Friends who have a certain understanding of the solid wood industry know that the types of solid wood are very rich, different wood grain, color and performance are different, although people like solid wood, but for solid wood know very little, most people only know that solid wood furniture has a natural texture, healthy and environmentally friendly, durable, when buying solid wood furniture is only to see whether the price is pure solid wood and other factors, but in a comparison, found that some solid wood prices are far away, It is not easy to choose a cost-effective solid wood furniture.

As one of the common solid wood in the market, rubber wood has the reputation of “cost-effective king”, with the process of the home market, rubber wood has been more and more widely used in the manufacture of medium and high-grade furniture, in many solid wood furniture, rubber wood with its high cost performance and quality to become the market leader.

What is rubberwood?

Thai rubberwood is native to tropical America, generally cultivated in tropical Southeast Asia, is the backbone of rubber trees, but also the source of latex raw materials, rubberwood wood structure is thick and uniform, the texture is oblique, wood is relatively hard, is recognized as one of the world’s most widely used light hardwood solid wood, the color is lighter, mainly light yellow-brown, as a new type of furniture manufacturing material, because of its unique decorative effect, popular price makes it a cost-effective variety in the furniture industry, more and more consumers love.

Because the color of rubber wood is elegant, the grain is not passed, the structure is tight, there are many high-grade natural wood similar physical and chemical properties and decorative effects, rubber wood also successfully achieves personalized needs, easy to color, can be made into other wood grain furniture, beautiful atmosphere.

Rubberwood solid wood sofa

The sofa made of imported rubber wood from Thailand is fresh and beautiful, the wood is tough, the grain is fresh and the bearing capacity is stronger, strong and durable, the sense of solid wood is fully displayed, coupled with high-density sponge, while ensuring softness and comfort, it also has a good supporting force, faster than the general cushion rebound, sedentary without collapse, two-color frame can be freely selected according to their own needs.

Rubberwood frame, a mix of different styles to show the Nordic style, can be called a “cross-border work” elegant and good, streamlined solid wood frame, add a quiet color to the room, wide solid wood armrests, smooth polishing treatment, safe without barbs, so that the family is better protected, the outer corners are sleek, safe and friendly, the narrow design saves space, the solid wood sofa legs bear a stable load, and the high foot design is convenient for sweeping the sweeper.

Rubberwood solid wood bed

The solid wood bed made of rubber wood imported from Thailand is light and luxurious, the corners are polished and smooth, carefully protect the safety of the family, calm walnut color, warm texture is more stylish, the bedside contrast design is simple but luxurious, rubber wood frame, New Zealand pine bed, good toughness, silent and stable, the selection of materials are strictly selected, avoiding most of the obvious color differences and imperfections, more beautiful and tidy.

On the whole, rubber wood furniture plasticity is very strong, can be made into soft curve furniture products, good feeling, uniform texture, the price is relatively close to the people, the furniture made is also beautiful and firm, is a cost-effective mid-range furniture material, understand its material we are better to make a choice, the above is the sharing of this issue, if you still want to know more about solid wood furniture, you may wish to comment and leave a message Oh, Xiaobian will try to answer for you ~