The ancients said: “The instruments of the literary room, the Xuanlu is the first”, and there are “the arts of the literary room, the piano is the first art”, and the two instruments are combined, which is the double combination of the literary room.

In the study of the literati in ancient times, an incense burner and a piano were required.

And the incense burner has copper incense burner, porcelain incense burner, silver incense burner, incense burner, seal incense burner, incense burner, hand stove… Faced with a variety of different styles, materials, skin colors, and different craftsmanship incense burners, are you blinded?

How do you pick an incense burner that will make your heart tickle?

Ming Wen Zhenheng’s “Changwu Zhi Incense Burner” said: “The three generations, Qin, Han Ding Yi, as well as officials, brothers, dingyao, Longquan, and Xuanyao, are all for appreciation, not suitable for daily use.”

However, the Xuan copper Yi furnace is slightly larger, which is the most suitable.

Xia, Shang, Zhou, Qin, Han and Ding Yi, as well as incense burners made by Guan Kiln, Ge Kiln, Ding Kiln and Xuan Kiln, are all for appreciation and are not suitable for daily use.

Only the slightly larger copper furnace during the Ming Xuande period is most suitable.

Incense burner


The size of the incense burner should be larger to prevent the incense ash from falling outside the furnace; In addition, an incense burner with a lid can be selected to reduce the pollution of the air, Buddha statues or houses by soot.

Indoor stove

Indoor stoves can choose a beautifully shaped smoker in order to use incense, incense or thread incense, and the burning time is relatively long-lasting, and it can reduce smoke and pollution, making the room cleaner.

Taste incense burner

The size should be between one hand, too large and too heavy and too small, it is not easy to use. Taking the drum furnace as an example, the diameter is generally 6.5-9cm, the height of the furnace is 6-8cm, after burying a piece of charcoal, the dust is at least 1-1.5cm away from the furnace mouth, so that the aroma and oxygen can be stable.

Fence incense burner

To play incense, you need to choose an open and low flat stove, large mouth, shallow hearth, easy to press ash sealing, but also convenient for appreciation, see the incense powder snake shape is bright and extinguished, the color of the seal character changes.

In ancient times, from the court to the people, from the upper aristocracy to the common people, there were customs of burning incense to purify qi, burning incense and caressing the qin, chanting poetry and painting, and burning incense to meditate and cultivate oneself.

At the same time, Shanggu added the aesthetics of the literati class, and integrated the pursuit of simple, secluded and natural life ideals with the design of furniture and appliances. Because of this, the mature craftsman technology in ancient times and the popularity of the literati who were proud and indifferent gave birth to the simple, simple and elegant Xuande furnace.