Electrician shoes everyone basically knows, this is the shoes used by electricians, the main purpose is to isolate electricity, to ensure that electricians avoid electric shock, so the choice of electrician shoes can not be sloppy, so how to choose electrician shoes, then let the electrician shoes Xiaobian take you to understand which brand of electrician shoes is of good quality.

Anti-smashing 10KV insulated electrician shoes

The choice of electrician shoes brand mainly depends on these points, first of all, to avoid OEM electrician shoes, this brand of electrician shoes in the manufacture are relying on other foundries production, the quality of electrician shoes is uneven, some quality said in the past, some quality can not be guaranteed, even if the business has its own inspectors can not prevent the production of defective products, and electricians in the work, the environment is more complicated, the quality of electrician shoes is not up to standard, it is easy to cause a series of damage, Therefore, this kind of branded electrician shoes need to be carefully considered before purchasing.

If you purchase electrician shoes in bulk, it is recommended to buy them directly from electrician shoe manufacturers, and you can ask the manufacturer for production qualifications, test reports and other relevant certificates. And from the purchase of electrical shoes brand manufacturers, delivery and after-sales will be more guaranteed.

Smash-proof puncture-proof insulated electrician shoes

Secondly, there are many cheap electrician shoes on the market, this kind of shoes are unheard of the brand or pirated, characterized by the price is relatively low, but the quality produced is basically not guaranteed, electrician shoes are mainly for insulation performance, this kind of electrical shoes insulation performance is not necessarily up to standard, the materials and construction process used is not to mention, so electrician shoes still can not be greedy to choose this.

The new national standard GB21148-2020 for electrical shoes requires that the whole shoe has no metal materials or accessories, which means that if there is an anti-smashing function, the steel head can not be used, only non-metallic protective head can be used, and the shoe buckle cannot be made of metal material. These are all confirmed with the manufacturer when purchasing.

Insulated electrician shoes

Finally, there are certain user brands on the market, such as some electrician shoe brands, not only have their own production plants, but also the quality of electrician shoes are tested by special quality inspectors, which can ensure that the shoes leaving the factory can meet the national standard. Electrician shoes have cooperated with many large power companies, and have been recognized by them to maintain long-term cooperative relations.

When choosing an electrician shoe brand, you can also ask the manufacturer who are the customers who cooperate with? Can you provide some supporting materials? If the customer has a large and medium-sized power company, the brand is relatively more secure.

Everyone has a concept of the brand quality of electrician shoes, the market is more chaotic, everyone in the process of choosing electrician shoes to choose a brand of excellent quality, friends who need to understand electrician shoes welcome to leave a message.

Non-slip insulated electrician shoes