There are many types of home decoration styles in the current era, which home decoration style is more in line with the aesthetics of friends in the new era? Of course, it is our common European pastoral style. European pastoral style is a new home decoration style that softens European style and rural style together. It not only has European elegance, but also idyllic nature, so it is deeply loved by the public. so

What are the ways to create a European pastoral style?

This decoration makes the home not only elegant but also natural!

First, the characteristics of European pastoral style decoration

European pastoral style includes English pastoral style and French pastoral style, and the two styles of home decoration have their own characteristics and emphasis.

1. English idyllic

1) Sense of tranquility

The English pastoral home decoration uses exquisite fabrics and handicrafts as the basic decoration elements, giving people a strong rural atmosphere, even in the busy city, you can still feel the sense of tranquility of the soul.

2) Furniture

For the British pastoral style, the pattern of broken flowers and stripes, ivory white color system, log style panels, smooth lines and high-grade paint, several key elements are integrated to create unique and attractive British pastoral style furniture.

3) Collocation

In the British pastoral style home, retro-style furniture, fresh curtains and small fabrics, simple green plants and other decorative objects can be seen everywhere, creating a charm of the British pastoral style with natural style.

2. French idyllic

1) Romance

French style always gives a romantic feeling, which is intoxicating, and French nature is no exception. French pastoral home decoration through a large number of whitewashing treatment and bold color matching, reduce people’s visual aesthetic fatigue, to bring people a sense of elegance and romance of French rural life.

French pastoral style home decoration, like to choose elegant furniture, combined with simple handmade and slender layout, the home decoration environment into a sense of physical and mental experience like a spring breeze; Secondly, the French pastoral does not like the British pastoral like the splicing of broken flowers, but chooses life colors such as pure wood color, focusing on the pure natural visual experience; Finally, the French pastoral style furniture mostly uses natural materials, creating a warm and romantic and fresh and elegant living atmosphere.

For French rustic home decoration, coordination is crucial. The layout of the wrought iron entrance, the decoration of the fake fireplace and other decorations are matched with each other, creating a juicy and flavorful French pastoral home decoration environment.

Second, the difference between European pastoral style and American pastoral style

American pastoral style is also commonly known as American country style, mainly based on wooden furniture, full of strong natural atmosphere. The American pastoral style is characterized by simplicity and maturity, and there is a leisurely, comfortable and lazy feeling in it.

The European pastoral style is basically the same as the American pastoral style, but there are differences in the decoration color. The decoration of the American pastoral style is mainly milky white, light blue and light coffee, while the decoration of the European pastoral style is mainly light green. In fact, then again, both belong to the European pastoral style, originally the same body, it is difficult to distinguish which country’s decoration style.

How to create a rustic decoration?

1. Curtains printed with large checkered patterns, wooden wardrobes and doors with scars, showing a rural atmosphere in a low-key manner. This is the charm unique to the checkered pattern, simplicity. Unassuming, but impossible to ignore. The washstand is also tiled to collage a checkered pattern, generous, simple, and the rural atmosphere lingers on the left and right.

2. European accessories, gorgeous floral fabric, this is a typical use of European accessories to create a pastoral style living room, natural and elegant. A variety of fabrics and European accessories that use broken floral motifs, the gorgeous silhouette of European furniture complements the exquisite chandeliers. The walls are also not empty, and various accessories such as murals and decorative vases add color to it, and flowers and greenery are also good decorations. There is a harmonious cheerfulness in nature.

3. The tablecloth with small broken flowers has a natural and intimate feeling, and the light color plain tablecloth is dotted or printed with some broken flowers with soft colors on the hem of the tablecloth, and the warm pastoral style quietly arrives. Broken flower tablecloths, or decorations printed with broken flowers, have always been a trend in the pastoral style, whether it is a tablecloth printed with scattered flowers, a tablecloth with broken flowers printed on the hem, or other decorations printed with small broken flowers, you can decorate your home into a warm and peaceful pastoral home.

The most important thing is that the European style can be perfectly combined with the rural style. Since in the home improvement industry, each professional home improvement company uses different home decoration materials, so the European pastoral style it creates will also be different, it is recommended that when preparing home decoration, you can discuss with the home decoration designer to develop a suitable home decoration plan.

What are the ways to create a European pastoral style?

2) Furniture

3) Collocation