Coordinate the fourth-tier small city, my family’s seventy-one-year-old Aimei is afraid that people say that she is old, Ms. Hu, in addition to two or three half-cut blackened teeth left in her mouth, she relies on the root of the teeth to chew on the upper and lower jaws when eating, and she can’t eat a little bit of hard things, and she doesn’t dare to open her mouth and smile when she takes pictures, which is the direct reason why Ms. Hu wants to install dentures.

After surviving the epidemic at home in the first half of last year, I accompanied Ms. Hu to a tertiary hospital closest to her home in the second half of September to consult about denture installation. After finding a professional chief physician in the dental clinic for consultation, we analyzed and formulated two sets of plans in advance.

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The first solution is to directly install a pair of removable dentures in the traditional way, the disadvantage is that after the extraction of the broken tooth, there is no support for good teeth, and the soft flesh on the gum bed alone is estimated to be unable to fix the traditional removable denture.

The second plan is to first extract the broken tooth, wait for the cavity alveolar tissue to heal and flatten, stagger the position of the tooth nerve and put implant nails on the gum bone, up and down various eight implants, and then make a pair of movable dentures, relying on eight implant teeth as a bracket, flexible access, easy to clean, maintain oral hygiene.

After some discussion with my family, I finally chose the second set of plans, which was also decided under the idea that the budget would not exceed 50,000 yuan, during this period, there happened to be a discount for dental implants, Korean dental implant materials are discounted to about 6,000 yuan each, German dental implant materials are about 8,000 yuan each, we chose the more economical former.

After agreeing to the treatment plan in September last year, we began blood routine testing, dental CT, and gave us a detailed analysis of the specific implant implementation plan according to the 3D model diagram on the computer.

In the four days of September 23, 24, 28 and 29, six injections of anesthesia were given to the upper and lower left and right sides of the gum and at the front teeth, and a total of 25 broken teeth were removed.

Leaving aside the painful process of each tooth extraction and Ms. Hu’s rich feelings, by the end of last year, it took three months to wait for the cavity left by the tooth extraction on the gum to heal and grow, and the doctor’s re-examination determined that a temporary mold could be made to fix the gum, and the cost of various treatments was close to 5,000. But it is only a fraction of the specific large cost of the follow-up.

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I can’t write in specific professional terms, I can only describe it in popular terms, I want to express a feeling, resonate, and let everyone discuss more interesting topics with me.

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