Bamboo home has the advantages of natural environmental protection, beautiful nature, warm in winter and cool in summer, and a quality bamboo furniture can prevent moths, mildew, and cracking, so it is widely welcomed by people. There are many types of bamboo furniture, and the characteristics of furniture made of different bamboo are different, and we must compare the characteristics of these materials when purchasing, so that you can choose high-quality bamboo furniture. Like solid wood furniture, bamboo furniture also needs regular maintenance, so as to maintain its excellent characteristics, how to maintain bamboo furniture? Let’s take a look at it with Maigoo!

First, what are the advantages and disadvantages of bamboo furniture

Advantages of bamboo furniture

1. Natural environmental protection The main material of bamboo furniture is bamboo, which is a natural renewable resource, and bamboo furniture made of bamboo has the advantages of natural environmental protection.

2, beautiful and natural bamboo has its natural grain, giving people an elegant, simple, fresh feeling, bamboo furniture often adopts a simple and bright shape, the lines stretch smoothly, both beautiful and natural.

3, warm in winter and cool in summer Bamboo has the property of moisture absorption and heat absorption, which can play a good sweat-absorbing effect in hot summer, and can also give people a warm feeling in winter, with the advantages of warm winter and cool summer.

Disadvantages of bamboo furniture

Now most of the bamboo furniture on the market is made by semi-manual and semi-mechanical production methods, the quality of bamboo furniture is uneven, and the poor quality of bamboo furniture has the disadvantages of easy insects, easy mold, easy to deform and crack.

Second, which is better bamboo furniture or solid wood furniture

Material contrast

Bamboo furniture uses bamboo, and wooden furniture is practical wood or wooden panels. Wooden furniture looks thicker and more classy than bamboo furniture.

Performance comparison

During the processing of bamboo, it needs to be treated by cooking and carbonization process, which has good moth-proof and anti-cracking performance, while solid wood furniture is easy to be moth-eaten and cracked, and its performance is not as good as bamboo furniture.

Environmental comparison

Bamboo has a short growth cycle and is simple to plant, while trees are more difficult to plant and slow to grow, so in terms of sustainable use, bamboo furniture is better than wood furniture, but the performance of the two in terms of environmental protection is almost comparable.

Third, bamboo furniture purchase strategy

Round bamboo furniture

Furniture material: hollow bamboo rod stem. Processing technology: Bamboo is processed after cutting. Common styles: bamboo benches, bamboo tables, bamboo mattresses, etc. Advantages: The style is simple and elegant, and the material is natural and environmentally friendly. Disadvantages: easy to moth, easy to mold.

Bamboo composite furniture

Main materials: natural bamboo, adhesive, etc. Processing technology: natural bamboo is sliced and glued and combined. Furniture styles: bamboo shoe cabinet, bamboo wardrobe, bamboo bookshelves, etc. Advantages: good stability, high strength, moth-proof, mildew-proof. Disadvantages: not wear-resistant, troublesome maintenance.


Recombinant furniture

Main materials: bamboo, glue, etc. Processing technology: the bamboo is crushed into bamboo tows and dried, and then soaked in glue and then dried. Furniture style: high-grade bamboo furniture, outdoor floor/furniture, etc. Advantages: high density, high hardness, strong water resistance. Disadvantages: The production process is more complicated and the price is more expensive.

Bamboo curved glued furniture

Main materials: bamboo sheets, bamboo veneer, glue, etc. Processing technology: bamboo is heated and bent with high-temperature steam and shaped with cold water. Furniture styles: bamboo chandeliers, bamboo coffee tables, bamboo loungers, etc. Advantages: many styles, simple and beautiful shape. Disadvantages: difficult maintenance, expensive.

Fourth, bamboo furniture selection skills

1. Look at the appearance

First of all, it is necessary to observe whether the appearance of bamboo furniture is smooth, colored, and uniform, and secondly, carefully check whether there are quality problems such as breakage, large voids, and moths.

2. Smell the smell

High-quality bamboo furniture will smell a natural fragrance of bamboo, brush the varnish after the taste is more pleasant, if bamboo furniture smells more pungent, it may be that the product has quality problems, it is best not to buy.

3. Look at the manufacturer

Try to choose products produced by reputable bamboo furniture manufacturers, because the quality of the products and after-sales are more guaranteed.

Fifth, how to make bamboo furniture

Step 1: Bamboo processing The bamboo segments are first intercepted, and then the bamboo segments are degreased, corrected, polished, bleached and dyed.

Step 2: Skeleton making The bamboo to be made into a skeleton is bent and then joined with other round bamboo or bamboo sheets.

Step 3: Surface processing The surface layer of bamboo furniture is generally made of bamboo sheets, bamboo rafts, rattan, and bamboo contempt.

Step 4: Component assembly The processed bamboo furniture parts are joined, then holes are punched to fix, and finally the edge can be corrected.

6. How to maintain bamboo furniture

How to prevent mold in bamboo furniture

Try to put bamboo furniture in a dry and ventilated place; Take out the bamboo furniture every once in a while and use it to bask in the sun; Do not use a damp rag to wipe bamboo furniture.

How to prevent insects in bamboo furniture

Pay attention to ventilation and drying when placement; Regular cleaning or cooked tung oil for maintenance; Dry in time after brushing.

How bamboo furniture prevents cracking

The newly bought bamboo furniture is soaked in salt water and dried in the sun; Brushing natural resin can also prevent cracking of bamboo furniture; In autumn and winter, remember to brush the maintenance oil frequently for maintenance.

What method is used to deal with mold in bamboo furniture

It can be wiped with light salt water and then dried; Use a special detergent for cleaning, and touch up the paint in time after cleaning to prevent moths.

How to deal with insects in bamboo furniture

Soak peppercorns or peppers in boiling water and use this water to wash away the moth; Mix well with kerosene and a small amount of dichlorvos and drop into the cavity; Apply paraffin oil to the moth.

How to deal with cracking of bamboo furniture

After the cracked bamboo furniture, there is no way to repair it as it is, you can ask the teacher to reinforce the cracked place with new bamboo sheets, and then remember to maintain it regularly.

How to taste bamboo furniture

You can use sachets, tea bags, etc. on bamboo furniture, which can play a good deodorizing effect, or you can put bamboo furniture in a well-ventilated place and use natural wind to deodorize.