What is the experience of drinking soup Wyeth with a noble, elegant and tasteful pure ceramic Momofuku bowl?

Continuing thousands of years of ceramic technology, integrating modern space technology of the source of cooking pure ceramic Baifu bowl, since it is a pure ceramic bowl, there will be a texture, to create a brand of ceramic utensils that cannot be copied, with the warmth and elegance of the exclusive oriental charm, when you quietly gaze at the colorful porcelain bowl with a sense of history, the warm luster also seems to have a thousand years of elegant style, this is the source of cooking pure ceramic Baifu bowl!

The most famous ceramic in Chinese ceramics is Jingdezhen ceramics, which are famous all over the world for their characteristics of “thin as paper, bright as mirror, thin as paper, and sound as loud”. Cooking source pure ceramic Baifu bowl highlights the culmination of Chinese aesthetic culture, no coating, no heavy metals and harmful substance residues, using underglaze color process, 1360 °C high temperature firing, less pores, more lustrous and brighter color, the shape design is simple and elegant, dignified and beautiful, its smooth lines, beautiful shape, highlighting the harmonious beauty of a spatial layout, and the glaze is as old as new, not easy to fade or grind, the glazing process is environmentally friendly and safe, lead-free, cadmium and other harmful substances residue and seepage, more fresh, more delicious, safer health!

“Hundred blessings” means that all things are auspicious; “Bai Shou”, meaning Fuze longevity, the source of cooking pure ceramic Baifu bowl worship concept is “in line with the will of God, tired of people’s will”, the pursuit of the best state is “heavenly work and nature” source of cooking pure ceramic Baifu bowl has other ceramic bowls can not imitate and surpass the exquisite atmosphere, this kind of harmony and beauty integrated with natural life, impressive, its flexibility lies in the glaze color, at a glance, it gives people a sense of tranquility and comfort, is a high aesthetic mood, but also reflects a kind of aesthetic spirit of traditional Chinese culture!

Fushou culture is an important part of the traditional culture of the Chinese nation, using enamel pattern of the source of cooking pure ceramic Baifu bowl, enamel color concentrated Western style charm in one, not only has the spiritual core of Taoism “quiet and inactive”, but also has the Confucian “moderation, harmony” ideological pursuit, as well as the working people’s “simple and beautiful” ideological concept, the bowl body and glaze by 1360 °C high temperature firing, seamlessly integrated, black glaze resistant to acid, alkali, antioxidant, more than easy to be oxidized by air, lock food nutrients, look at the eyes!

Household focus is still practical, so in order to facilitate the storage, the source of cooking pure ceramic Baifu bowl is also specially thickened to prevent hot hands, with such a beautiful and exquisite source of cooking Baifu bowl, it is estimated that a meal can eat three more bowls of rice!