom to turn things around, let the traitor show the original form, turn their hands into clouds, turn their hands into rain, and use tricks to make everything use me. If you also love this kind of article, welcome to recommend it in the comment area.

1. “Langya List” author: Haiyan

A roll of the wind and clouds, including the world’s talents. tells the story of Mei Changsu, the “Qilin talent”, who lifted the fog with his sick and weak body, and the revenge story of Zhao Xue’s years of wrongful conviction and support for the new monarch. From the masculine side, it reflects the righteousness and love between men, and recited a song of transformation of hot-blooded men.

ps: Everyone should have seen the TV series, this novel is definitely the top ten of the power scheme, and those who have not read the novel can take a look.

2. “Just on a Rainy Day” author: Shen Xiaozhi

Liu Chaoming remembers that the first time he met Su Jin was the twilight of Jing Yuan’s twenty-third year.

It was always rainy at that time.

He landed at the Suzaku Bridge, and she waved at him through the rain curtain.

The rain was shining, he couldn’t really see it, he only remembered that she was dressed in plain clothes, and there seemed to be a fire in the depths of her bright eyes.

3. “Crane Pavilion” by Xuemanliang Garden

In late spring and March, the grass grows in the south of the river, the peanut trees are mixed, and the warblers are flying. If you want to smell Hua Ting He, you can recover.

Wu Aya Shu Jin, fresh carp bear hoof, Qinian jade appearance, under one person, above ten thousand people.

The young are lost, the brothers are walled, the father and son are jealous, the king is not a king, and the minister is not a minister.

Qi Yi accumulates momentum, the powerful ministers have high merit, the brothers are on the wall, and the East Palace is in a difficult position.

Under power, what branch can be followed? Between hatred, what is the trust? Splendid rivers and mountains, who killed the deer?

Meeting you is not what I want.

Since you have already met, please light a lamp to illuminate this splendid hell for me.

Jin Dianming’s brilliance, are you laughing or am I dazzled?

The red clouds rising and falling on the side of your cheeks, do you have a heart or am I amorous?

What you say to me, is it false or true?

Is the glimmer of warmth you gave me illusion or real?

Is it really one day to be able to jump out of hell and be reincarnated as a human being?

At that time, maybe I can join you, in the late spring, to climb the South Mountain hand in hand, to see the mixed peanut trees, to see the warblers flying.

Go and listen to the sound of the cranes, watch them fly into the blue sky with their wings on the glazed water.

ps: Watching the TV series made me feel very uncomfortable in my heart, and I felt that the prince was very humiliated. In order to consolidate the imperial power and then suppress the foreign forces of the prince, the power struggle of the king of Qi was framed, and the emperor pressed step by step, there was no father and son, brothers, and courtiers in front of the imperial power, and the prince moved forward alone.

4. “Cangbi Book” author: Mu Shihan / Qianye Feimeng

Yao Ji was young at that time, at the foot of Dongshan Mountain, at the end of Quxi. The bamboo forest sings, the roses are colorful, the maple red is pouring down, only to see the green plum red apricot small. A coup d’état, all over the house. Bloody city walls, blue springs fell. Life is a ghost, death has no soul. The beginning of the wind was amazing, and the boat traveled to the clouds, and the plan was in the chest.

5. “Shengshi Counselor” author: Feng Qian

In her previous life, she was the daughter of Xiangmen, and her family was ruined and died. Full of talent, only pay Qin Lou Chu Guan.

In this life, she came for revenge, and her red makeup faded and her hatred was buried deeply, like a deep hatred of the sea, vowing to change the day.

Once, she was a generation of strange women, with unparalleled talents, and a fire burned out, leaving only thousands of beautiful bones.

Today, she is a peerless wizard, strategizing to win thousands of miles, wearing a green shirt and achieving a reputation for thousands of years.

She is Gu Yunge, the orphan girl of Xiangmen, she is Mu Qingyi, the concubine of Houmen, and Gu Liuyun, a generation of wizards,

She is a famous prostitute of a generation, she is a promiscuous thief, and she is also a famous minister of a generation.

This is the struggle path of an orphan girl to the founding of the country, and this is a legend of hegemony from a weak prince to a generation of holy kings!

6. “And Try the World” author: Dumping Moon

Bai Fengxi in the game world had to return to her other identity – the world-famous Princess Xiyun of the Wind Country, and immediately succeeded to the throne as king.

Faced with the pain of losing his father, the helplessness of fighting with his former friends, and the loneliness of mutual suspicion with his husband,

Can she make the right choice between the great cause of her family and the love and hate, and who will the world eventually fall into?

A piece of white jade, a white dress, a martial art of nine days of phoenix roar, this spontaneous woman, swinging between the rivers and lakes and the home country;

A piece of black jade, a black dress, a calculating heart, this elegant man, wandering between the world and his lover, how will they finish the endgame of this fate?

