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Women who love beauty are particularly attentive to the choice of some accessories, which can create a unique and fashionable atmosphere. Randomly matched with different clothing, the trend atmosphere displayed is also incomparable.

And this year’s particularly cool metal buckle belt can easily create a graceful little man’s waist, fashionable and elegant.

Women who understand fashion will prepare a metal buckle belt, and they are beautiful with pants and skirts.

Features of the metal buckle belt

Belt with metal buckle design,

The fashion is very eye-catching

, or a wide brim or a thin waistband, you can easily outline a slender figure. It has a good shaping effect and is one of the items that many fashionable girls like,

Interpret the romantic temperament of elegant temperament.

Precautions for wearing the metal buckle belt

The metal buckle belt is very wide in wearing, and it looks elegant and romantic ladylike with a dress,

It shows a strong femininity

。 It can also be worn with casual shorts or long pants to fix the shape of the pants and also set off the delicate little man’s waist.

It’s easy to interpret a stylish feel like no other.

Metal buckle belt recommended

1. White metal buckle belt

Simple and generous white metal buckle belt,

Elegant yet fresh

It is very suitable for casually matching with any different pieces. A white shirt with a white shirt,

Full of layers

, the cut of the lotus lantern cuffs, full of retro atmosphere. Cream white loose shorts,

The slenderness of the leg shape is attractive

, white cotton socks and white casual shoes, the overall outfit is coordinated and unified,

The upper body looks playful in fashion.

2. Black metal buckle belt

The black-toned metal belt is a very versatile color, and it is also very popular among many girls. Pair it with casual denim trousers,

Easily sculpt a slim figure,

It also divides the golden ratio of the figure. The black tight-fitting shirt is tied inside the waistband, and there is no bloated feeling at all,

Visually concise and capable

, with a cross-body bag,

It’s perfect for going out on the street or on a date.

3. Brown metal buckle belt

Understated and unobtrusive brown metal buckle belt,

is a neutral color

, not too many suitable people. The silver metal buckle and its glow complement each other,

Create visual focus,

Thin straps adorn the waist,

It brings a body ratio of three or seven points, which is very charming.

The white workwear-style shirt matches it, which looks simple and casual, a black chain bag,

Carry out the elegant lady demeanor.

4. Diamond-encrusted metal buckle belt

Luxurious diamond-encrusted metal buckle belt,

Sleek and eye-catching

for a great visual presentation. This costume featuring black,

It looks handsome and stylish, and looks full of aura.

The openwork black vest is a tight silhouette, the wide-leg trousers on the lower body, the ruffles on the side of the trousers linger, and quietly exude a little sweet atmosphere, a white chain waist and metal buckle belt echo each other,

Create a focal point for the whole outfit.

Metal buckle belt wearing recommendation

1. Metal buckle belt + skirt

Vintage print adorns the skirt,

Elegant and beautiful

, the upper body to create a different visual experience. The shawl-style shape design, combined with the tassel decoration,

Fluid and elegant

。 The black metal buckle belt perfectly shapes the slender figure. And the addition of boots on the feet, and the handsome style will be created, with a blue handbag,

Eye-catching and eye-catching.

Broken flowers and stripes have an age-reducing effect, and when gathered on a piece of clothing, the feeling of freezing age is even stronger. The white metal buckle belt can outline the slender body well,

It also creates a full sense of layered beauty,

Change into casual black single shoes, simple and versatile, a black handbag,

It’s easy to create practicality.

Black dress with square neck design,

With a strong retro tenderness

, puff sleeve design, sweet and fresh breath full of color. Black metal buckle waistband,

Stylish and sophisticated

, set off the slender little man’s waist. The skirt that covers the hips combined with the mid-length fit looks very charming to wear, a pair of black sexy charm, with contrast booties,

Fashionable and handsome.

Like a splashed ink landscape print, it is shrouded in a gradient of tones on the skirt,

It looks elegant and bright

。 The wide skirt will not feel restrained when you walk around at will, and the black belt with the gold buckle shows off the charming water snake waist. Half-high neckline at neckline, lengthening the line of the neck,

Also highlight the face shape on the feet with moving, pointed toe heels to add femininity.

The plaid shirt is very British, the cuffs are fashionable and simple, and the small vest decorated with colorful sequins,

It’s very eye-catching

, with a black cake skirt,

It looks fashionable and extraordinarily eye-catching

, black metal buckle belt, modern and stylish, with a rose red handbag, looks three-dimensional and stylish,

This kind of outfit is easy to show a full of light and mature style.

Fresh white dress,

The feeling of small freshness is 100%.

, inadvertently reveals a little gentle temperament, but also with a bit of French romance. The contrasting metal buckle belt perfectly creates a slender figure with small white shoes of the same color

, simple and polished

, carrying a green cross-body bag, looking pure and moving on the street,

Sweet and tender.

2. Metal buckle belt + casual pants

The black outfit looks very handsome, this design with a combination of small vest and slacks,

Fashionable and very windy

, the strong street style is also difficult to stop. Black metal buckle belt,

The proportions of the body are very good

, and comfortable to wear without tightness, a cross-body bag integration, looks simple and stylish,

It also brings fashion charm to the overall outfit.

The striped long-sleeved shirt in black and white, worn for a long time, is also a very basic versatile item, because it is a casual style, so it is a seamless feeling with jeans. Metal buckle black belt above the belt,

Sets off a slender figure

, The shape of the pants is with a cargo style,

It looks very casual, with small white shoes, full of affinity.

The army-green slim shirt is a tight design,

Dressing to look in shape is quite good

。 The comfortable round neck does not pick the face shape, straight dark trousers, the shape of the trousers is moderate,

It is stylish and simple to wear

。 The metal buckle belt at the waist is rich in detail and can also highlight the slenderness of the waist. Paired with a black handbag and a pair of black sandals,

Easily wear an elegant lady style.

Loose white sleeveless T-shirt,

Simple and generous

, is one of the items with a high appearance rate in summer wear. Ripped denim trousers pair it with it,

It seems very casual and casual

, diagonal slip pockets on both sides can store small items, you can also meddle, and it is not impossible to concave a shape when you go out on the street. Brown metal buckle belt, define the slender figure,

This outfit is suitable for everyday or casual wear.

The black lapel shirt looks very good, and the monogram print on the chest is embellished

, stylish and eye-catching.

The black main pants on the lower body are also embellished with thick or thin white stripes,

The visual sense is very strong

。 A pair of black booties come out with a high spirited taste, with a black baseball cap and a cross-body bag,

Stylish and simple.

The broken flower shirt does not look dull,

It also contains a gentle femininity

, handsome jacket short coat,

Defines a slender figure

。 Black high-waisted casual shorts set off the slim leg shape, equipped with a black metal buckle belt, which flatters the figure and wears the effect of showing height and thinness. Simple with a black handbag, the overall outfit is not complicated,

Create a simple and high-end style.

Denim suits are liked by many fashionable women, and you don’t have to worry about how to match them. Loose and casual style, not too picky about the figure, white shirt as an underwear,

Comfortable to wear

。 Black metal buckle belt,

Highlight the body well,

Paired with black booties, it looks beautiful, with the help of a cross-body bag

, comfortable and simple

, this outfit is suitable for the workplace and for going out for leisure.

The delicate and beautiful metal buckle belt, fashionable and simple looks very layered, and the upper body modifies the charming small man’s waist. You can wear it with pants or skirts to show different fashion flavors and interpret your own fashion in different places.