I saw a post today, asking how to seal the newly bought zodiac Moutai? If you wrap plastic wrap directly around the mouth of the bottle, will the date of the seal be removed?

Entangled like this, for a long time, must! Correct! Fall!

In fact, as long as the high liquor does not run wine, find a place to hide from the light and cool and constant temperature, mark it, and weigh it regularly to see whether it runs the wine, without deliberately sealing.

How to seal the wine that has leaked and opened the mouth? Is it useful to circulate online sealing methods such as plastic wrap, beeswax, heat shrinkable film, etc.?

Useful, but also only slows down the running of alcohol, does not stop running alcohol.

▼Introduction and comparison of several common sealing methods for delayed running wine▼

Heat shrink film

Recommended index: ★★★★

Applicable wines: Suitable for short-term display of collections.

Material description: plastic material, has a certain degree of flexibility, resistance to damage, heat shrinkage, not afraid of moisture.

Operation method: disassemble the heat shrinkable film and put Moutai wine into the heat shrinkable film. Seal and seal the bottom of the bottle with a heat shrink gun. After sealing the bottom of the bottle, start shrinking the top, which is the cap of the bottle. Finally, the body is sealed from top to bottom with a heat shrink gun, and the bottle is turned back and forth. The heat shrink gun moves up and down, and when the heat shrink film is flat, the sealing task is completed.

Advantages: The whole bottle is sealed, does not affect the phase, and is suitable for the use of wine for display.

Disadvantages: plastic products, easy to age, need to be replaced regularly; It needs to be assisted by tools such as heat shrink guns, and the operation is slightly more complicated.


Heat shrinkable film can be used to seal the whole bottle, or only seal the bottle mouth, cut out the appropriate size when sealing the bottle mouth, directly set it at the bottle mouth, and shrink and seal it with a heat shrinkable gun.

Shrink film sealing example:

Raw meal belt

Applicable wine: most wines are available, some wines with spray codes should be careful, do not entangle the spray code.

Material description: commonly used in faucet installation, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, opaque white.

Operation method: Take Moutai wine as an example, wind several times from the bottom to the top from the bottle mouth, and wind it under the inkjet code, remember not to wrap the inkjet code.

Advantages: good sealing, long maintenance time; Simple operation, convenient and cheap purchase.

Disadvantages: After the collection is wrapped with raw material tape, the sealing marks can obviously be seen at the mouth of the bottle, which affects the phase of the product, suitable for long-term storage, but the wine used for drinking, the use of the exhibits is not beautiful enough; If you encounter a serious sparkling wine, long time storage, the bottle mouth will come out of the gum, affecting the disassembly.

After the raw meal belt was improperly sealed, a bottle of wine was scrapped and could only be drunk.

Dense bags/ziplock bags

Recommended index: ★★★

Applicable wines: Wine that is not on display can be used.

Material description: Household food fruit preservation dense bag can be.

Operation method: Put the hidden wine into the bag, exhaust the air (preferably in a vacuum state) and seal it.

Advantages: good sealing, easy and cheap to buy, can be used repeatedly.

Disadvantages: the whole bottle is sealed, the vacuum is troublesome, the operation is slightly complicated, and it cannot be displayed as a whole.

Saran Wrap

Recommended index: ★★

Applicable wines: It is more suitable for wines that need to be sealed for a short time, and is not suitable for displayed wines.

Material description: household food plastic wrap is enough.

Operation method: tighten the bottle cap, wrap a few circles at the bottle cap, and there are also full bottle bodies and packaging box seals.

Advantages: simple operation, easy to buy materials.

Disadvantages: can not be sealed for a long time, more than 1 year will basically stick with the bottle cap and glue, plastic cap is the most serious, iron cap is second, porcelain cap is the lightest; Some drinkers will wrap the whole body of the Tibetan wine around the plastic wrap, once encountering wine leakage, moisture, etc., the wrapped wine label is easy to stick to the plastic wrap, which greatly affects the appearance.

Wax seal

Recommended index: ★

Applicable wine: iron bottle caps have a good effect, and it is not recommended to use wine with plastic and cloth caps.

Material description: Drinking friends use more beeswax, it is not recommended to use lighting candles, especially red candles, which greatly affect the appearance.

Operation method: Before sealing the wax, wrap paper soft items at the mouth of the bottle, such as napkins, etc., and there are also drinking friends wrapped in aluminum film, the main purpose is to prevent beeswax from damaging the bottle cap at high temperature. Then the mouth of the bottle is immersed in the melted wax solution, and after cooling, a protective film is formed on the surface of the cap.

Advantages: low price of edible wax, easy to buy.

Disadvantages: the operation is slightly complicated, and it is easy to destroy the product phase when it is not proficient; It is not resistant to high temperature, the temperature is too high and the removal is troublesome, and it needs to be stored at low temperature and protected from light.

Shot glass sealed

A recent sealing method, a small cup on the bottle mouth, directly seal the bottle cap, spray code, and then seal the whole with heat shrinkable film, the operation steps are relatively simple, Moutai wine sealing is more, as for the sealing effect, but also wait for time to test, the president will not make too many recommendations here.

The above introduced several methods, many times are used together, paper (or aluminum film) priming, protection of inkjet code counterfeiting, raw meal tape (or parafilm) sealing layer insurance, heat shrinkable film (or raw material tape, beeswax) sealing, and finally on the whole bottle packaging.

There are more wines used for display on the commune’s side, so there are more heat shrinkable film seals, and drinking friends can choose carefully according to their own needs.

Recommended index: ★★★★