Author: Dawn ahead

【Opening Thoughts】

Recently, I heard that Tencent was going to represent the switch, so I quickly bought a Japanese version.

Ahem, it’s a joke above. Originally, in 2013, I also entered the pit of the console, and I bought the PS3 to play God of War – more precisely, to play God of War 3. The first time I entered the pit, I didn’t have any concept at that time, I bought a bunch of games, and only God of War 1, 2, 3 and God of War Ascension took platinum, and the other ninja dragons, Sister Bei 1, Uncharted, etc. basically did not touch. Later, the host ate ash and came out. I didn’t want to enter the pit again, but I really had grass in my heart for a long time, and I felt that the price of Switch had dropped a little recently, so I chopped my hands.

Switch is Nintendo’s flagship product released in March 2017, and the console adopts an integrated design of home handheld. The new machine does not lock the area, supports 1920*1080 TV output and 1280*720 handheld output. Since its launch in March 2017, the NS has sold more than 14 million units in just nine months, exceeding the WiiU’s cumulative total of 13.5 million units. As of December 2018, there were 32.27 million consoles and 163.61 million games. (The above data is from Baidu Encyclopedia)

【Purchase List】

Japanese version Switch host + good value storage bag + Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

The main unit presented a stand, and the storage bag presented with tempered film and rocker caps.

I won’t post the specific store name, anyway, it’s about the same now. It is not recommended to buy from Jingdong, because Jingdong’s tax is nearly 200 yuan more, and the price is also high.

【Purchase price】

Host + Zelda 2165, use 10 yuan coupon, Huabei installment, 2155; storage bag 47. Total 2202, sent SF, arrived in 2 days.

After getting the post-inspection machine, three yards in one, normal boot, the appearance is intact without scratches, after all, it is also an old store with thousands of sales, or a very satisfactory shopping.

【Switch unboxing】

The outer packaging of the product is very distinctive and very colorful. In addition to a large number of color photos, many places use large blocks of red, which is particularly spiritual. Lao Ren is still very thoughtful and creative. On the front is a pattern of handle, console, and base, with the Nintendo logo and Switch in the upper left corner.

The bracket given by the store is because I can only take it out to play during the office break, and I usually don’t use it.

The outer packaging is unsealed. When you open the lid, the first thing you see is the red and blue handle joy-con and the black host. There are plastic bags on the outside.

The screen of the Switch is 6 inches, put my mate9, the length is similar, and the width is much larger. It’s a pity that there is only a resolution of 1080, if only it could have 2K or higher. Actually playing Zelda also found that the aliasing of the picture is still obvious, and it is even more obvious when projected on the display.

There is also an important function on the layer of the handle and the host, that is, the machine serial number is pasted on it, and this serial number must be consistent with the serial number displayed on the bottom of the host and after booting to indicate that it is genuine. If you want a warranty, you must keep this layer of cardboard.

Here are some accessories. Includes: a power supply, an HDMI cable, a handle grip, a base, 2 joy-con holders with a hand cord (mainly for somatosensory games).

Look at the base first. At the beginning of the Switch release, many people used non-original bases, causing the machine to become bricked. The main function of the base is to project the picture to the TV or display, because the host does not have an HDMI interface, and the interface is set on the base. In addition, the base can also be used for charging, and there are 3 USB ports, like connecting to the monitor, and then plugging in a USB headset without worrying about the problem of the monitor not sounding.

【Value storage bag and other accessories】

The main thing to buy a storage bag is to be afraid of bumping, in addition, the film and rocker cap are also sent. On the left is the aforementioned gift bracket, and on the right is the Zelda bought this time.

If the storage bag is in Japanese, if you can’t understand it, you can use it. The introduction on the back is also very clear, divided into several layers, you can put the host, cassette, etc. It should look okay, I don’t have any requirements for beauty and ugliness. In addition, there is a selling point is that it has a charging port – in fact, it is just an opening, even if it is not with this port to pull the lock and leave an empty one, it can also plug the charging cable drops.

Tempered film, cat’s claw rocker cap (2 sets), there is nothing to say, just stick and put on.

