Plant strawberries and choose the varieties of the four seasons!

Strawberries are beautiful both in flowers and fruits, and after planting them in pots, you can enjoy planting them while looking at them up close.

However, if you start planting seeds, it takes one year and you can’t harvest until the spring of the following year.

Therefore, when planting balconies, it is best to start with seedlings so that they can be harvested in a short time.

There are many varieties of strawberries, each with its own characteristics

◆Four seasons strawberries

Needless to say, this is the type of balcony planting promoted by the director of the station.

If the four-season variety is selected, the harvest season is the highest yield in summer, and harvesting can continue in autumn and winter.

◆Oversized strawberries

The weight of each fruit is 15~20g, which belongs to the large fruit variety.

The sour taste is less and the taste is balanced.

Delicious fruits can also be harvested in summer.

◆Super sweet strawberry

Rich sweetness, strong heat resistance, can continuously flowering fruit set, high yield.

◆Rare strawberries

Small new varieties with earlier flowering and high yields. It is characterized by its pink flowering, which is very cute.

Strawberry competition one season variety VS four season varieties

One season variety

In addition to the four-season varieties, strawberries are harvested only once a year, transplanted in autumn, and harvested in the spring of the following year, which are basically harvested in May and June every year.

Strawberries originally bloom under low temperature and short days (low temperature, short days). That is, after a cold winter, the next spring flowers and set fruits.

Compared to the four-season variety, the strawberries of the first season are larger and have higher yields.

Among them, there are many popular varieties that are easy to grow in private vegetable gardens, and they are widely grown just as widely as the four-season varieties.

Four seasons variety

The opposite of a season variety is called a “four-season variety”.

This variety of strawberries is not sensitive to seasonal changes and can bloom from spring to summer and bear fruit from summer to early winter, with summer yields being the highest.

Most of these are varieties crossed with four-season wild strawberries.

There is no significant difference in size between four-season strawberries and one-season strawberries, the difference is that the harvest period is greatly extended.

Strawberry potting essentials

Section Name:


Edible portion:

Fruit (flower tray)


Powdery mildew, gray rust, aphids, leaf mites, etc

Growth temperature:



Width 15~20cm, height 10~15cm


Standard basin (capacity 15~20L)

Strawberry potted cultivation small lunar calendar

At a temperature suitable for growth, although the monthly calendar of different varieties will vary slightly.

But in general, the number of days from planting to harvest is about 2 months.

Strawberry potting cultivation method

Step 1: Sow the seeds

Step 2: Shop for seedlings

To choose seedlings whose roots do not drag, the whole plant is compact and strong, the leaves are darker and free of pests and diseases.

Regarding buying seedlings, strawberry seedlings are mainly sold in spring and autumn.

Four seasons varieties are purchased in spring, and one season variety and a part of four seasons varieties are purchased in autumn. Among them, there are also some varieties that only accept pre-order sales.

If planting starts in mid-October, then just select the seedlings that have already flowered and you can harvest it at Christmas.

All in all, don’t miss the spring and autumn buying time.

Step 3: Port

In order to better see the strawberry flowers and harvest the strawberry fruit more conveniently, try to make the strawberry face outward so that the fruit can hang from the pot.

Be careful not to bury the buried part too deeply, do not bury the jagged part (new stem) on the root with leaves into the soil. When transplanting, the creeping vines of each seedling should face the same direction.

Step 4: Top dressing

If the leaf color changes, additional fertilizer is required.

Director tip: When planting strawberries, be sure to top dress.

Step 5: Artificial pollination

After the strawberries have flowered, artificial pollination is required to make them set fruit.

1. Use a cotton ball on the tip of a brush or ear spoon to dip the pollen from the male flower, and then dip the pollen on the female flower.

2. Different varieties of strawberries also have different colors, which are also interesting for ornamental use.

The picture below shows the flowers of different strawberry varieties.

The flowers of “looking through autumn water strawberries”

Flowers of “pink strawberry”

Flowers of “peach strawberry”

Step 6: Harvest

Since strawberries bloom and bear fruit in stages and batches, the fruit also changes color at any time and can be harvested at any time.

Ripe red fruits are harvested by cutting off the roots with scissors.

If left unattended, it will cause mold and rot, which can cause diseases, so pay special attention to strawberries during the harvest period.

Winter and summer management of potted strawberries

During the balcony planting process, special attention should be paid to the management of severe cold periods and summer.

Since the soil in winter pots is more susceptible to freezing than in the field, to prevent frostbite on plant roots, it is necessary to transfer it indoors.

Summer heat will weaken plants, so in the hot summer season, plants should also be transferred indoors, or placed in a cool place to reduce the harm of heat and strong light to plants.

Reviewing this article, we solved two problems.

The first is to choose seasonal varieties, so that the harvest period can be greatly extended.

The second is the correct way to plant strawberries, so that strawberries can bloom and bear fruit smoothly.

So, how can you harvest more and fuller strawberries?

When strawberries grow well, they produce a creeping vine, and at the end of the creeping vine new small plants will be born, and these new plants can produce more strawberries.

The specific implementation method will be published in the next issue of the director

《A little processed the creeping vine of strawberries, and accidentally harvested more strawberry fruits! 》

Explain in detail.

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