“Xiaowa holds the dinghy and steals the white lotus back. Without understanding the hidden tracks, duckweed opened together. “Who hasn’t done something “stupid” when they were young, and as they get older, every time they talk about their childhood, they are full of memories. With the development of science and technology, many old objects from childhood are now rare or even invisible. The following common objects in the countryside in the 89s, the old guys of the 80s and 90s, how many do you know?

First, the lamp head with switch

When I was a child, the lights at home were far less complicated than they are now, and when I was a small worker, I was a display of incandescent lamps with dim lights to accompany myself. In order to make it convenient to switch on, the home is equipped with a lamp head with a switch, the red end is extended to close, and the green end is extended to open.

Second, elastic band

When I was a child in the countryside, the conditions at home were not good, many clothes were worn by brothers and sisters, the family would use a sewing machine to make it smaller, and the conditions were slightly better and they would buy their own cloth back to make clothes, making clothes, especially pants, could not be separated from elastic bands, at that time to buy elastic bands in supply and marketing cooperatives, and the salesman of the supply and marketing cooperatives would take a bamboo ruler to measure below. In addition, girls like to play with jumping bands with this elastic band, now there are almost no families who still make their own clothes for their children, children are playing with mobile phones, tablets, and you will never see girls dancing while singing children’s songs such as “Maran blossoms twenty-one, two eight two five six, two eight two five seven”. There is no market for elastic bands, and they are basically not visible.

3. Paper bags

Some paper packages are folded with one piece of paper, some are folded with two pieces of paper, after school weekend friends one person holds a stack in his hand to fight at the entrance of the village until dark, who turns the other party’s over can win the other party’s paper package, in order not to let the paper package be easily overturned, the most common method is to add a smashed can lid inside. Powerful friends fought for a week, and when the waste paper was taken and sold for two candies, the sugar at that time was exceptionally sweet.

Fourth, the dog’s tail grass rabbit

When I was a child, the autumn harvest would follow me up the mountain to catch grasshoppers, praying mantis to burn and eat, burn beans and peanuts to eat, and also like to pick a handful of dog tail grass and come back to make a rabbit.

5. Squirting pot

In the past, anyone who had a water spray gun was the head of the village children, and those who did not have a water spray gun would take the plastic watering can used to spray medicine at home, fill the water tank below, and squeeze the piston to spray water like a water spray gun, but because the spray is water mist, so the spray is not far.

6. Hot water bottle

When I was a child, the climate was much colder than it is now, and I remember that I could go skating in the river every winter, and the ice could not be chiseled in the morning, and now it is a thin layer. In school accommodation, in order to sleep at night to be warmer, the family will buy a rubber hot water bottle, sometimes in the middle of the night sleep and hear a wow, then needless to say that it must be a leak in the hot water bottle.

Of course, there are also hot water bottles now, but the material has been upgraded, there will be a layer of flannel cloth outside, and some have added heat release devices, which can be warmed by plugging in, and there is no need to fill hot water yourself.

7. Carry the basket

In the past, plastic bags were still very expensive, and adults would carry baskets when they rushed to the gathering, and the baskets were woven with cable ties that packed boxes, so cable ties were a good thing at that time, unlike now they are thrown away as garbage.

We often say that society is developing, should take its essence, to remove its waste, I think this kind of basket should be promoted, not only can the waste reuse, but also reduce the white pollution caused by plastic bags, but now everyone is accustomed to the convenience of plastic bags, no longer willing to use this kind of basket prepared by themselves.

8. Sock braces

When I was a child, there was a lack of materials, socks could not be like now, broken and thrown for a new one, if both pairs are broken, a pair of relatively good will be taken, and the other pair will be cut to take materials to make up socks, because socks are relatively three-dimensional, placed on the plane to make up for the discomfort, not good-looking, someone invented sock support, put the socks on and then make up, can make up more flat.

9. Thimble

Thimble can be said to be the “artifact” of that era, any rural family’s sewing box is indispensable to it, usually sewing a button, sewing a back, mending clothes are inseparable from it, usually wear the thimble on the middle finger of the right hand, the needle can be turned with a force after inserting it, and then the needle can be pulled out much easier.

10. Enamel jar, enamel washbasin

Now enamel jars can still be bought online, but enamel washbasins are basically not bought, compared to plastic washbasins enamel washbasins are much bulkier, and can not be bumped, after bumping will fall porcelain, off porcelain for a long time will rot and leak. Now this enamel washbasin has been completely replaced by a lighter plastic washbasin.

11. Bone hooks

Drill a hole in the bone, then install a hook that looks like it was for butchers, but is actually for people who rub hemp rope in the countryside.

12. Popcorn machine

Put rice or corn on the popcorn machine, turn the popcorn machine while burning the fire, and listen to the “boom” after a certain extent, the popcorn will come out of the pot, if you like to eat sweet, you can add white sugar or saccharin when adding raw materials.

XIII. Saccharin

When I was a child, my family was poor, and the sweetener mainly relied not on white sugar, but on saccharin, I felt delicious when I was a child, and when I drank water, I would secretly put a few saccharin into it, and sometimes I felt that it was not sweet enough to put a package directly, and put a package to become bitter.