【Zelda: Breath of the Wild】

Switch has been released until now, the number of games is actually not much, the most fun and classic is the world’s first Zelda Wilderness Breath. Zelda has been strong and invincible since the beginning of its introduction, I remember reading the article, all other RPG games are copied by Zelda, which shows the strength of the old Ren.

Although the game packaging is in Japanese, the switch does not lock the region, and you can freely set the language of the console. Not long ago, Switch updated Chinese Simplified, and Zelda also supported simple and traditional, and Old Ren is really conscientious. But open the box, there is always a sense of loss, after all, the NS cartridge is really not large, a memory card actually sells for 300 pieces! By the way, there is also a very interesting point is that in order to prevent people from swallowing cassettes by mistake, Lao Ren added benzodiaminium to the cassette, which is currently the most bitter bitter taste agent known in the world, and those who are interested can lick ~~

【Switch Console】

The host of the switch is a bit ugly, and the red and blue handles can also add a little color, and if it is a gray handle, it must be ugly. The front is a 6-inch screen, which can be touched. The bottom surface has a serial code, and the bottom surface is centered on the Type-C charging interface, but it seems to be a castrated version of the Type-C charging protocol, and the power is not large.

There are slots for joy-con on the left and right. Personally, I feel very tight. According to the illustration, it should be left blue and right red, and after plugging in the boot, the left side will show a blue line, and the right side will show a red line, and the details are in place.

On the top right is the tape slot, next to the headphone jack, on the left is the volume and power keys, in addition to the cooling holes.

On the back there is a large trademark and some parameters, logos, etc. The blue on the left is the bracket, and there is also a TF card slot hidden underneath.

【Joy-Con Controller】

Joy-con is the handle, in addition to plugging directly into the main unit, Lao Ren also provides a grip, which is mainly convenient to use when placing the stand on the table or on the base. The small dot on the back of the joy-con is for unlocking.

Inserted into the grip, it is combined into a common handle shape, and there are indicators on the left and right sides to show the power level. The fully charged JOY-Con lasts up to 20 hours of use and has decent endurance. HOWEVER, THE OLD ABXY CONTROLLER IS THE OPPOSITE OF THE XBOX, AND HAVING USED ONE MAY NOT BE USED TO THE OTHER. In addition, joy-con is too thin, LBRB (XBOX customary name) is more uncomfortable for people with thick fingers, and the buttons are slightly smaller, after all, it is mainly portable, it must be made light, it is understandable.

【Start-up and debugging】

The above host is introduced, it’s time to turn it on. Tap the power button once to turn on the system. The logo appears when opening the opportunity.

Since it is a new machine, some setup is required, and there will be some instructions. Connecting wirelessly is fast.

The serial code of the machine can be found in the local information, which is the last of the three codes.

There is nothing in the new machine. Open the cartridge slot cover and insert the cartridge to identify the game, and the Switch supports hot-swappable cartridges.

Select the game and press A to launch the game.

【About eShop Store, etc.】

Since I am also new to the market, briefly speaking, there is a welcome correction if something is wrong.

When registering a Nintendo account, you need to pay attention to your country of registration, which is closely related to the language of the store, it is recommended to register in the United States, and everyone has learned English. If you are good in Japanese, you can choose Japan, not Hong Kong, Hong Kong server is currently only open to redeem game serial number function, there is no store. As mentioned earlier, the number of games on the Switch is not very large, there are currently less than 200, and many of them are not famous. At present, most of the fun games are cartridges, not digital. The price of the game has no advantage over PC, and there are few discounts and discounts, but the cartridge is relatively valuable, for example, a while ago there was news that the Bafang Traveler was going to come out of the brief, and the price of the cartridge rose directly. Many stores also provide recycling services, and it is more cost-effective to buy the price minus a dozen or twenty yuan and then sell it to the store.

【Feeling of use】

In fact, there is no need to talk about the advantages, everyone also understands. Let’s focus on the shortcomings that I personally think, mainly because the resolution is too low, secondly, the controller is not suitable for large hands, and finally the game is less expensive and higher.

Overall, the Switch is still great and worth buying.