7. “Phoenix Power” author: The world returns to the yuan

He didn’t love her, and she didn’t love him.

He was bound to kick her down, and she would trample on him.

He didn’t want to marry her, and she definitely didn’t want him.

… If one day there is a cave, then she must be on top and press him.

8. “Qingke Futu” author: Canglan Zhige

In order to take revenge, Xu Qingke wore an official uniform and climbed to the position of power to become a courtier.

When the countries are in turmoil, the powerful people at home and abroad are first rushing to provoke their reputations – I heard that Xu Tanhua in your country is very good-looking?

So they all came, and then they all bent.

Brother Dog: No, I straightened myself later, because Xiao Xu women’s clothes look better.

【Small Theater】

Jiang Xin: How many times have you poisoned and assassinated me? I just want to ally with you, why don’t you believe me?

Xu Qingke: You know too much.

Jiang Xin: The best strategy is not to kill people, but to turn the other party into one’s own.

Xu Qingke: It’s too troublesome.

Jiang Xin: No trouble, Yuan Bao and I are already outside the door of your room.

Jin Yuanbao: Woof!

At first, he just wanted to form an alliance, later, he wanted to be his own with her, and then later…. Don’t say it, prepare the dowry to go into the fold!

Jin Yuanbao: My original owner has a thick face, because he carries people ~ leather masks every day, and sometimes wears two layers, I think he is sick, by the way, my name is Jin Yuanbao, I am a dog, I only speak for myself.

9. “Meet You in the Spring Breeze” by Qin Yulin

She is a carefree descendant of a carefree family living in Siqi Academy,

He was a famous Weiyuan general who fought in southern Xinjiang,

When they meet, it is a beautiful encounter of talented people;

She is a wise talent who investigated the case for her brother and won the reputation of Beijing and the United States,

He is His Royal Highness King Zhao, who has a heart for the world, poor and strong,

When they meet again, it is the mutual support of the hand of the son;

She and he loved each other deeply, only to find that the truth of their life in the fog, the treacherous situation, and emotional entanglements were testing them…

10. “Jiangshan Beauty Strategy” author: sleeve tang

Strategists, strategize, and win thousands of miles away. She is not a beauty, beauty is a pawn in her hand, she is not a magnate, and the hero competes to bend her waist. In the chaotic times, she is full of wisdom and schemes, she is seeking the peace of the world, and she is seeking Chang’an with him. They were the most stalwart advisers in the royal tents, each of them as their master. However, the only time she was emotional, she was used by him and died tragically on the day the city was broken.

Reborn as an ordinary daughter of the Hanmen clan, she returned to the beginning of her acquaintance with him. Go? The princes who are determined to be in the world, the generals who have been in the life of Rong Ma, the old people who love deeply, who join hands and go to the white head together

11. “Imperial Industry” author: The Talker

In terms of imperial industry, she comes from a family of gatekeepers, and the golden branches and jade leaves are not inferior. He started from a cold and marched in a small army, and his horse was iron-blooded and ambitious. A power deal that cuts off her childhood relationship with her former bamboo horse. A belated encounter, starting with the life and death meeting of him and her. The struggle for power and the change of the court, he set foot on the sky, and wanted to achieve the emperor’s hegemony. Entangled in long-term grievances, the survival of the family, she re-entered the palace, causing the world to change color. It is already a strange way to meet again, the peach blossoms are gone, and they hold life and death, but a prosperous and lonely life.

Under the imperial industry, she stood side by side with him at the peak of power, advancing the wind and frost sword, and retreating into the abyss. once childhood sweetheart, forced to kill each other; Once the master and servant had a deep affection, now they fight for life and death; Clan invasion, relatives abandoned; After the storm, when it is over, who will not give up, and who will go by mistake? The iron-blooded boy is determined to be in the world, the blade is directed, the light is cold and ironclad, and the Jedi is fierce; The red-faced woman is not inferior to the eyebrows, through the thorns, dyed scarlet, Feng Yi the world. Old joys are like dreams, and there is a parting; The wolf is exhausted, the rivers and mountains are solid, the great cause will be accomplished, and the bones will be withered. Right and wrong, gain and loss are two hearts known.

12. “Power Holds the World” by Yi Chu

Who doesn’t want a quick vendetta? Who doesn’t want to indulge in the world? Jinge iron horse, all the pride, who doesn’t want to win a decisive battle? Strategizing, winning thousands of miles away – very exciting description, but is it really so promising? For the sake of victory and defeat thousands of miles away, for the glory and humiliation of their own life, how many people have to be trapped in the square inch of the high wall and tile world for the rest of their lives, they can’t see the fierce battle of thousands of troops, they can’t see the collision between life and death, but as soon as their hands fall, countless people fight and die for this! They hold the world in power, with only one hand, turning clouds and rain, the price is a lifetime of unknown steps.


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